Choco Chip cookies

Felt like baking something. 

Called mom up to see if she’s available( as I don’t have an oven at my place)
Brought Josaeus boy downstairs to play before mom came over.
Just look how busy he gets!

The moment he saw the playground. He just grabbed my fingers and pulled me towards the playground-_-

& it’s very tiring to climb up and down with this little boy here.

Well at least now he knows how to hold on to poles automatically.

And when he feels he need help, he’ll get me. 

Small little angel ain’t he? ^_^ proud mom moment~

The wheels on the bus go round & round.
Round & round round & round~

He’s actually trying to wave hello to a cleaner busy washing the void deck. Lol.

Ok enough of Josaeus.

Mom came and off we went! 
Painted moms nails using toothpicks!!
( I need to buy nail art pens! )

Was alittle smudge thanks to mom-.- but still very pretty Hor! 
Thereafter, I started baking!

Looks are deceiving okay! It’s delicious!
Baking in progress~


Super yummy straight after baking while its piping hot. Woo hoo

Washed and cleaned up moms place before heading home! 
Josaeus wants to help!

How precise!* under the sofa*

Do it like mummy! :)

Sudden ending to this post. Sorry! Lost in thoughts. @.@ 
Blog again!