Domino’s all new Golden Chicken Tenders

Ah super late back-blog..

I’ve been super occupied with my son. He just started school and have yet to adapt. Now both Josaeus and I have separation anxiety!! :'(

So back to topic.
I was invited by my babe Jerlinda for another round of Domino’s Food Tasting event last month.

Deliciously baked chicken tenders covered in different sauces and cheese!

These Golden Chicken Tenders are new on the menu!
dominos golden chicken

4 different flavors to choose from:

Golden Mexican Chicken
Oven baked spicy chicken tenders covered in salsa sauce,pineapples,green capsicums,olives and cherry tomatoes

Golden Mediterranean Chicken
Oven baked chicken tenders covered in Napolitana sauce,cherry tomatoes, olives and feta cheese

Golden Outback Chicken
Oven baked chicken tenders covered in BBQ sauce, olives, green and red capsicums

Golden Italian Chicken
Oven baked spicy chicken tenders covered in Pesto sauce,pineapples,tomatoes and mozzarella cheese

‘I personally prefer the outback chicken tenders as i love BBQ sauces and also capsicum. I don’t usually take olive BUT I love domino’s olive!’ The chicken tenders are oven baked so it’s healthier and of course less oil. Not over or under baked leaving the chicken tenders “tender” and not too dry.
outback chicken

There’s this super attractive offer going on:

For $5.50, you’ll get a personal pizza and a soft drink!

Or if you wish to try a Golden Chicken Tender. Simply +$1 to swap your personal pizza for a chicken Tender!

*This offer is valid from 12pm-5pm daily. Surcharge applies for Cheese Burst,Cheezy Crust, Classics, First Class Pizza, First Class flat bread and Cheese sauce upgrade.

-I’d recommend you to try their Smoky Pepperoni & mushroom pizza. My all time favourite.



Lastly, Domino’s is having a #mygoldenmoment instagram contest!

prize winners

Share your golden moments and stand to win prizes!
It can be any moment you feel is precious and you wish to remember.
* There will be bonus points if your photo consist of anything Domino’s Pizza related.

How to participate
1) follow @DominosSG on Instagram
2) Upload your Golden Moment photos on your instagram
3) Tag @DominosSG and #MyGoldenMoment #DominosSG

Winners will be chosen based on 60% creativity 40% likes for the photo

Contest period: Till 15 April 2015

1st prize (1 winner)
$500 Golden Shopping spree
(minimum 500 likes on the photo to qualify)

2nd prize (3 winners)
Pizza Party for 20 of your friends( worth $200)
(minimum 200 likes on the photo to qualify)

Consolation prize (50 winners!)
$100 worth of free pizzas
(minimum 100 likes on photos to qualify)

So hurry! post up your golden moment photo and get your friends and family to like your photo!

event bloggers

Once again, Thank you Domino’s for the fantastic food,William for the hospitality and Jerlinda babe for the Invite!

Catch ‘N Bite – Review

A few months back, I was invited for a Catch ‘N Bite’s food tasting event held in Westgate.

 Catch ‘N Bite
food variety catchnbite

I’m not a sandwich person till I became a mom. Why so? My toddler boy couldn’t sit still for long and having meals that require the use of forks and spoon is pretty messy, especially when I’m out alone with him. My solution, fast food restaurants~ I’m pretty sick of Mac and BK already so this invite came just about time.

I’ll skip the “about us” for Catch ‘N Bite and get straight to point. If you’re interested to know more, do check out about us .

Since Catch ‘N Bite are known for their Crunchin’ Crab Sandwich. I wanted to try it out myself.

A WHOLE CRAB and it’s the real deal not some processed meat. I just felt the sandwich was a little too oily for me, taste wise yummy. It’s worth a try definitely.

Crunchin’ Crab ($8.90)
crunchin' crab sandwich

In CRE’O Bites, I tried the calamari, shrimps and crispy fish.

Calamari bites was slightly chewy to my liking and isn’t rubbery.
Shrimps & Fish bites was yummy but a tad too oily. But tell me, which fastfood isn’t oily?

