Wedding photos / Saturdays

Wee! You should have seen this photo on my Instagram: mummymaine
Collected my albums and frames today! After so dam long. The pictures were taken in JUNE FYI. This is how inefficient the boutique is. Plus the service is BAD. 
However, my gown “assistant” Amy was very nice and helpful. & my photographers(sorry I forgot their names) were friendly and funny! 
Other than that the service sucks. 
And I’m glad I finally got my photos!
Happy viewing^_^

This is my table frame:) 

The frame quality wasn’t good so needs to be changed. 

This here is my wall frame! If you’re wondering why I didn’t choose those typical couple photo that shows face and all. 

Reason being: I want it to be hanged in my own living room! Where everyone can see! And also I can look at it daily and remember that very day:)
Here’s some of my photos. Didn’t post all as some aren’t very nice=

One of my favorite series!:)

These too !

And theses LOL

So yup! That’s about it. Lazy to post my small album photos. It’s basically the same just without and custom designs.

Oops! I couldn’t resist posting LOL. 

I remembered I wore wedge slippers for outdoor shoot. HAHA! Was super tiring ok! My foot hurts! Den at the ending part of our outdoor shoot hubs changed to berms. Tiring day la overall! But fun:) 
Places we went for shoot:
(In case if you’re wondering)
•gardens by the bay
•marinabay sands
Anyway, took loads and loads of photos with my dear Josaeus today!

My little vain pot

And some plainly vain photos! 

Am trying to act “model-y” but seem to fail leh:(

Love close up shots of my falsies & natural double eye lids:) 

Lastly, with the love of my life ,both shagged faces. 
Though we argue ALOT daily. But I still love him the most:) well second to josaeus of course! Hehe

Blog again!