Sneakies for my upcoming flea!

Hello ladies! 

Here’s a little sneaky for you ! 
I have LOADS of shorts to sell! Omg..
Most of which are too big for me when I bought them without trying.. 

Little Jo inspecting the goods. Hehe.. 

Price range will be $5-15 for shorts! 
•Ok la only 1 will be priced at $15 cos it’s nice la and brand new leh:(.. 
• the rest will be $5-8 only :)
Next: tops/dresses/rompers prints will be a cue for you here! Curious to know what will be sold? 
•pastel colored tops!





•cut outs
Some jeans, shoes, slippers , bags too!

There’s quite a lot of blogshop brands I’m selling!
•amber avenue

And some brands like

Price ranging from:
Camisoles/inner: TBC. 
Tops: $5-$15
Dresses: $10-$15
Bottoms: $5-$15
Footwear: $5-$15!
Bags: $8-$20! 
(I’m still thinking which bag & footwear to sell. Hence no photos )
Most items either brand new or worn max 5 times! 

Hope to see you there! :)
[ Venue: Jstage @ Jcube level5 ]
  Date: 7 December 2013
  Day: Saturday
  Time: 11am-7pm
  My booth no.: 50
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Hello guys! 

I booked a flea booth organized by Gushcloud !
It’s the largest flea with celebrity influenced in singapore! 
With popular bloggers like Tammy Tay, Mae, Eunice Annabel and Eric(if I didn’t remember wrongly) 
Also, media corp artites Joanne Peh is selling her stuffs for charity too!
Bring your unwanted clothes for donation! Every apparel revived = $1 donated to Charity!
I’m sharing a booth with my mom and dasao! So be excited!

When the dates are nearer, I’ll do a sneak preview blogspot on roughly what I’m going to sell! 
My price range :nothing over $15!  
Will be selling some apparels, shoes, bags,etc. 
Flea details:

Swap and shop flea!

Venue: jcube stage (level 5)
Day: Saturday
Time: 11am-7pm
My booth: 50! 

Do ask me for a photo so I could blog about you wonderful ladies! :)
So please mark your calendars! And make yourself free!

Blog again! 
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