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Sushi Kanazawa

July 19, 2014
Like how I  always end up at Hwa Yu Wee for Chili Crabs on my birthday, my brother’s favorite for his birthday is at Sushi Kanazawa. Sushi Kanazawa is a small and cosy sushi bar which can seat around 10-12 people at one time and they have one private room which can seat up to 8 people (reservation making is a must!)
We obviously booked the private room so that it is more comfortable and we can sit on the floor very comfortably compared to sitting at the bar. Many a times we just wanted to lie down cos’ we were so full! Hahaha very pig like.
Moving on to the food, we went with the buffet concept where for a cost of around 48SGD, the chef would continuously serve different types of (mostly) nigiri sushi and he will never serve the same thing twice unless you ask for it. Probably suit more flexible eaters like myself. If you are a picky nicky then… hahah good luck with that! 

Above and below are how they serve a family of four. Four pieces of each type, one per person. What I really appreciate is that the rice is proportionate to the size of the fish or whatever they put on top. Can’t get full on rice at a sushi buffet can you?

They also serve a sashimi platter before they serve the sushi and each person is entitled to one platter each. Really, really good.Everyone knows I am a fan of sashimi so it won’t take too long to figure how fast I polished everything off this plate.
The rest of the other items below are special items not on the menu that the chef would surprise you with. I reckon its only cos my brother knows the chef personally and that he knew it was my brother’s birthday. But again, I shall not complain 🙂 However I do know that they would serve Chawamushi, Edamamae,and Stewed Chicken and Vegetable soup.
This salmon salad is best eaten in between dishes. Simply because it is so refreshing! After this, you feel like you can continue eating the whole night!It has fresh lemon paste under the salmon pieces, pretty much to die for!
So my overall review for this place would probably be 5 star. Why? Because everything tastes so amazingly fresh! I am very particular about fresh fish, especially since they are raw. So the fact that I ain’t got no tummy ache now means that it’s tip top preparation from the chef.
Happy Birthday Aloysius! We love you ♥ thanks for everything!
Sushi Kanazawa
International Building, #02-13 360 Orchard Road
Tel: 6738 3833

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