Tuesdays Wednesday Thursday

Was busy the past few days thinking,planning,buying,making and baking a cake for my moms birthday! 
Planned to make a melody cake but I think making a rainbow swirls cake will look preettttyy and yummy! 
Went great world city with mom as I want to get stuff for baking. Too bad cold storage didn’t have what I wanted and those they have are too pricey.
Love their baby care room though.

Ps: I look weird that day plus bad hair day.. 

Got mom to fetch me to poon huat(it’s freaking cheap! Ok not exactly very cheap but. If u buy ALOT you can save afew bucks! How’s that?)
What’s more. U can find EVERYTHING u need for baking there. Everything. No joke. 
However, CONs. The shop locations are always very ulu ulu one. No car very inconvenient. (Nothing’s perfect hah)
Anyway, head over to moms and made my very first fondant(sugary dough?) and its successful! Thanks goodness. 
Head over to HDB to select MY house^_^.
Excited much. Need to save money excessively soon:( 
Do note: my double eyelids are natural. Lashes not. 
*also, I was squeezing my cheeks not to act cute or whatever but something seems to be stuck behind my wisdom tooth. Annoying. 
After things got settled at HDB hub, went over to changi airport to pass something’s and then head over to poon huat AGAIN. Didn’t buy enough icing sugar and marshmallows. 
Head over to moms again. Made trial cupcakes instead of cakes for moms birthday. The cake mix sucks, I rather use my own cupcake recipe-.- and I will for my actual. 
BUT! My buttercream turned out superb! I coloured it lilac summore! 
Sry forgot to take photos.. 
That’s all!