Desmond&Eve’s wedding!

Congratulations to you both! 

Wishing you both a blissful and everlasting marriage! Stay loving and true to each other:) lastly, have a baby soon! Hehe.. So my Josaeus will have a friend! 
Everything happened as usual during the day. And I got myself ready around 4pm and waited for hubs till 5pm. Trained over to Tiong Barhu. 
(Wedding dinner was held @ Miramar Hotel.)
Hubs cabbed over while I walked over to AM salon to get my hair fixed. :) 
It’s just a neighborhood salon but I kinda like how the hairstylist dyed my hair a few  months back and I’m back for a simple wash and blow:) 

There’s a new stylist: CK 
He came all the way from GuangZhou last month. 
Very precise and will get your needs fixed perfectly! Just one slight problem. He talks abut too much for me >.< 
I was in a rush for the wedding and he kept telling me about how a young mom I am and my Josaeus is so cute( he saw my wallpaper ). other than that, he’s great!
Paid a total of $18 for a wash(+$3 for loreal shampoo) and blow with curling and styling. Affordable yes? ^_^
[Daphne! If you’re reading this: I’m so sorry to make you wait for me that day! >_<]

Off I went to the hotel with Daphne! I was running in heels/dress like a crazy women. LOL! 
Arrived at the hotels restaurant:

And bamb! I’m spamming photos! 
Lovely flower decos on every table!

Photo albums!! My favorite part!

How lovely at this couple get? Dated for 10years and finally they wed! I’m so happy for them!:’)

They personalized an album from their dating years till date! So loving!
One of my favorite pages! (Actually I love them all the same haha)

Housed up to 40 tables that night if I’m not wrong. 

Felt so happy that we’re seated in the front! Near the stage and all! :) good for me to snap photos and videos. Hehe..

Lovely simple designs 

My favorite peanuts! I ate at least 4 plates of it before the dinner! LOL!


Waited extremely long for the dinner to start.. So I got bored and continued to snap away~

I extremely adore wedding dinner gifts! It’s so nice and sweet!
Looks what the awesome couple got us!

Cute little cup

And a passport holder!

Love them max! Thank you !
With the favorite girls! 

I had such a great time catching up with these people! Laughed non stop and we’re the noisiest table lor! Hahahaha

Really misses those rounding days. But ok la!  I still prefer my Josaeus hahaha!
Tired but it know he’s worth it! <3



I’m so blissed with such entertaining friends! Hahahaha! Especially the part when we all laughed at the “no emotion” face. Hahaah 
Lastly the host couple of the night! 
Desmond & Eve!

830pm! Dinner started!!! Finally! I was starving like crazy. 
*note: if you’re hungry, please close this page. 

Super yummy starters! My favorite dish of the night.
Super cute ivy babe here! Hehe

Next up: Sharks fin!
It’s very fresh and yummy!! You can tell it’s not those cheapo type.
Thumbs up!

Close up:)

Suetz here happy with her filled tummy! Hahaha another cutie!

I really like the broccoli in this! Fresh, crunchy and naturally sweet!

 But this Duck here. Wasn’t very good:( 

Love the mushrooms and veeges! The fish Maw is good just that I don’t eat them :)

Second favorite! Fishie!


It’s SO dam nice! Finished within seconds! Yumm.. 
By the time these noodles came, I was so full! 

But I kept a little space in my tummy for the dessert!
Very yummy! Yam* paste:) not too sweet nor stiff. 

Overall rating was 9/10! What’s most important is the wedded couple whom we went for! And also the catch up times!  
One of my happiest nights since Josaeus’s birth! 

Thank you Desmond & Eve for inviting hubs and I to witness your wedding night! Congratulations! 
Lastly some shots with my dearest man
He’s so tired. 

My ootn:)

Blog again!