My current favourites [Cosmetics] + Tea & sweets

#1 darkness eyelash glue
eyelash glue

Am on my second tube already! Very convenient brush applicator and what’s best it’s not completely waterproof or the extremely sticky kind. I’ve tried afew brands but this is still my choice! It sticks very well yet doesn’t hurt your lashes. You know when you pull off your falsies and some of your real lashes got stuck in the falsies? I have no such issues with this one! Also one glue lasts at least 6-9months? Just make sure you don’t keep pumping or leaving it open.

Retailing in SaSa:$8.80

#2 alima pure luminous shimmer eye shadow (butteecream)
alima pure eyeshadow

Bought this from Luxola while its on sale and totally love it! Their product ingredients are all natural pure minerals from nature and most importantly cruelty free. Whats safer than applying their products on our faces right?

Retailing at $22

#3 Marks&Spencer detox infusion tea
marks and spencers detox tea

If you’re having irregular bowel movements or am feeling very bloated. This tea works for you! Not to mention their packaging is very environmental friendly! You’ll understand when you open the box up:)

Retailing at Marks and Spencer :$6.90 for 2 boxes of 20bags each. *not sure if its still on promo though.

current favourites

#4 Vaseline

This is definitely a must have! Be it cuts or dry skin. Vaseline protects i sound like their spokesman now lol.

My small tub lasts supee long. Probably a year with me already and its still half full.

Got mine at kkh : $2.30? Very affordable.

#5 nature republic eyebrow pencil

Very disappointed. Nature republic isn’t available in Singapore anymore so I’ll always buy mine from JB.

Retailing at Citysquare JB : $14.95 riggit

#6 3ce full cover concealer

My daddy bought them for me when he’s in Korea! Thankfully 3ce hits singapore this June, there a outlet orchard central right now.

#7 Mentholatem lip Ice

Love it with sheer colour that looks very natural yet still keeps my lips moisturised.

Retailing in Watsons : $6.90? I Forgot.

#8 DRx tinted sunscreen

Slightly oily but lasts up to 7hours! Spf30 and no foundation needed

Retailing at DRx Clinic: $54? I forgot.

So yup, these are my current must have favourites what’s yours? I’m currently still searching for the perfect concealer. Email me if you’ve any to recommend!

Blog again~

DRx review + Cryo revital eyes treatment


Had an appointment with Dr Hui Yun today for review & also for Cryo Revital eyes treatment. 
I’m glad to say my skin condition is improving! 

Just look at my previous posts. :)
Anyway, I was running around the house this morning trying to feed, entertain Josaeus while I cook his porridge and prepare to leave the house @.@! Chaos I know!
Also had to make him sleep before I leave. Else he’ll be crying and screaming as if its the end of the world! Glad I manage to coax him to sleep before I leave:)
But god, I was so rush that I forgot to even Draw my brows :'( horrible looking! 
I almost boarded the wrong bus too!! @.@ 
Thankfully, i still reached DRx 30mins early:) 
great achievement as I am hardly ever on time ever since josaeus is around! Lol.

The clinic was SO crowded today! O_O.. 
(Must be all those popular bloggers who raved about DRx! Hehe! But DRx is true to what those amazing bloggers describe it to be!)
I patiently waited for my name to be called & was guided into the room seeing  my lovely Dr Hui Yun & Chester! ^_^
Dr Hui Yun & Chester explained in detailed about Cryo Revital Eyes treatment(which i was about to have)
To be honest: I was very happy but extremely nervous as its my first time Doing such procedure. 
Cryo Revital eyes is actually a laser treatment which helps stimulate your pigments under the skin. (Break down those pigments &Lightening your skin and increases the collagen in the area) hence improving your overall skin texture!
It’s extremely safe( NO cutting or what ever involved ) & treatment only lasts 5-10mins at most! 
Thank you Chester for helping me with these photos! So I could share with you how the procedure looks like roughly:)

More photos

Once you’re done, you’ll be moved to another room for part 2!:)

This machine uses iontophorosis to permeate all the vitamins and anti-oxidants into the skin. 

 the gel like liquid is actually vitamins and anti-oxidants!! ( I seriously thought it was just gel. Oops. )

I really love the second part! I felt like sleeping actually. Thank you Jacky! My therapist of the day:)
Once everything’s done. There’s no downtime for Cryo Revital eyes ! 
U can immediately put on make up after(which is what I did)
If you’re lucky, you won’t even have a slight tinge of redness. If not, you might have alittle redness on the eye area. But don’t worry, it’ll fade over 20-30mins:)
Done with treatment & make up!
DRx has a few area specially for us(customers) to make up! Woo hoo! So please bring your cosmetics along if you’re self conscious like me. Hahaha! U can also snap TONS and TONS of selfies! :)
Collected my newly added product:
R cream.( for my pigments and dark circles).
Please note: do not attempt to purchase any products without Doctor  prescribing it to u! It’s dangerous! As some products may not be suitable or are too strong for u and might cause peeling,discomfort or even scaring!!

If you’re really keen in trying DRx out. Please send me a e-mail @! 
I’ll could help u get your consultation fees waived! Saving you $50! Wee~ 
The DRx Clinic
302 Orchard Road, 16th floor
Tong building (next to paragon shopping center)
Singapore 238862
Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Oyes, my mom went with me today:) 
We had lunch @ lucky plaza 

Their wonton mee is nice but not fantastic any more:(
Walked around taka for awhile & mom went crazy over the melody luggage!
(Haha sorry mummy, I just had to post this! Hahaha)
She’s a my melody fan in case you’re still  lost.

