Lip Embroidery @ Isabella Aesthetics

September 25, 2019

I have decided to try something different this time around with Isabella Aesthetics. Usually I’d be a kiasi lang (scared to die) and go for the safer options of eyebrow embroidery or eyelash extensions when it comes to trying out a service. However, the first thing that caught my eye was that Isabella Aesthetics offered Lip Embroidery and the results seemed pretty attractive!


I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a pair of pink, healthy looking lips right? Being an ex cigarette smoker (yes I finally kicked the habit after 10 years!🥳), my lips have discoloured due to the excessive tar and nicotine. And it is such a turn off whenever I want to make a short trip out, I already look made up thanks to eyelash extensions and eye brows already being embroidered, but my lips are just so pale! So I end up having to put some lipstick or tint which I get annoyed with cos I’m only going out for a short while, and I still need to remove make up when I come home 😡



Walking into Isabella Aesthetics already calmed my nerves. Bright lights, tidy, and even the staff was attentive and caring to my needs. Only 100% natural plant based, non-toxic, organic micro pigments are used and there are a 10 shades to choose from. Needles used are of single use only and they open it from the package right in front of you. Oh very honest too. “Babe will it hurt?” Staff nods head persistently. Oh lord what did I get myself into right?

Hence, I will give my very honest review about Lip Embroidery. I’m not going to sugar coat it. I had to go through 3 rounds of numbing cream in between the rounds of embroidery because I have low pain tolerance. Perhaps different people have different levels of pain tolerance. I obviously can’t take pain very well 🤣

Some tips for those who plan to do Lip Embroidery:

  • Be prepared for 2 to 3 hours of the service
  • Bring a mask along so that you can wear once you leave the outlet
  • Don’t even think of going out after. Just go straight home and ice your lips
  • Prepare a few ice packs in the freezer the day before so that you have an unending supply once you get home
  • Avoid hot and spicy food. In fact just go for cold salads, froyo, or even ice cream jut for that day.
  • Perhaps you would like to leave 2 or 3 day empty after your Lip Embroidery so that you can just stay home and recover. Mai gek kiang (don’t act smart) and go socialise cos the more you use your lips e.g. to talk or eat, the longer it takes to recover! I pretty much stayed home and watched netflix. I barely talked and communicated via text.


I had a photoshoot about a week later and these are the results! Just take note that I hav stopped using lipstick, both liquid and stick , and switched over to using Vaseline Rosy Lips lip therapy balm so that I can maintain moisturised lips throughout my day. This applies to my work as well!


I have saved so much time on putting on lip makeup, as well as when I remove my makeup, so this was definitely a good decision for myself.If you are like me and prefer to look made up and beautiful any time any where, like legit #iwokeuplikethis, you should definitely check out Issabella Aesthetics. They have two outlets, one at Scott’s Square and one at Jurong Point. Price wise, the service is going at $588 including 1 touch up during this promotional period! (On non promotional period it’s going at $988 so it’s really a good time to get it done)


More information on Isabella Aesthetics:

Check out their website here to view all the services they provide: https://www.isabellaaesthetics.com.sg

Instagram: @isabellaaesthetics

Please note that all photos uploaded in this post have not been photoshoped other than the difference in lighting of where they were taken. No lip make up has been applied other than Vaseline Lip Therapy Balm. 😋

Love, S.

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