Soufeel the next in trend

Sorry! I couldn’t find time to blog about this amazing brand I know of last month. Fret not, I’m back for now.

Have you heard of Soufeel?

Soufeel creates beautiful charms, beads, bracelets and other accessories. Bracelets are made of 100% 925 Stirling Silver or 100% Leather. Not forgetting the gems they use, including Swarovski Crystals in their Birthstone Charm Collection.

Here’s a few of their Popular Charm Sets:

(Travel Memories)
soufeel charms bracelet

(Lock Your Heart)
lock your heart soufeel

Here’s how my Set look like:


I was already a Soufeel Customer before they very kindly agreed to Sponsor me and 2 lucky readers! Like everyone else, I do get Charms that represents me or are part of my life.

soufeel charms

soufeel charms review

Best thing about Soufeel is definitely their very very affordable Price yet compatible quality with leading brands. They’re definitely stepping up in this!

soufeel bracelet

But why is Soufeel so affordable?

You’ll be buying directly from the manufacturer! By cutting down on labour and rental costs, we’ll all benefit from it!

Is it safe/ quality assured?

Definitely, Soufeel offers 365 days free returns & exchanges! 100% customer satisfactory is their upmost priority.

Do they ship worldwide?

Yes! They provide FREE worldwide shipping to all customers! But do take note they’ll take longer than the express one of course.

soufeel bracelets

Here’s a tip:
Soufeel constantly has flash sales for a day or so. Do sign up for an account so they’ll email you whenever there is a flash sale coming up. Do buy whatever you like as once it is sold out, Soufeel might not make new batches anymore. There was one charm I really like and wanted to buy another set. It was sold out and not sold again.

soufeel flash sale


Soufeel also gives freebies once you spend a certain amount in an order! I chose a 925 Stirling Silver Necklace and have been wearing it since I received it !



Am totally In love with the Maruno Charm I bought too and it’s my birthstone charm which makes it more meaningful!



Here’s a 5% discount for all my readers!
simply key in : shermaine5
* valid till end of this year, 2015.

Lastly, I have 2 bracelets kindly Sponsored by Soufeel for 2 readers!
they are 20-21cm diameter each.



How to win a Soufeel Bracelet?
1) Simply follow soufeeljewelry on Instagram and don’t forget to tag me and Soufeel with a picture of you wearing it on Instagram! (:

2) Email me at:
why you should win this! I’ll reply your email if you’re selected!



Christmas is coming and Soufeel has some super cute charms available! These designs are definitely not coming back once it’s sold out! So do get them before they are gone!

soufeel christmas charms

You’re Welcome (: