Happy women’s day

Women’s strength

March marks the month of international women’s month!

“the story of women’s struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organisation but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights” Gloria Steinem

I can definitely relate myself to “equality”. I have siblings so it’s pretty much quite obvious and now that I’m married I still do see it here at my in law’s. Not surprised as it happens everywhere especially with older generations around.

Not many will admit or even REALISE their actions and will definitely fight back. So just live with it I’d say.

Why make yourself so hurt with thoughts that don’t exactly matter?

Well I use to mind alot myself too. I’m probably numb. Still hurts but the hurt numb-ed up. If you get me.

I definitely been thru alot more than people my age. I survived on $200 monthly no extras(my allowance)during secondary school days. DailyTransport fares, meals breakfast lunch and dinner,school outings,extra assessment books,weekends programme and I have only have approx $7 a day to spend on everything). I remember skipping breakfast at recess and lunch to save money for weekends lol.Stopped getting allowance at 15-16 since I started working during school holidays. Lastly, I’m married with a son at a young age of 19. Many people judged me but wait , I single handedly took care my son on my own from birth till date and he’s completely breastfed (direct latch only never bottled). so why judge?

Josaeus(my son) is 22months this march and I’m proud of him and myself.

Couldn’t believe I could be mentally able to go thru all these but I sure did.

I’m strong in my own ways and that’s what matters.

Happy women’s day