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Fews years back , I vividly remembered how my mom would bring my brother and I out a month before chinese new year to shop for our new clothes!

it’s pretty time consuming especially when you have no clue what you’re actually looking for or what suits your style and all. But with the current technology of shopping online. It definitely made my life easier and fuss free.

Google up for the lastest fashion trends and search where to find em’ with just a few typing and clicks VIOLA!

Ever since I’ve became a SAHM, my life is pretty boring. Just staying home taking care of my boy ,doing chores,eating etcetc..


when Josaeus was around 8months old when I found out about




and  Zalora!


I really enjoy the leisure of just flipping thru the pages and adding the items into carts. Thou I don’t really like waiting for the items to reach me(its too slow at times) It’s completely fuss free and super duper therapeutic for me!

its not only fashion apparels that we can buy online, even furniture , kitchen appliances , book courses and dining voucher!! basically anything!

Lastly due to Media influences, even boutique brands like




and Charles & Keith

charles and keith

have gone ONLINE!

givenchy bag

The huge advantages of shopping online:

>you get to see full details and price of every single item without troubling the salesperson to check and serve you.

>you’re able to browse thru the whole collection within seconds and choose what you like within minutes!

>you get to see customers reviews and comments before buying

>fuss free shipping right to your door step.

>you’re able to compare prices before purchasing.

>just pure convenience!

right. did you realize how much fashion has changed the world?(:
I’m always excited to catch up on the lastest fashion Do’s and Don’ts ! it never ever bores me!

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