DRx / date out with shereen&josaeus


I woke up slightly late on Tuesday(1030am?)
& my appointment with Dr HuiYun was at 1pm!! 
I had to BF Josaeus, cook his porridge, change diapers, snacks etc, prepare myself, eat & the most energy draining activity(is to entertain him).
Thankfully I managed to get myself ready by 1210pm and my bus didn’t take long to wait! Yay! 
BUT. There were SO many people on the bus! And the bus had to stop at every single bustops! Worst: I was so rush that I forgot to bring the whole big bag of stuff for baby Reuben :'( 
Arrived at DRx approx 1210pm! Thankfully I wasn’t too late.
The clinic was Flooded with people! Omg. Must be those famous bloggers magic. Hahaah!

Barely any seats left! 
And yes, it was my first time meeting Joycelyn! (The new Chester,LOL)
Initially when I first took a glance at her, I was quite scared lor! She looks kinda fierce when she don’t smile. But once she smiled at me. That “fear” is gone and we started chatting non stop. ^_^

Not a very good angle for us. But I tried! (Blame on the short arms!)
Next, meeting my dearest Dr HuiYun! 

As usual. Super welcoming:) I feel so relaxed with her as usual. 
Both Joycelyn & Dr HuiYun’s face is flawless one lor.(envy)
Recently I realized there were 3 new black spots on my cheeks and jaw area(1on the left & 2 on the right) I thought they were pigmentation or something. 
So worried, I asked Dr HuiYun why I will form new pigmentation:'(?
She’s so cute lor!
Said:” those are moles la! Not pigmentation! “
Hahahaha I’m so embarrassed-.-
Anyways, she helped me laser them off after my Cryo revital eye treatment:)
Was very painful for me as it’s my first time getting lasers off moles?(feels very different from the Cryo I did) 
It’s like someone waited so long to give you a slap! The Cryo wasn’t as pain lor @_@ stupid mole! Grow for what! 
Look at the moles.
All red and swollen after the laser!

Sadly, 1 treatment will not remove the mole:( I have to do Afew!) T_T… 

Still I’m super in love with the 2nd part of Cryo Revital Eye Treatment though. Always my favorite. Hehe. 
The moment my therapist applied those vitamins on my skin and start to massage them in~It’s oh so heavenly~ 
After my 5 star treatments. 
Joycelyn accompanied me to collect my newly added product: 
-strong lighter for my pigments.
It’s creamy but not thick or sticky! Very good for me as I don’t sleep in air conditioned room. So I won’t feel all hot and sticky!:)

I don’t know why does my hand look so “motherly” here.. (Old and wrinkled)

And off we went to Ngee Ann City together as I’ve to go home & fetch my Josaeus! Gonna meet shereen dear!:)
Took Loads of selfies while on the bus! Here’s one for u!:)

And another! (You’d probably saw this one already in my Instagram @mummymaine)

Can’t wait for my next appointment with DRx Dr HuiYun & Joycelyn!

Oyes, I’ll do another face review soon! I’m so close to a “josaeus” skin! Weee~

The DRx Clinic

It’s a one stop beauty station for everyone! 

Any enquiries on Drx? 
You may:
•call DRx up!
•email me!(I’ll help to my best knowledge)
•email DRx(if you’re shy to ask thru the phone)
Also, let me know if you’re keen to try DRx out. I could help you get your first consultation fees waived!:)
It’s $50 for first consultation & $35 for subsequent.
Ask for Dr HuiYun! She’s super nice! And the best Doc in the house(cos she’s my Doc) haha!

Favorite Ladies~
Warning: there’s going to be a lot of Josaeus you’re going to see. 

Reached home and met up with shereen babe @ 430pm(the latest meeting I’ve ever had lol)
The waiting time for trains are really short now! I saw 5 trains in 10mins. It’s like one after another so quickly. 
Anyway, trained to queenstown and bus-ed to IKEA!
•got my wardrobe organizer & baby spoons! :) 
•had ice cream, my favorite hotdog buns & lemon tea!<3
And Josaeus made a new friend! 

This boy here was so adorable and friendly! Josaeus kept hugging him non stop. 

We(the boys mom, shereen and myself) was stuck there for some time as both the boys didn’t want to leave! How nice. 

Josaeus keep carrying stuffed toys and walking around! Super cute! Especially when the toys are larger than he is.

We found a nice corner for Josaeus to play with these. Took mini stools to sit as though its ours lol.

Josaeus looking very “big boy” already!

We walked over to Anchor Point for Dinner & some window shopping:) 
While Josaeus went over for “kiddy ride jumping” LOL!
Just count how many he tried on.

He was so engrossed that he ignored me for photos! @.@ (he’d usually pose for photos)

I asked him: “where is doggy?”

He sayanged the “dog”. :)

Now he’s aiming the other rides he just found! 

Lots and lots of shots with this mickey(josaeus seems to like this mouse)

And finally poses!

Super unglamorous me. I was super tired lor! But happy to spend time like these with my little jo and shereen babe:)

Went billabong and played with hats!
Josaeus’s favorite!

I was so tempted to buy lor! So nice!

now that I’m looking at these photos, I really regret thy I didn’t buy!:'( fml.. 

I look so lady like wearing it ( well I usually look either very aunty or very boyish ) 

Ahh never mind:(

I love this pose :)
My lovely Josaeus.

He’s so tired already but still don’t want to sleep! Always like that when we go out. Tsk tsk.

[Shereen babe! So sorry to make you wait for another bus thanks to my hubs:( I’ll draw you a pretty pretty acrylic nail set ok ! Love you! :) ]
Saw this new tea from the mama shop! It’s nice! Not too sweet but like not enough strawberry taste for me.’
Do wait for my skin review post soon! 
Blog again!