Quick Fix @ The Comb

September 26, 2017

I love how The Comb can give my hair a quick fix whenever I’m in a rush. Can you believe they dyed, wash, and curled my hair all in less than 2 hours?!? I show you ah my before and after but don’t laugh cos my hair was really rabak when I reached The Comb!

Such a perfect non ain’t it? I love how just a simple colour session can make my hair look undamaged and fresh!

I also want to add on about how much I love the washing station because it is warm, clean, and super comfortable!

I wish I took a better photo because this doesn’t do it justice! My neck doesn’t hurt from the neck rest and Frank (my hairstylist that day) even added in an extra head massage. Tell me about good service!

That aside, here’s the final outcome in the sun! A nice highlight om top of touched up roots 💕

Once again, The Comb saves the day! Can’t wait to be back😉

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