Jumbo seafood restaurant

All photo credits to my dearest mummy! 

(She always takes photos of food before eating them, hence I’ve got lesser job to do^_^)
Joined mom & her friends to JUMBO seafood restaurant @ east coast park. 
I’ve got to say, their service isn’t very good & it’s pretty obvious between ang mos and us. 
Well anyway here’s what we had.
Sambal Kang Kong,my fav vege but I heard its not a very healthy vege?
It’s not spicy enough though and quite oily.not enough flavor.
Herbal Drunken Prawn. love the soup!

Taste just right. But not hot enough. It was serve pretty quickly but I realized the soup isn’t as hot. It felt like it was cooked for someone else who cancelled the order..

Phoenix chicken skin with sotong paste? Don’t know the real name. But it’s Dam nice.

Extremely crispy skin! Not too salty or sweet, perfect even without dipping sauce.
weird presentation though. Strawberry? 

Fried yam paste with scallop!!!!!!!! *__* it’s soo light and crispy outside omg.. Even my josaeus ate 2 of them. 
Love how fine the crips outside was. It literally melts in your mouth. Scallop very fresh, not too chewy, hard or soft. No fishy smell. Don’t need dipping too!

Prawn paste you tiao. Not too sure.
Nice and hot. Crispy outside and just right inside. Not too salty nor bland. 

Butter crab
Fail. No taste nor flavor. Not worth. It’s very bland when I ate it. Texture of sauce really Failed, Too watery.Quite disappointed. So not much comments.

Chilli crab
Not too bad. Spicy enough, crab texture is good. Not too old nor young, tender to eat. 
Oyes mom forgot to snap the mini buns for dipping the crab sauce. 
Love those buns!!!! Not oily and crispy outside soft inside!!! 
Just look at my josaeus boy. Busy with his buns. Haha
And also josaeus “first” girlfriend.

A very charming and adorable girl!

Her name,shi yao I think. She’s 2 weeks younger than josaeus. 

Aww just by watching her , makes me want to have another child, a daughter! 

Josaeus with Jiejie Regina:) 

Jiejie Regina,josaeus & shiyao crying for mama. Haha cute girl!

That’s all for today!

Overall rating: 3.5/5. 
Food: 3/5
Waiting time:4/5
One note,if you’d like to try Jumbo.
 do call for reservation on weekends! It’s quite pack on weekdays already. 
Blog again!