eyebrow waxing for you?

Do you know?
Sephora gives surprises on  their card members birthday month!

I redeemed a free mini lip gloss set from Sephora and a benefit brow design and waxing treatment for free!! 
(no purchase required)

*free gifts varies monthly.

called and booked an appointment for my brow waxing at vivocity’s sephora branch the other day and went today.

It’s my first experience and it hurts! But bearable and totally worth it!

Eyebrows frames the whole face so it’s important not to pluck your brows on your own if you’re not experienced. You might affect the brow growth and shape.

I might be considering to switch over to benefits brow waxing for good. (ps; i was with isidoc’s normal plucking for years and its $10.70 which lasted 2-3weeks at most before I need to trim them again)

On the other hand, brow waxing lasts at least 4weeks!

Prices at benefits brow bar:
.eyebrow design and waxing $24
.lip waxing $17

Pretty worth it I’d say if it lasts longer(maybe 5-6weeks?) and slows down your hair growth over time. Whats more, the amount of products used for ONE waxing session is so much that made that waxing session SO worth it LOL.

Just look at the amount of sticks used.

Shirley (vivocity’s branch brow designer) did a perfect job for my brows! I’m so loving them badly!!

Thank you Shirley!

I couldn’t take photos of the process as I’ve to close my eyes and Paulette(my mummy bff) isn’t there yet. But i managed to snap a picture or 2 of Paulette when she’s getting hers done!

her brows were in a mess till Shirley made it all so perfect!


done! super pretty i’d say!

*couldn’t snap more as I’ve to carry Cateline(Paulette’s daughter) as she cries for mama. Opps!

Anyhow, you should really try brow waxing! It was a fantastic experience for me!

For the month of May,  benefit is giving away free gifts with every brow waxing sessions.*while stock lasts

Also, there’s a benefit brow waxing week from 9-15 May 2014. Prices are at 50% off! (which is $12 only!!) provided if you bring along a friend to do the waxing with you. Super worth right? I’ve already made my appointment for that week 😛

Do call up vivocity’s branch to look for Shirley at benefits brow bar for your appointment :) she’s fantastic!


disclaimer: this is not a paid or sponsored post. Every word in this post expresses my true and sincere thoughts about my personal experience that you may or may not agree to.