The internship

Stayed home till 430pm today. 

(iPhones camera really CMI.. But also good la. Can hide blemishes) 

First stop:
Went to “french boutique” @ tanjong pagar for selection of wedding photo layouts. But seriously. Their service sucks.. Worst. Design not fantastic and not worth the price paid.. Oh well. Will upload them when I receive them..
Waited a whole month for this “layout” selection date after selecting my photos.. Seriously slow or what? And if I didn’t call to chase. They won’t even set appointment  Lor.
 Ok enough said..
Aftermath head over to moms place for 
Chicken rice!! It’s moms first time cooking it but its SO nice! I ate 3 full plates! Omg.. And gained 1kg straight-.-..

 Hehe.. Anyone wanna order can email me. Lol. 

Rushed to tiong Barhu plaza for movie after! 
My rating: 3.5/5
 it’s very crappy. Funny way of crappy. Quite motivational I guess, it’s like teaching us some kind of team spirit, never give up spirit and all.. Like it. What’s more. Owen Wilson is in the movie. Hahahah I like him:) 
Downside: some jokes are spoken to fast  that I can’t really catch it:( or many be the  speakers not loud enough. Dunno leh. 
A rare photo of my man! Hehe. 

Handsome right! Hehe! 

Alright, blog again!