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Botox & Fillers? Here’s my take!

May 30, 2018

Hello bello tomatoes! Has been a while since I touched this space haven’t I? Life has been good, treating me well, and I enjoy flying more with each passing day. Can you believe I’ve been in Scoot for 2 years now? Time certainly flies by when you’re having fun!

But as much as time flies, that also means that I’m getting older by the day, hour, minute! Oh 我的天啊! I still want to look youthful and slim leh hello! So I have decided to embark on my intermittent fasting journey a few months back and that has been amazing. I feel healthier, lighter, and definitely trained myself to be more conscious of my food intake.

I have lost a bit of weight, my face still looks roundish and not as sharp as I would like it to be. *que flashback of 2012 slim moments * * que sad music * HAHA I’M NOT KIDDING OK. I was really quite sharp faced a few years back huhuhuhu 😿

Then came along David Loh Surgery where I was fortunate to meet Dr Phoon Yi Shan to get my fillers done. LOLOL IKR WHAT AM I THINKING. DID I JUST SAY FILLERS?😱

Eh calm down lah dei. In all honesty I was extremely apprehensive about even having the thought of getting fillers done. I was intending to just get botox done on my left jaw to even out my face structure because that’s what I have done before in the past. Little did I know that fillers on the chin area can help to lengthen and sharpen my chin, it also creates an illusion that my double chin has been reduced. Yay!😂

Let the pictures do the talking.. you all just wanna see before and after pictures one right!



There was slight bruising a few days after getting my fillers done. but it went off after a week or so and its perfectly fine, nothing make up can’t cover. Also, I did get compliments that I lost weight. But it’s all in my face looking slimmer and sharper. And in all honesty, no one knew I did fillers, more like no one could tell until I told them and they still didn’t believe me. That’s great right? Ok so I’ve talked enough, I’m pretty sure y’all are more interested in watching how all these are being done. So… below here is the video of my fillers and botox being applied.

Few things to think about if you want to get fillers and botox done:

1.Do you want people to know that you had them done?

As I mentioned above, I didn’t want others to know I had injectables done. I wanted to look as natural as I can! On the other hand there are others who want their chin to be super sharp, and they are more than happy to share that it is not natural. By all means right? Whatever floats your boat, as long as you are happy. And this leads to my next questions…

2. Is your aesthetic doctor doing what you want or doing what’s best for you?

I believe a good doctor would know what’s best for you and what is more suitable for your face because.. that’s why they are certified doctors right??? I initially didn’t want fillers done but Dr Phoon showed me how much difference it can create so I trusted her and I am super pleased with my results.

Let me emphasize that looking slim may be what everyone wants and doing fillers and botox can help you achieve this look in your face. However, I also want my dear readers to understand that having a healthy lifestyle also plays an important part in looking and feeling great. There is no point doing injectables if you are not going to make an effort to eat healthily or exercise in moderation. These are enhancements to what we can do for ourselves, not magic.

More questions were asked and answered and this video below will pretty much cover the frequently asked questions about injectables.

Clinic Information:
David Loh Surgery (Branch Clinic)
21 Orchard Boulevard, #01-27 Park House S( 248645)
Tel: (+65) 67339114
Instagram: @Davidlohsurgery

I really hope this blog post was educational and informative to everyone, whether you are interested in these kind of enhancement or not. Because, I hope to get rid of the stigma that altering your appearance is bad. IT IS NOT. Do what makes you happy, do what makes you confident, do what makes you fabulous!😍

Love, S.

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