Black Box Singapore


Sorry for the lack of updates.. My phones acting up @_@
So anyway, I came home one night and saw this box!! 
Initially I thought it was some stuff my mom got me to buy for her but to my surprise.. It’s my BLACK BOX! Wee~
I was so happy! Didn’t expect they will send one to me. :)

Lots of stuff! Really made my day better:) especially when I LOVE receiving parcels! And this was a surprise parcel!

If I’m not wrong, when u subscribe to black box. They will randomly select a few people to receive the black box. 
Check them out!! And subscribe for a chance to get your very own black box:)

I really love the Bifesta wipes(I’m a big fan of this brand and totally love their products)

Lastly, if youre a Facebook/Instagram friend/follower. You’d know I just revived my 12year old electric organ! 
It was my birthday present 12years ago. LOL. I use to play it ALOT. Till a year or so ago I kept it till TODAY! 
Though the keys turned yellow and the power plug adapter was thrown accidentally. I couldn’t bear to throw it. It meant a lot to me. As it was one of my last presents received from my parents together. 
So yup now my Josaeus gets to play with it!

He’s looking like a pro here:) 

He is musically talented just like me! Lol kidding I mean, he loves music just as much as I do. :)
Josaeus is turning 18 months! Wee~

Blog again~!