male escorts

Never once had I thought of hiring male escorts. Seem so distant for me but I’ve put my mind in those whom would hire male escorts for this post.

There’s many reasons for a woman to hire a male escort. Many often mistaken escorts as gigolos. No doubt that some escorts do offer extra services but these are not their main jobscope. Also, most male escorts holds another full time day job or is either studying. (researched)

So why would females hire male escorts?

. Companionship

There are women/s out there who do not want any commitments but wants the to have company. Not a friend type of company but more like a soulmate where she can let out all her stress and problems then go for a nice dinner/walk after.

.For gatherings/events

Imagine you’re 30 and still single. Your secondary school mates calls you up for a gathering. Whats worst, you realise their all married. To avoid n’th questions, you might consider hiring a dashing escort Yes?


Definitely theres a handful of escorts out there who does extra services. If you’re willing to pay a higher price that is. I can’t think of any reason,why would someone hire a escort for extra services instead of a gigolo. Maybe she wants the company too?

Anyway, these are just my assumptions.

What’s your take on this?