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June 11, 2018

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of flowers, especially since fresh ones eventually die just like any other living things. But I still have a soft spot for sunflowers and roses especially if they come to me all wrapped up beautifully. I won’t complain, I’ll take it! Ok so the sunflower selection was amazingggggggggggggggggg😍😍😍


BUT as much as it is my favourite flower, I wanted to be able to sun dry and keep my bouquet so I decided to go with a classic rose bouquet but perhaps with a bit of my kind of style and I fell in love with this!💖


The Trendy in Black bouquet was calling out to me when I saw it on Floral Garage’s website.  The Skimmia and Silver leaves complimented the roses perfectly. Which I have to admit, recently I have taken a liking to Silver leaves. I don’t know how or why but it is just gives a very gentle touch to balance out the vibrancy of the whole bouquet.



Let’s take a moment to appreciate how perfect this rose is. Each rose were already fully bloomed when I received them and I think that is important! Unless you are going to keep it for a few days before presenting ti to the recipient, I think the recipient should always received flowers that are fully bloomed! THAT’S THE WHOLE POINT RIGHT?😉


Floral Garage is not just any ordinary Florist. Besides the regular kind of bouquets you can get from their online store, you can easily search for what is suitable for the occasion, the types of floral style, and even to the nitty gritty of specific flowers you are looking for.

Floral Garage is also popular for their freestyle bouquets. All you need is to trust their florist with information such as the occasion and who the recipient is, and leave the rest up to them to plan and come up with something fabulous. They have the Premium and Deluxe version for those who really really really want to splurge on floral delights for their loved ones. *HINT HINT HELLO BOYFRIEND ARE YOU READING DIS*🤗


They are definitely more than just flowers.

Floral Garage has corporate account perks where discounts can go up to 11% with a credit limit of 30 Day! And they also provide party supplies from balloons to Pinatas which is fantastic isn’t it? Everything a party or event needs, you can get them right here at Floral Garage!


But what really caught my eye and attention is that Floral Garage isn’t just a business. It is a business with a heart which aims to help the less fortunate in our society. They raise funds for the needy, create workshops for the less fortunate, provide materials for social projects, and are open to any collaboration that could possible help make our society a better place. And in all honesty, I took on this collaboration with them because of this vision of theirs!💖

So do check them out here and on their other social media platforms
Instagram: @Floralgaragesg
Facebook: Floral Garage Singapore

Love, S.

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