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Irodori Japanese Buffet

August 5, 2014

Finallt, finally, fixed my sashimi cravings today! Irodori is probably my favorite choice for a Japanese buffet. The first time I came here was for Sandra’s birthday but I was too tired then to actually take photos and write about it so… we came back! We headed there straight after work so pardon our bare faces, we were more interested in eating than looking pretty hoho.

Why I fell in love with this place was simple. It is a buffet based on an à la carte menu. Which means that unlike most buffets where items are on the conveyor belt or left out in the open for an hour or so, everything here is served fresh from the kitchen and sashimi bar. Also, their menu covers everything, like legit, everything! And you only pay a final bill of 46 dollars tops! Pretty good ain’t it?

Didn’t take us too long to decide what we want to order so first off the menu was MY PRECIOUS SASHIMI! Attacked the swordfish and salmon straightaway- my top priority recommendation . Another reason why I love this place is because everything is so fresh. There ain’t no fishy smell or over-chewiness. Too good! Although there are only two photos of this, trust me, we ordered much more!

We didn’t touch the rice items much because rice items make you full way too early into the dining. Not a smart move. But I needed to have my California Maki at least once!

Not too sure what this prawn thingy is but it is part of the buffet and complimentary as well. Not a big fan of prawns anymore but since it’s their special, I just ate it anyway. Pretty good so don’t say no to it, just eat only!

Not forgetting all the other types of dishes which i could have easily forgotten. Not that they weren’t any good, they tasted great. Just that my main forcus of dinner was the raw food.

Let’s say the service is a bit slow but they only had a few staff who had to do a whole bunch of things so we stayed waiting here and there but I shall not complain. The food is too good to complain! Can’t wait to return here soon!

Irodori Japanese Restaurant
POMO, 1 Selegie Road, #01-14/15

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