Simple breadpizza [Recipe]

Hello! Was craving for pizza for sometime yet don’t want to gain too much weight.

So i made my OWN pizza:)

Ingredients : Bread buns Tomato sauce Grated Mozzarella/cheddar cheese Garlic powder Crab sticks Sausages/hot dogs Mushrooms Pineapple cubes (mini)

homemade breadpizza

Method :

Preheat oven 150’C.

(1)Cut sausages, crab sticks,mushrooms, pineapple. Set aside

(2)Cut buns into halfs, spread tomato sauce over each piece of bun.
homemade breadpizza

(3)Place ingredients in (1) on (2).
homemade breadpizza

(4)Generously sprinkle cheese over(3).
homemade breadpizza

Bake for 10mins.


Ps: temperature and baking time depends on your oven/toaster. Mine took 10mins at 150’C.