Crispy Calamari ($5.90)
calamari rings catchnbite

Even Josaeus loves the fish bites! Half a cup of fish and shrimp bites, no doubt it’s yummy. Kids don’t lie. But do cool it down a little before letting your kids have them, it can be quite heaty. Also, remember to feed them vitamin C tablets and drink lots of water!
josaeus eating catchnbite

Lastly, Seafood Tarts!

So many to choose from and they all look so yummy. I tried the Egg Mayo Ebiko and Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream Tapas. Both were Deliciously yummy! I ordered a second serving of tarts!

*Tip: try to eat the tart in ONE bite. this way you get to taste the tart properly, for me at least.
tarts catchnbite

Egg Mayo Ebiko Tart ($2.50)
egg mayo ebiko tarts

They do serve Bento Sets as well but I couldn’t comment much as it wasn’t available that day ): so you might wish to try them out and probably let me know ? (:

Overall I’d rate Catch N’ Bite 8/10 for affordability,freshness & taste!

Oyes, Catch N’ Bite is Halal Certified so this means everyone can ENJOY the food! how nice!
halal certified catchnbite

Currently, Catch ‘N Bite is having a post-christmas special promotion! If you love Oysters good news for you. 2 days left quick!

Do follow their Facebook page for regular updates on promotions and great deals(:

 Catch ‘N Bite

3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Opens daily from 1000-2200

Alive Museum Singapore

Do you know there are 2 3D illusionary museums in Singapore?

Other than Trick Eye Museum which most of us heard of or actually heard of alive museum but thought it was trick eye museum. (like me)

Alive Museum promises to be a fun and unique treat for everyone! And it’s the biggest 3D illusionary museum in Singapore! Which means = No squeezing or feeling all cramped*yay!*

Apart from that, Alive Museum is easily accessible being located in town. Unlike Trick Eye whereas you have to pay an extra admission island charge to go into sentosa. Not forgetting the pricier parking fees too!

My family and I went on a Wednesday night and thankfully it wasn’t crowded at the entrance
alive museum singapore

*Do remember to go to the washroom before entering the museum. There isnt any inside.

Dear Josaeus hasn’t warmed up yet, he practically stoned.
alive museum singapore

do i have the evil queen feel?
alive museum singapore

the husband and son. both didn’t want to get into the ‘aquarium’ so we had to make do with the exterior.
alive museum singapore

I should have curled up more to imitate a baby. oh well~
alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore

*It’s advisable for you to avoid wearing dresses/skirts as there will be a mirrored room!
here’s one example:
alive museum singapore

I really love this Michael Jackson’s shot! my pose was all perfect but the shot turned out blur *heart shatters* it’s not easy to hold your core muscles for this shot! especially for someone short like me. I couldn’t even cover the “foot placement guide”!
alive museum singapore

My most realistic shot. the proportions are just right for me and the paintings ;)!
alive museum singapore

Some of Josaeus’s picks. he didn’t want to pose for pictures and there were people waiting for their turn. so..
alive museum singapore

super dramatic boy
alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore

This!! the only exhibit Josaeus was willing to pose nicely for. super cute!!
alive museum singapore

there are 9 local attraction exhibits too! here’s Merlion
alive museum singapore

and the Singapore flyer.
alive museum singapore

one with the optical illusion exhibit. standing on top of a never ending hole.
alive museum singapore

lastly some of my favourites:

alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore

there’s so much more to show you guys BUT i won’t spoil the mood! check the museum out yourself!

[If you’ve been to Alive Museum and love posing with the exhibits, good news for you!

In order for Alive Museum to stay “alive”, about 30% of the collections are refreshed EVERY YEAR and SPECIAL exhibits are held during major holiday seasons such as Christmas.]

alive museum singapore

Alive Museum Singapore
Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between tower 3 and 4)

Operating hours: 10am to 10pm daily (last admission 9pm)

Ticket Prices: $25 adults $20 children(3-12years)


*for more information please head over to

alive museum singapore

alive museum singapore