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Roses Only Singapore

🚨PSA PSA PSA PSA🚨 I’ve fallen in love with long stemmed roses from Roses Only Singapore 💋 Packed with class and simplicity, receiving this gift box of roses really did excite me whe I laid my hands on it. One would wonder where these beautifully grown roses come from and I’ll be glad to share that […]

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A reason to smile.

I don’t really recall how or when I started to have calcium deposits on my teeth and it never really bothered me until I went to an interview once and the interviewer pointed out about the “stains” on my teeth and how I should get them fixed… IKR LIKE WOW, thanks for bursting my bubble […]

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Floral Garage

I wouldn’t call myself a fan of flowers, especially since fresh ones eventually die just like any other living things. But I still have a soft spot for sunflowers and roses especially if they come to me all wrapped up beautifully. I won’t complain, I’ll take it! Ok so the sunflower selection was amazingggggggggggggggggg😍😍😍 BUT […]

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Heliocare PureWhite Radiance Max 240

Recently, I’ve been trying to prevent myself from getting tanned or having contact with the sun as moles and pigmentation can start to appear. Also, because my skin tone is closer to warm than cool, basking under the sun means I’ll turn brown really quickly instead of turning red.Not sure if it’s an age thing, […]

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VASA BLÅ by Sudio

It’s been a while since I have received any IT gadget so it was super sweet of Sudio to send me a pair of VASA BLÅ for Christmas 💕 I was was hoping that it would look feminine and pretty as most earphones are generally very edgy and boyish. I definitely wasn’t disappointed! Just look […]

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Couple Shoot x HongRay Photography

Although Bernard and I have been together for almost 3 years( oh gosh that’s long!) , we’ve never really had a couple photoshoot. Usually we are just lucky we have photographer friends who would shoot special moments for us, but we never planned a shoot specifically for ourselves. That’s till we met Hong Ray(@hongrayphotography). I […]

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Giving myself a break…or not?

Feels like I haven’t been giving myself the rest I need! If I’m not flying, I’m either exploring places, or filling my schedules up with appointment after appointment. On one hand, I want to make full use of my time. I hate lying in bed, especially after 9am. On the other hand, I’m seriously fucking […]

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