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Find Part Time Jobs & Internships in Singapore with

When technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today, I used to buy newpapers during school holidays to look for part time jobs. The papers were usually sold out fast and most jobs offered were for Adults with working experiences. It was hard looking for a temporary job or part time jobs for students.

Good news for Polytechnic students who are graduating this May, University students who are having their Summer Vacation right now, and Secondary students having school holidays in June!, is a new portal for Jobseekers and Employers/Recruiters in Singapore.

stroff portal

Just sign in with your Facebook account, fill up a few more details and you’re ready!

stroff jobs


Not only you can minimise your area of search (location, profession, date to start). even has a “General Career Guidance” section to help you with writing your Cover letter and Resume, and also provide you with interview tips.  Other Job portals don’t provide these essentials which is the key to help us ace the interviews and job application process. Thank you, I’m already in search for part time jobs singapore opportunities thru the portal when Josaeus goes to Nursery next year.

stroff interview tips



stroff resume helper


After perfecting your Resume, you can upload it directly onto Whenever you apply for a Job thru the portal, the employers will receive your Resume thru’s system. It is that simple and super convenient.

profile stroff


You can track your Jobs applications, shortlists and job alerts conveniently sorted for you by the portal. Also, you can keep your profile up to date constantly without much hassle.

You no longer have to go back to the student intern job where you did basic and irrelevant tasks during final year assessment. Finding another internship singapore job opportunity isn’t so hard anymore!

If a singapore internship job isn’t for you, you can try a few part time, freelance, temp/ad hoc or contract jobs before settling on the one you really like!

All these helps you build up your portfolio and also increases your job experiences!

Happy searching with!