Beautybiotics Collagen Cleanse

Oh god, this post has been in the bucket list for the longest time! I’m really sorry.

it’s about a month since I started using this Collagen Cleanser AND I super love this one! *sincerely my honest thoughts!

its a little different from other cleanser as its in powder/mircro beads form instead of the usual liquid/gel form.

sad to say i find this powder form the flaw as i always tend to pour  too much for one wash.  feel the heart ache of wastage i’d say.

About Beautybiotics Collagen Cleanser:
Collagen Cleanse is a unique foaming facial cleanser that deeply cleanses skin and unclogs pores. The water activated foaming crystals contain nano-collagen that helps hydrate skin, regenerate collagen and elastin as you cleanse your skin leaving skin clean, balanced and revitalized.


Regenerate as you cleanse (with Nano-collagen)
• Deep Cleansing
• Gentle (For all skin types)
• Remove makeup, oil, dirt and impurities
• Intense Hydration
• Rejuvenate and Revitalize skin
• Increase Elasticity
• Firming & Lifting
• Skin Cell Renewal

these are the claim-ed benefits of the nano-collagen cleanser and I totally agree with its claim-ed benefits!


On weekends when I usually caked myself with cosmetics, i’ll use Beautybiotics Collagen Cleanser instead of my current DRx gentle foaming cleanser.

it really does removes all my waterproof eyeliner and Sunscreens easily! leaving my face feeling light and clean( you know the feeling when you’re really clean?)

Also, it leaves my face matte and super pore-less!

These powder are actually water Activated Foaming Crystals that:
1. Cleanse Impurities + Dirt
2. Hydrate Dry + Ageing Skin
3. Regenerate Collagen + ElastinPLUS IT HAS THESE:

All-in-one Dermatological Effects
1. Anti-aging
2. Anti-pigmentation
3. Anti-inflammation
4. Sebum control
5. Intensive Hydration


If you’re keen to try it out, do check out samplestore for a sample!

For more information on this magical cleanser, check out Beautybiotics facebook page .


My life as a blogger

To be honest, I dont think I have the rights to call myself a blogger.

I even goggled “definition of a blogger” and I got ” someone who keeps and updates a blog regularly”.

I felt disheartened by the answer I got.. Why? I don’t update my blog as often as I wish I could!! My boy doesnt let me have enough personal time to draft a post out! :( plus I do not have a proper laptop to get the job done! ( I’m currently using my monthly allowance from the husband to pay for my driving and it’s not even enough :( I have to top up with my own savings.. There goes my savings for a laptop,enrichment class fee for Jo,bread maker,oven etc) I’m sad.. Really.

Alright anyway I was tasked to blog about “my life as a blogger” so here’s my POV.

Being a blogger is not just about writing. To me , it’s more on sharing your opinions be it a product, a place or even life experiences allowing others to have a sneak peek into the little life you’re living.

I started blogging around mid July last year with plans to blog about my personal life with josaeus. Somehow I never seem to have time to blog properly especially Jo is running about now:'( but i’ll still try!

I do blog about product reviews too but i’m more on lifestyle blogging and am trying to venture into parenting/lifestyle/beauty blogging. Will definitely blog more often when I can! Currently I’ve 2 posts coming up but yet to draft them out:/

Anyway speaking of the perks of being a blogger.

Often we do get sponsored/paid to review and advertise. Which I really enjoy as I can try out new products before buying it if I liked it. Who doesn’t?

Also, we get to blog on ” own time own target ” basis as long as we get them done by dateline. I often draft them on my Xperia Z ‘s notepad and then mail to my outbox – copy and paste. As I do not have the time to use the desktop to draft taking my own sweet time to think. (life of a mom who takes care of her son singlehandedly)

Still,I’m really happy and thankful to be a guest blogger with MFP for giving me such opportunities to learn and meet new people!

Currently there’s a blogger search going on in MFP.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next MFP blogger? :)

For more information, please check them out here:

Loads of love!

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