Atastic Nails [Ad]

During my first visit to Atastic, there wasn’t many charms,stickers and designs available as Atastic was newly opened. This time round, there are at least 30 over charms designs and 100 over stickers for you to choose from.

I had a hard time deciding! Not forgetting that more nail design samples are available.

atastic nails

So, instead of the usual Christmas theme nail design, I chose a simple yet sweet and calming design this Season!

stripes,blings & My Melody stickers
mummymaine atastic both hands

This time, I didn’t get any nail extensions done and I did normal gelish instead of hardgel. I wanted to try out different kinds of manicures every session so I could share my thoughts and preference.

Previously, I had gel extensions and did hard gel. I don’t think hard gel suits me as its too thick for me to pick up stuffs my son dropped. (eg cards,coins,papers).

First visit
session 1 atastic

So I removed the extensions, used lesser blings and did normal gelish.

Second visit
mummymaine atastic

Choosing lighter shades this time round too! Melody isn’t something I go crazy over but I find the stickers matched the design I chose really well. Even after Christmas is over, my nails isn’t out of season! Yes, there’s little twin stars,hello kitty stickers too.

mummymaine atastic thumbs

I’d prefer gelish to hardgel for convenience. However, from all the washing and squeezing I do daily. Gelish could’nt last as long. it’ll be just fine for you if you don’t wash and squeeze your laundry that often. no worries!

Here’s a price list for your perusal :


The promotional package prices are so affordable with only 3 sessions instead of the usual 12 sessions which you have to pay so much at one go.


Here are some Christmas Designs that you missed this year! Perhaps you can go for the New Year Designs(:

These are hand drawn/made 3D nail arts.
nail design 2

nail design1

Lastly, do take note of the following:
atastic cny surcharges
Do follow their facebook page for the latest promotion (:

Atastic Manicures for your heart & soul

23 Kampong Barhu Road (Blair House)
Singapore 169349

Enquiry Hotline: (65) 9759 6660

Operating Hours:  Monday to Sunday – 10 am to 9 pm (Including Public Holidays unless stated otherwise below)

Closed on 24th-25th December 2014 (Christmas)

Closed on 30th December 2014 – 1st January 2015 (New Year’s Day)

Closed on 18th-24th February 2015 (Chinese New Year)


Wait up for my next design coming up real soon! xoxo

Catch ‘N Bite – Review

A few months back, I was invited for a Catch ‘N Bite’s food tasting event held in Westgate.

 Catch ‘N Bite
food variety catchnbite

I’m not a sandwich person till I became a mom. Why so? My toddler boy couldn’t sit still for long and having meals that require the use of forks and spoon is pretty messy, especially when I’m out alone with him. My solution, fast food restaurants~ I’m pretty sick of Mac and BK already so this invite came just about time.

I’ll skip the “about us” for Catch ‘N Bite and get straight to point. If you’re interested to know more, do check out about us .

Since Catch ‘N Bite are known for their Crunchin’ Crab Sandwich. I wanted to try it out myself.

A WHOLE CRAB and it’s the real deal not some processed meat. I just felt the sandwich was a little too oily for me, taste wise yummy. It’s worth a try definitely.

Crunchin’ Crab ($8.90)
crunchin' crab sandwich

In CRE’O Bites, I tried the calamari, shrimps and crispy fish.

Calamari bites was slightly chewy to my liking and isn’t rubbery.
Shrimps & Fish bites was yummy but a tad too oily. But tell me, which fastfood isn’t oily?

Crispy Calamari ($5.90)
calamari rings catchnbite

Even Josaeus loves the fish bites! Half a cup of fish and shrimp bites, no doubt it’s yummy. Kids don’t lie. But do cool it down a little before letting your kids have them, it can be quite heaty. Also, remember to feed them vitamin C tablets and drink lots of water!
josaeus eating catchnbite

Lastly, Seafood Tarts!

So many to choose from and they all look so yummy. I tried the Egg Mayo Ebiko and Smoked Salmon & Sour Cream Tapas. Both were Deliciously yummy! I ordered a second serving of tarts!

*Tip: try to eat the tart in ONE bite. this way you get to taste the tart properly, for me at least.
tarts catchnbite

Egg Mayo Ebiko Tart ($2.50)
egg mayo ebiko tarts

They do serve Bento Sets as well but I couldn’t comment much as it wasn’t available that day ): so you might wish to try them out and probably let me know ? (:

Overall I’d rate Catch N’ Bite 8/10 for affordability,freshness & taste!

Oyes, Catch N’ Bite is Halal Certified so this means everyone can ENJOY the food! how nice!
halal certified catchnbite

Currently, Catch ‘N Bite is having a post-christmas special promotion! If you love Oysters good news for you. 2 days left quick!

Do follow their Facebook page for regular updates on promotions and great deals(:

 Catch ‘N Bite

3 Gateway Drive
Singapore 608532

Opens daily from 1000-2200