New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder

Hello! Remember late April this year I blogged about New Moon’s Inner Radiance Collagen Drink? This time I’m back with New Moon’s Collagen Powder.

new moon collagen powder

What’s the difference between New Moon’s Collagen drink and Powder?

.Has Maqui Berry extracts that has high Anti-Oxidant Properties and also helps with Anti-Aging

.Great Taste of Tropical Fruits Flavour

. Has one of the highest Collagen Dosage in the market- 13000mg

.Contains Ceramide & Hyaluronic Acid that has Anti-Aging and Moisturising effect

.Has Lactobacillus also known as Probiotics that Rejuvenates skin (How? Find out further down the post)

. Low Calories



Both New Moon’s Collagen Drink and Powder contains: Glutathione

As stated in my previous post for New Moon’s Collagen Drink, Glutathione is naturally presented and needed by the body. It should be present in each and every cell in the body. It plays a vital role in detoxifying our cells, removing heavy metals, toxins and free radicals. All of which can damage our cells and significantly damage the quality of our cells, including skin cells. Glutathione can help to improve the health of every cell in the body, particularly apparent in the skin, hair and nails. Giving people a radiant glow which is caused by healthy cells and reduced toxicity in the body. Age spots can also be minimized and prevented by enhancing Glutathione levels in the body.

Other ingredients such as:
Lactobacillus aka Probiotics aid in digestion of food and absorption of nutrients and minerals, which contribute to glowing and beautiful skin by permitting the body to assimilate skin friendly nutrients and fats. Probiotics strengthen our immune system by protecting against infectious and inflammatory disease. They contribute to our overall wellness, including skin health.

In additional to overall health benefits, probiotics provide specific benefits for skin disorders.  It is already been shown scientifically that probiotics play a role in skin heath, such as improving atopic dermatitis,  promoting the healing of scars and burns, rejuvenating the skin and strengthening the skin’s innate immunity.  For those acne sufferers who have unhealthy guts, supplementing with probiotics, particularly Lactobacillus acidophilus and the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, will often improve their acne.

Ceramides are a major component of our skin’s surface. They protect against moisture loss to keep skin youthful and supple.4 Functionally, ceramides support the skin’s matrix, keeping it firm.

However, with age, ceramide production declines, and skin begins to sag and wrinkle.

Scientists have found a way to extract ceramides from whole grain wheat that allows aging humans to nourish their skin’s structure from within. Research has shown that ceramides derived from wheat inhibit the elastase enzymes that destroy the skin’s elastin, which results in loss of flexibility and increased wrinkling.5 Natural ceramides provide continuous maintenance for skin and allow it to sustain its healthy protective function and vital moisture.

Hyaluronic Acid benefits soft tissue function, such as joint support, and combatting osteoarthritis. HA is responsible, in part, for the resilience of cartilage and its ability to resist compression. As one of the chief components of the extra-cellular matrix, Hyaluronan is an important component of articular cartilage1, where it is present as a coat around each cell (chondrocyte).

As we age, skin moisture can drop significantly, which makes the skin lose elasticity and expose the signs of aging on the skin. Hyaluronic acid plays a critical role in skin health with its unique ability to hold in moisture (1000 ml of water per gram of hyaluronic acid).

Hyaluronic acid is also a “smart nutrient” as it can adjust its moisture absorption rate based on the humidity—relative to the season and the climate.

new moon collagen powder

All in all, I believe we should care for our skin from young age. Sadly for me, I only started really caring for my skin when I was in my late teens. I used to cycle a lot during 4-5pm without applying any sunscreen! That explains my pigmentations and aging skin.

new moon collagen powder

A simple bottle/sachet of Collagen drink/powder could help maintain your skin health in so many ways! Of course, you must also keep a balanced diet, exercise regularly and take good care of your skin( keep in clean,moisturise,apply sunscreen etc).

For convenience and taste wise, I definitely prefer the New Moon’s Inner Radiance Collagen Drink. It’s sweet, ready to drink and has super high dosage of collagen. On the other hand, I would choose New Moon’s Inner Radiance Collagen Powder for their benefits. As I have a combination/dry skin, the collagen powder has ceramide & hyaluronic acid which nourish and rejuvenates our skin/body from within.

Both New Moon Collagen drink and powder are equally good in their own ways. It depends on what your skin needs.

Since this post is focused on the collagen powder, I’ll share some of my personal experience. IMO, the powder cannot be taken with just plain water. The taste is just not right. I like to add it to a cup of chilled Ribena. I’ll usually take them straight after dinner as I didn’t want to brush my teeth again before I turn in. After taking the collagen powder for 5 nights consecutively, my face seems less oily. Moisture wise, no obvious changes yet. Firmness on my under eye area has very slight improvements. My nails feels harder, I’m serious! I have very thin and frail nails especially when their soaks in water for too long they tend to break. Not anymore, I can grow them to my desired length now.

*Do note that the collagen powder contains high amount of vitamin C, so avoid mixing them in hot >75˚C water/beverages.

If you’re keen to try out New Moon’s Inner Radiance Collagen Powder, good timing! It’s GSS now and I saw Watsons having discounts for it!

It’s available in all leading supermarkets, pharmacies and selected departmental stores thou.

new moon collagen powder

A summary on New Moon Inner Radiance Collagen Powder:

>Collagen Dosage 5460mg

>Contains Glutathione for whitening

>Contains Ceramide & Hyaluronic acid for anti-aging and moisturing effect

>has Lactobacillus aka Probiotics that helps rejuvenates skin by enhancing growth of the beneficial bacteria in the intestines. A balanced microflora in the intestines will clear up break out for a radiant skin.

> Made in Japan , Certified Radiation free

> Lightweight for no-fuss carrying while travelling