Bus-Ed home

 & back to Josaeus:)

Additional info: Cryo Revital eye treatment cost roughly around 2.2k. 
(A course of 10 treatments!)
Blog again!:)

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Drx Product Review / Suntec citylink


How have your week been? 
Mine was usual(home with josaeus). But met up with old friends for lunch on friday 
:) & to suntec link with hubs after.
I must say, I was extremely happy meeting up with them and doing some catch ups! 
Also, I haven’t been to suntec citylink for sometime. I must say there’s quite alot to walk.. New shops and all. Nice place:)

Now, please go back to my first 2 post on Drx before reading this:) you’ll be alot more convinced.
I did not photoshop or edit my photos.
( I merely merged my first and current photo together so you can see the difference yourself CLEARLY.)
To be honest, I was shocked myself too. As I couldn’t really tell the difference. Well at least not so much of a difference. But I definitely do feel the difference:)

First up: my pigmentation/redness. 

I still do have pigments but not obvious anymore! Omg. Compared to my first photo.. I feel so flawless already!
All thanks for Drx’s product !( X cream & Max C)
If you’ve read my previous posts on Drx products. You should know:) 
Else.. Please go read!! 
Second up: black heads/large pores.

See! Not much blackheads anymore! Wee~ also if u notice, at the tip of my nose, there’s a pigment-.- and it’s alot lighter now!:)
Product use: Drx comodone formula! 
(My Favourite product, handsdown.)
Lastly: dark circles. 

I really hate posting this one.. But look. It’s improving right? I didn’t really notice thru the mirror but when I took this photo. I was shocked to see a HUGE difference! And am SO GLAD!

Product used: X cream, Max C & R cream. 
Its definitely worth a lot more than those u buy in stores. I’ve used many products in attempt to fix my dark circles. NONE WORKED(fml.. I can’t count how much i’ve wasted..) 

murad,benefit,nip&fab,skinclinic,it skin,faceshop,laneige etc..) 

You name it, I’ve tried it. But no avail~ 
(These are my honest opinions)
Conviced that Drx products work yet?:)
Please call  Drx to fix an appointment with a doctor instead of directly purchasing what I’m using as my products used are customized for my skin. 

My doctor: Dr HuiYun:) 

She’s extremely friendly and one word professional. Also, she doesn’t even have a freckle on her,what’s more an acne. And so does all the staffs at Drx!

From what I know.
There’s always on going promotions at Drx . Please call them to check!

302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


Thanks for reading! Blog again!:)

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First visit to Drx

25th Sept 2013. 

This is the day I’ve been longing for years. 
Since i entered secondary, I started to notice my skin. My dark circles & wrinkles have been there since forever! (Due to inheriting from my dad) & also freckles came not long after my cycling & basket ball craze. 

Thank god my freckles aren’t as bad YET.

Will you believe me if I said “every year, my birthday wish would be for my dark circles to disappear and for me to be pretty and slim like those popular celebrity ?”

It may sound like a total JOKE I know but I’m definitely not kidding.. 

Years passed and my faith for my wishes to come true almost gone.. Even after I tried buying any products that claims it would clear off dark circles,freckles,wrinkles. But NO. None worked out.. All that $$ wasted..
 Aiyo. I could buy tons and tons of food with that! Hahaha! 
Ok enough of my grandmother story that no one would be interested in. 
Here’s the real deal.
Is it reliable? Is it expensive? Are they certified? 
Tons and tons of questions I know. 

I can assure you. yes YOU reading this post right now. It’s definitely reliable. Just google them for reviews and all! Google don’t lie! 
Is it expensive? It depends on what you compare with. U can’t go comparing watsons products with Drx’s please. Compare them with other derma aesthetic clinics! You’ll see that Drx is one of the Affordable one! Don’t believe? Go google la! Aiyo.
Are they certified? FYI this in Singapore. Any clinics will have to have a license/certificate to be able to operate! 
Here! I’m not lying.

So. When I first step in to the clinic, it looks like a Hospital don’t you think? 

All the staffs were wearing a nurse like uniform and the whole place is white based! Clean and sleek! 

Also, all the staff have flawless face I tell you! Omg! Skali they get treated for free one! Hahaha!
A tiny corner I took of the waiting area! 
(Drinks provided, megazines provided,comfy seats provided)
 & you’re good to go! Don’t even mind waiting for hours right! Haha kidding! 
Anyway it’s appointment base. So you won’t wait long one la! I only waited less than 5mins. Fast or what.

All the browsers of different treatments they have. 

What I did on the first visit:
-visit my doctor (Dr Hui Yun) she’s dam lively and friendly! But I was very very nervous and still in my dreamy thoughts that this is actually happening to me)
-my beautician (Christine) explained every single step for all the products given by Dr Hui Yun professionally.
-had my photos taken for tracking of progression
-walked around the clinic for better understanding
-take my given products
-home I went!
Here’s what I got. 

Will be using Derma-Rx products from then on! (A detailed post on what these are will be up next!) 
What does Derma-Rx mean? 
Well. Derma actually means Skin and Rx means Prescribe. 
So it comes to Skin Prescription.
I’m not in a medical line so I can’t really explain much. But you can always call Drx  and clear up all your enquiries! 
The Drx Clinic
302 Orchard Road, 16th floor
Tong building(next to paragon building)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

First consultation fee $50
Subsequent visits $35!

Also there are quite a number on on going promo! Please visit the clinic for more info! Definitely worth every bit of your $$! 

Or your may email them your enquiries at their site. Google it! Drx clinic!

Be back soon with my detailed product post! And review of course. 
Here’s a little sneaky:
My stubborn blackheads is reduced and I’ve only used their product Twice so far. 
On my way to having flawless baby skin just like my Josaeus! Wee~

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