Ootd!( I wasn’t ready.. But my hubby so impatient.. Oh well..)

Headed to vivocity again.
My most visited shopping mall due to nursing room & lots to shop !

With mom,hubby & josaeus.

First and only shop we went today..
I left home at 6?!?!?? What the hell right.. I know I know..

After 30-45mins of See see, test test, smell smell…
I finally decided to buy this!’

Murads hybrids
Skin perfecting primer!

It’s $59 okay!! Heart pain.. 
Was contemplating over Stilas & scream works.. End up with murads. Lol.. 

Vainity don’t come cheap..

Oyes, I applied for my white card too! Wahaha.. But quite useless cos got not much benefits:( only 10% if I accumulate 250points. Which meant I can only save that 10% after I spend $250?!? Wtf.
Oh well.. Anyway, 
Went to accompany mom for dinner at toast box.
*cant eat much as I’m accompanying dad for dinner*
So.. I ordered toast set 1..
Pathetic piece of toast..

Pretty but cold egg..

& mom ordered curry chicken rice.
Here’s my vain mama with my cute josaeus

Lastly, some random photos of today:

Envying myself.. 
Haha ok la bye.