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Womb Care treatment @ Body Contour

October 8, 2017

I realised, at 25, a lot of my female friends around my age or older, focus a lot on losing weight and having a slim body. After all, we are at the age where our metabolism slows down and keeping in shape is our main priority.

But we fail to realise that we are neglecting one of the most important part of our body too- our reproductive organs! In this day and age where lack of healthy diet and possibly unfavourable lifestyle choices, it is proven that more and more young women are prone to getting cancer in the cervix, ovaries, and womb. As the numbers are alarmingly high, it is something that we as women should be aware of and try to tackle before it’s too late.

So, I’m going to introduce something that is very new to me as well! Body Contour Premier offers Herbal Womb Care Therapy – a massage that focuses specifically on the area of our lower abdomen. 
Was it weird? Well, eventually I was skeptical ( as usual lah I’m always like that when it’s something new). Yvette, the trainer master who did my treatmenthas almost 30 years of experience in the wellnessindustry but it’s only in the recent years that she has been educating and training the therapists on womb care massage.

You’d think that it’s a massage that you can sleep through right? Perhaps not for the first session as you will be attentive to the explanation on the processes – from the oil she is using to the pressure points to how we can protect our reproductive organs. With all the information provided to me, I felt like I was definitely in good hands.
One of the main features of this massage is their 九宫温韵百草贴 or if you are a kantang like me, it’s the Herbal Womb Care Patch.
This patch is a mixture of Tourmaline heat powder, Ginger powder, Round cinnamon leaf powder, Original silkworm excrement, Wormwood extract and Air patch.
This patch can be used two ways. One way it to put in on like a salon pas on the lower abdomen area and leave it on for 5 to 8 hours even while sleeping. Alternatively, the therapist will make the patch into a mixture and applied it on the womb area, and added on a heating pad for 20 mins.

The benefits of this Herbal Womb Care Patch reads below:
☆Herbal hot compress helps to improve abdominal circulation
☆Relieves symptoms caused by  “yin” uterus (宫寒) such a poor circulation and oxygen flow in abdominal area
☆Relieves backache
☆ Relieves instantly on menstrual cramps
☆Relieves abdominal bloating

After the treatment, it truly reminds me on how important it is to maintain our womb health.

If you are just like me who is interested to give it a try, contact 68411141 & quote “IFB681” to enjoy it at a special rate of $68!
Hope you’ll enjoy the video here to catch a glimpse of what to expect!

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