Go home or go broke flea

I was SO excited to go for the go home or go broke flea the day before as soon as I realize I won 3 VIP tickets! 

Really thankful to;
Stacey from Marcharies 
Thank you! “Hugs”
Gave 1 to Venice & 1 for sister in law:)
Slept at 230 am and woke up at 7am. This is how excited I was.
2 Main reasons:
#1: first ever flea that’s so dam near my place. 
(I walked over from my place. 10mins)
#2:10 over blogshops in one flea! How nice is that! 
also, I get to see Rachel hahahah!! Okay now I sound so crazy over her. -but she’s really dam hot. Fair,slim,pretty. Anything u can think of. Perfect. 

          Even this candid was so nice. 

Wish she wasn’t late for 90mins though..
Ok enough of fan girl talk. 
I got 4 items for $35^_^ approx 1 for $9. 
-white rosé romper from LBR $10
-midi dress from wearerubbish! $5!
-1 cute peplum cut top & 1 cut out dress from Rachel. $10 each.
 (Scary experience for me) 
Will up load each of them when I wear them!:) 
Venice was mad over bralets, hahaha! 
We both got a same midi from wearerubbish at different colours! I got navy and she got emerald? :) hope u enjoy today Venice!
Felt kinda bad that SIL didn’t buy anything but only some pasta from melody. Sorry to let u wait for us!
Aftermath, went back home to sleep! I’m so extremely exhausted from the flea seriously. Hubs, Josaeus & I fell asleep ALL the way till 6! 0.0

Was lazy to go anywhere far. Hence decided to walk over to the nearest macdonald for dinner.

Do you know the samurai burger is back?!? 
My favorite all time special burger apart from the usual double cheeseburger.
-yes if u realize I LOVE BEEF.
And my love for seaweed shaker fries! 

Typing these makes me hungry at this unearthly hour.. 
Oyes, I tried the Matcha Mac flurry. 
One word: PERFECTION. 
Wish it was on sale in tubs.. Finish the whole Mac flurry straight after my meal and I felt like buying another… Gosh. 
Those kilograms are catching up on me!!
Blog again! Bye! 
Ps: I didn’t take much photos today.. Was kinda shag and restless. Just look at this below._.