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Moippai Izakaya Food Tasting!

September 27, 2017

Japanese is probably one of my most favorite cuisine and I said yes immediately when I was invited down to Moippai Izakaya for a food tasting session. The new kid on the block, situated on the 1st level of Eastpoint. you might have difficulty finding it but you will not be disappointed. The ambiance is welcoming and warm, a place that is suitable for all ages! Dressed in traditional costumes, the staff there are well trained to make you feel comfortable with their hospitality, ensuring that they treat their customers with care and respect, something that most dining places lack these days.

According to the photo below, these are what was served to us, along with fragrant Japanese rice. What makes a good Japanese restaurant is their sashimi cuts. If its not fresh, I’m getting out of there. But obviously it was too good! The ebi sashimi was definitely a show stopper. If only you had seen my Instagram story!

I think  what was the most interesting was their Fried Somen Noodles. The truffle smell was strong, like really strong, but it didn’t feel over whelming. In fact, I liked it quite a lot. It’s so fun to just snack on when you are just chilling with drinks and conversations. The Jelly Liquor is also a must try- think ice jelly desert but with alcohol and a punch full of flavor!

Shall not bore you any further, here are some pictures to do the talking!

Ok, hold your horses! Before you move to the end of the post, please take a moment to appreciate our beloved fresh osyters served at Moippai Izakaya. At 24SGD/ Half dozen or 36SGD/ Dozen, the taste of the sea has never felt any better. Topped with tobasco and lemon, how wrong can this get? At such an affordable price too!


What I like about Moippai Izakaya is that they focus on good service, good quality, and affordable prices! Check out the following promotions and you will be blown away. I mean come on la, 40SGD for 5 bottles of Asahi PLUS free chicken karage or spam fries! Good deal hor?

Cabin Crew Discount

This is the most important part! All cabin crew can get 20% discount from their final bill as long as they present their Cabin Crew ID card! WAH WTH RIGHT. And it’ situated in the East, super close to the airport, if we can’t get KIX or NRT flights, we know where to go now HAHAHA.

More details about Moppai Izakaya in the image below! Check out their Facebook page here and Instagram handle here!


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