Loots from daiso today! 

Each @ only $2 if you haven’t heard of Daiso ( which is not possible ) 
Lashes, face mask,brush/cosmetic detergent, eye shadow & lastly milk tea/ cocoa!! 
To be honest,Quality of eye shadows aren’t very good. But isn’t harmful to sensitive skin. So no worries if u have a budget and want a nice eyeshadow. 
Daiso has quite a range of shades/tones.

As for the detergent & mask , it’s my first time! 
Tried the mask earlier on.. 
Content alittle too little if you get what I mean. But for merely $2 I can’t ask for more. 
Texture wise,it’s ok. Not too thick or thin
Quite hard to peel off thou. Maybe I applied too little on. 
Peels off quite a fair bit of whiteheads&dead cells.
Overall rating: 7/10. 
Not my first time buying! And I love them. 
Good quality and sturdy. Not many natural designs thou. 
And worst, not many dolly ends which is my fav so far..
ALSO, suddenly felt like blogging about make up & skin care routine 
Lets all share and learn new tips!

I always wash my face with “clarasonic” type of brush using deep pore cleansing solution! 

>Eye mask/mask. Vaseline if needed for cracked lips which I always have.

bb cream> concealer>loose/compact powder>contour>blush(barely did that).

Here’s what I use! 

For eyes: 
My ALL time fav eyeshadow brand, Majorlica Majorca.
Humming book collections
Pastel for book 1 & glamorous for book 2!
These books comes with eyeshadow bases & lip glosses as well!
Eyeliners,mascaras,eyebrow pencil. 
Haven’t found my fav eyeliners just yet..so wont state any. 
As for mascara: my mom’s friend gave me a fibre mascara & I love it to bits! 
Brands name: “beautify”? Not too sure.
Currently using revlon colorstay eyebrow liner. Been using it for years. But am finding a lighter shade to suit my hair color now.
Random photo of my Eco brushes!
(I know I’m supporting “saving Gaia” hahaha!)

Ending off with my hello kitty container

(I use it to store lashes but don’t u think it looks more like a candy container:/ oh we’ll who cares!)