Finally to Bukit Batok Nature Park

Instead of watching cartoons or playing ipad games etc.. I want Josaeus to have more exposure to Nature and real games instead of those you play thru the screens.

I’ve brought him to these places and the list will keep growing!
East Coast Park (free)
Singapore Zoo
River Safari
Jurong Bird Park
Labrador Park
West Coast Park (free)
Sea Aquarium
Universal Studio Singapore
Alive Museum
Woodlands waterfront (free)
Farm mart (free)
Qian Hu Fish Farm (free)
Wild Wild Wet
Sentosa (free if you walk in)
Jurong East Swimming Complex
Choa Chu Kang Swimming Complex
Bukit Batok Swimming Complex
Safra at Mount Faber
Changi Airport
Bukit batok nature reserve (free)
Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (soon)
Jurong West Swimming Complex (soon)
Port of lost wonder(soon)

I didn’t realise the list was this long till I typed them out! Didn’t manage to blog about them as I was either playing with Jo, have too many stuff to carry or simply just lazy to snap pictures.

With Jo being in Pre nursery now, I’ll be even busier as the school isn’t near our place and I’ve also recently found a job that allows me to bring Jo to work and it’s immediately after Jo ends school! Not forgetting that I still have laundry to wash and room to pack (whoops, haven’t had the mood or time to pack the room for sometime already. it looks like junk now) Busy Busy!

Back to topic > Bukit Batok Nature Reserve <



Always wanted to bring Jo there so last week I finally did! Parked at meeting point 1 carpark and walked/hiked all the way to meeting point 3! Not much people in the afternoons so try to go in pairs.

bukit batok nature park


At one point, I was all alone with Jo for at least 30mins as we hiked thru the trials. I was feeding tons of Mozzies despite spraying repellent! Jo was initially a little freaked out from the silence so I kept singing songs for him.

bukit batok nature reserve


Walked our way to the Pond Plaza and Hiked up to War Memorial 3. Beware of Stairs stairs stairs and super steep slopes if you’re hiking up the War Memorial from meeting point 1. I was pushing Jo in his mini tricycle that’s slightly rusted and wearing slippers WTF stupid or what.

pond plaza

pond plaza


bukit batok nature reserve


war memorial bukit batok nature park

war memorial


war memorial


However, the place is pretty photographic I’d say and the sense of accomplishment you felt when you reached the top of the memorial is FANTASTIC!

Things to bring:
mosquito repellent
wet wipes
a medium size towel (can be used to wipe your perspiration or emergencies)
snacks (bread fruits)
mini first aid kit( you can diy, alcohol wipes,plasters,band aid)
portable fan

Activities you can do there:
-there’s a fitness corner so if you’re tired from all that hiking, you can rest around the fitness corner and do some low impact workouts.
-Feed the fishes/tortoises at Pond Plaza
-Spot different types of birds there
-find monitor lizards! those there are pretty small and nice. we were so close to one that was digging for food. *close as in 1 meter away!
-find squirrels and monkies!
-talk to pet owners. I couldn’t resist walking towards a dog so I ended up talk to its owner while Jo plays with the dog! the sweet lady adopted the dog that was going to be euthanize the next day! thank goodness!
-picnic * I don’t really encourage this unless you don’t mind feeding the mozzies
-typical jogging
-tai ji

pond plaza

bukit batok nature reserve




bukit batok nature reserve


You’ll spend at least half a day there! So much to admire and appreciate when you look.

More to come!