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October 5, 2018

I don’t really recall how or when I started to have calcium deposits on my teeth and it never really bothered me until I went to an interview once and the interviewer pointed out about the “stains” on my teeth and how I should get them fixed… IKR LIKE WOW, thanks for bursting my bubble of confidence, thanks.

I always had the habit of brushing my teeth in the morning and before bed so how these calcium deposits formed? I was told by my mom that I took a lot of medications growing up and that’s the cause. I’ll just believe her la ok since mothers are always right.

Teeth fairy

Teeth fairy

Teeth fairy

After brooding over my teeth for the past few donkey years I finally decided to get composite veneers done. Of course I did my research and the composite veneers done by Teeth Fairy are suitable for people who:

  • Obviously want a uniform, pearly white, chio af smile
  • Have crooked teeth
  • Have misshaped teeth
  • Have discoloured or stained teeth ( Yup, that’s me alright)
  • Have teeth that are too big or too small
  • Have gaps between their teeth
  • Have teeth that’s chipped or worn out

I have straight teeth, of quite nice size and amount, but the stains really annoys me. “Brush your teeth more” ” Go polish your teeth la” Walao, if so easy I would have done that years ago right? Brushing and polishing will only make the stains more obvious for some weird reason. So it’s either I have to be gross and not brush my teeth, or brush and have the ugly stain there and people will then think I didn’t brush my teeth. It’s like an unending cycle of dirty looking teeth.

Teeth fairy

Teeth fairy

Teeth fairy

Look how white and clean my teeth are now! It took me around 3.5 hours to get them done but that really depends on individual set of teeth. Also, I am surprised that I can floss my teeth easily, cos I did hear that some veneers done are like fake teeth and you can’t floss, gross la sia! But beauty does come with a price as well. Teeth Fairy offers composite veneers at 1800sgd and 3200sgd depending your preference. Polishing at 200sgd per session. Which, in my honest opinion, is really much more affordable than going to most places.

However, I would also like to say that veneers are not for everyone. As veneers are prone to chipping and cracking, if you have bad habits like biting nails and chewing on soft bone etc, perhaps you would consider changing your habits before getting veneers done. Also, if you have existing dental conditions such as decaying teeth, weakened enamel, gum disease etc, please get them treated first! Of course covering them up would be a instant solution but it’s always better to cure than cover.

SO TOLONG AH. Do your research before you commit yourself to this. The lifespan of composite veneers last from 7 to 10 years so you need to take care of them too! (Of course if you quote my Instagram name “nadineodelia”, you get 2 x polishing session for free!)

Also, I need to add on that this is considered as an aesthetic procedure, and it is legal to be done by a beautician. There is no invasiveness of this procedure as there is no drilling, or pulling out of teeth, just simple shaping and polishing on top of the veneers added. Obviously, the beautician took a lot of care in giving me such a perfect smile, and that’s why I have so much trust in her work.

I hope this blog post gives you some insight on how composite veneers can perfect your smile and don’t forget to check Teeth Fairy out on Instagram @teeth_fairy33 .Feel free to whatsapp or call 93859510 to make your appointment and enjoy your days with a perfect smile!

Love, S

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