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Couple Shoot x HongRay Photography

December 31, 2017

Although Bernard and I have been together for almost 3 years( oh gosh that’s long!) , we’ve never really had a couple photoshoot. Usually we are just lucky we have photographer friends who would shoot special moments for us, but we never planned a shoot specifically for ourselves.

That’s till we met Hong Ray(@hongrayphotography). I love the element of surprise so I trusted Hong Ray to come up with a concept that would suit both Bernard and I. Well, did he surprise us indeed!




We met up at a local farm, and literally got down and dirty! We took off our shoes and let ourselves feel the earth, quite literally actually. I guess this was something interesting to me but at the same time, really pushed me out of my comfort zone. In fact, I think Bernard was also quite taken aback! HAHAHA IS REALLY 吓到 ok!



What I enjoyed most during the shoot was that, I felt so much emotions that I could only focus on Bernard. Every step we took in the mud, every sliding moment, I was just trusting that Bernard would be there to catch me. Hong Ray was very supportive in giving us ideas to talk about while he snapped beautiful moments.



Each shot told a story, perhaps not obvious to others, but very very obvious to me. And I fell in love with those moments over and over again.



Hong Ray specializes in candid photography, meaning that he wont ask us to pose in the cliche kind of way. He would just let us be in our own bubble while he does his magic, never once interrupting our moments until he got the shot. From this shoot, you can tell he loves finding unique places to do his photography, so you can rest assured that you will have your session some place special and interesting! To stand out from the crowd, that is the whole point right?

If you would like something different, feel free to contact Hong Ray himself!

Hong Ray / Award winning Visual Storyteller /+65 83738695

Hong Ray Photography
63 Hillview Avenue #10-14B

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