Picnic @ east coast park

Mom suggested picnic @ east coast park sometime back.

So.. We packed sandwiches,ham,hotdog buns,bananas, drinks & picnic mats! 
Josaeus kept pestering my bro to carry him to the beach( he likes the sound of the waves, I guess all babies does? It’s like their back in the womb or something)

My bro trying to say” u very happy Hor, I so tired leh. Carry u here and there while u point point point. Hahaha!”

More photos!
2 vainpot together

With the great grandma

My Family!:)

If you realized, u can almost see my mom in every photo-_- that’s how vain she is. Lol. 


I was WAY to hungry @.@ so hubs and I went over to Burger King & dabao-Ed more!
Hehe(satisfied me)

Really love the wedges & whopper junior. 

After, hubs and I went scouting for a cheaper & better bicycle to rent.! 
Wanted to rent one 3 seater(2 adults & 1 baby seat) for $12 per hour. With promo at 2hr get 1hr free. But we left our ic at the picnic spot. Hence lazy walk back -.- 
Ended up rented one single rider($7) & 2seater(1 adult & 1 baby seat) $12 from another shop nearer to our picnic spot. 
Also this shop has no promo:( oh well..

It’s josaeus’s first time sitting on a baby seat while cycling! He’s so excited and doesn’t want to come out of it! Hah! While hubs and I went cycling. Little Jo would turn to me and wave with his bring smile! 😉 am glad he’s happy! 
Next was bro and dasao’s turn to cycle!
Jo bugged bro to bring him along! Lol

See!! Lol.

Alright That’s all. Blog again!