House cleaning & IMM

Stayed home the whole day waiting for dad (as usual). 

Lucky I decided to clean the house while waiting. If not, really waste my day. 
Left home around 715pm & head off to IMM for dinner! 
@ kopitiam: 
I ordered ayam penyet(is that how u spell it?) it’s so nice! My new fav dish:) 
Thanks to dad for ordering that when we were at JEM months weeks back.

Hubby got Xiao wan mian. 
Dad & bro got pig organ soup with some salted vege? 
After dinner, went over to DAISO :)
Can u believe it. We stayed inside for an hour! Lol. 
My dad & bro ah.. Super Kia su.
Bro got 5×2 packs for wet wipes!!
Dad wanted to buy a lot of seaweed and snacks-.- 
Too bad. No time to walk giant:( 
-my new most commonly entered shop.aunty already. Cannot blame.

Oyes here s josaeus and my bro! Haha. Sorry forgot to snap selfies:/ 

Blog again~