Rear camera died on me.

Gosh. What should I do. My iPhone’s rear camera died on me all of a sudden!!

What a waste! I couldn’t even take photos of my plans today! :(
Went cine with dad for nihon mura ! 
After walked over to h&m! 
Guess what. I bought a 2 piece dress from children’s section! I can fit pretty well! ^_^ & also a spag top!
 will post photo/s soon! 
Anyway h&m is currently having quite a huge sale over at their main outlet beside cine! Go have a look! 
Lazy Saturday as the weather is dam good for a nap!
Drove to redhill market for dessert and went to dads place to chill ! 
Went home after. 
Nothing much, especially without pictures!
(I’m dam sad now..worrying about my 2.6k photos of josaeus in my phone.. Afraid they’ll go missing.. Lucky dad backed up for me in his notebook though)
Lastly, changed my screen protector as it got scratched by my charger head! 
*goodbye hellokitty* & *hello dolly*
Sweet but extremely blur as I literally used my front camera to snap my spare iPhones screen.. The spare iPhone seem to have a setting problem.. Still trying to figure things out ya! 
Hope these will turn out smoothly for me! And I’ll be back with more photos! 
Stay with me!