Happy birthday mummy!

Went over to moms place for her steamboat  x birthday celebration!

Been SO long since I last had steamboat!
The bottom right place is actually my moms “sio ba” or roasted meat. It’s gone even before I can take I picture of it.. 
Dam nice and oily just the way it’s suppose to be. 
Josaeus was pretty cranky initially but thankfully my da Sao helped me look after while I was eating/doing the dishes!
Thanks Da Sao^_^ 
She even took some cutie photos for josaeus!
And some josaeus took on his own
Yup that’s alot! Haha 
After dinner we had the birthday cake!!
I made it! ( with the help of my brother whisking the ingredients for me! Thank u! & also my hubby who helped me look after josaeus while I was baking! Thank u too!)
So here’s the result. No very successful though and way TOO sweet and I mean it. 
It’s like eating sugar omg. Lucky the sponge cake is not as sweet as the non melting buttercream. -.- regretted using American recipe! They tend to eat way too sweet stuff!
Looks pretty uh! I know rainbow has 7 colours la. but not enough. So I made 5..
Look at my mom. Posing so sweetly for a photo. And seconds later…..
Unglam. Haha!! Still cute la!

Family photo of the night! :)

(I don’t know why is the last few photo stretched!! Got them from mom.)
Have a great Friday ahead!