River safari Sunday

Yesterday was hubby’s birthday! Hence we(well , I ) decided to go river safari! 

Met up with JW, JH & Shereen babe! :)
However, I was kinda disappointed with river safari :/ I felt it isn’t as worth if you go to the zoo. 
Anyway, great experience:) you should go at least once! But please wait for the river quest to be out! 
Idk why the entrance started with a dark room filled with screens for us to view.( I can’t really see what’s the video about anw.)
Here’s some shots of the day w/ my lousy potato camera.

Giraffe Catfish ! 
Kinda cute looking yes? Those eyes!

The tanks were really hard to snap photos with(using my potato camera) hence not much photos:'(.. The reflection was really bad.

Pictured: Shereen babe,JW with Josaeus , hubby

Saw this along MekongRiver and JH made a joke out of this. 

Close up:
You might get what JH joke was about now. Lol

Cute Yangtze crocodiles!
Might not look cute here though:/ but it’s cute to me la!

Another one! 

There’s quite afew species of crocodiles there. But all kinda mini one. The dwarf crocodiles are the cutest!(not pictured) with huge eyes.
Chinese Giant Salamander.
I find this one super rare. 
It’s quite hard to find in its tank approx 1m long. Quite lifeless looking:( 99% of the animals there are too:(

Josaeus’s favourite part of the park!

Only managed to see one panda:/ the other was in its den..
I really couldn’t tell if its really or just a plush initially! Till it twitched when I said “fake one is it” haha that moment was super funny! As though kaikai was trying to say ” I’m real la”

Red panda! Wish I could bring it home Lor>< very cute! 
Surprisingly, the top coat of this panda is red but on the other side it’s completely black! 

Josaeus busy with this huge panda statue. (He’s recent craze for huge animals.)

He kept ignoring my calls for photos:'(

My happy baby:’) really love seeing him laugh and smile like this.

Oyes! I touched a hedgehog!!! OMG! It’s so so cute!!!! >< and tiny too.
I was so busy touching it and forgot to snap a photo. Lol. Thankfully hubby took! So cute right. X3
It look fluffy but it’s actually spikey:/ if only it was fluffy @.@.. I’d snatch it lol!

Not forgetting the panda baos!! :)
$2.90 each (red bean or chocolate custard flavor too choose from)
I thought it was pricey. But ok la! Jiu jiu yi chi. It’s yummy though.
Was disappointed with the staffs working at the restaurant too:/ very bad service. They just kept talking to other staffs from another area.

My Favourite my of the park!
Dugong area! Was very relaxing for me to look at those dugong swim around. 

BUT. The flowly light on the floor makes me super giddy~_~
And that somehow sums the river safari.
JW took photos with Jiajia & Kaikai at the entrance!:)

And afew more of Josaeus and JW. Hahaha

Josaeus like so shiok lidat while JH look so wei qu. Hahahah

And one with JH

Back to CCK for dindin.

My comfort food. Their XLB is really yummy~ $9.80 for 10pieces.

My main:
Signature la mian $9.80

JH’s osmantus aloe Vera.
But like no osmantus lidat one:/

And my usual mango pudding:)
Really other of the yummy ones I’ve eaten. 

Lastly, Shereen babe taught me how to change my icons!:) happy me^_^

Blog again! 
Am having a hectic week ahead@_@….
God bless me!