Science Centre

Met up with IngIng for a day out at the science centre! 

Been so long since the last time I went there@_@..
Photos are a MUST! Heh! 

Josaeus was so engrossed with the Dino’s! 

He’s happy, I’m happy:)

There’s way too many to look at and slowly trying each “invention” out:'( 
Josaeus only wants those that are round. So yes I was following him all day with round stuff, lights & cute animals! 

The place hasn’t changed much though:/ and MANY “inventions” were not in use. -.- felt cheated.

It’s funny when you’re suppose to look into tanks for signs of “photosynthesis” but you end up looking at those cute fishes & your friend tells you the latter. Hahahah!

Two super sized “squid & shark” that Josaeus kept wanting to look.

Saw these interesting boards. 

A mini 3D model!
Very well done.

Just look at the insides as well!

Josaeus trying out the puzzles:)

Not forgetting more shots!

And ta dah! 
Our Favourite place! The Eco farms.
Where you get to see: India star turtle,LeopardGeckos, Hissing roaches, Gerbils, Hamsters & Hedge hodges!  

These are confiscated animals donated by AVA.

Well I didn’t snap photos of the turtle, gerbils, hamsters & hedge hodges. They are all sleeping! 
So that’s the end of our journey at the science center! :)
Here at the souvenirs store! 
My little tiger!^_^

Cutie isn’t he. :)

That’s all for now! Bye!:)