Domino’s for you?


Earlier this month, I had the privilege to attend domino’s food tasting session. thank you Jerlinda ,William & of course Domino’s!


In case you’re wondering who she is, she’s my fellow bff guest blogger at myfatpocket!

she blogs here.
domino's event

I’m sure many of you heard of domino’s yes? However, they are not the usual pizza store you’d see in Singapore. Let me perk you up for some great deals and enjoy domino’s without having to worry too much about being unhealthy.


Have you ever had a party that needed last minute extra food? have you had a day where you wake up super hungry with nothing to eat at home and you’re lazy to go out? Have you ordered for delivery with some other “fast” food restaurant delivery that takes at least 45-60mins?

Compared to other fastfood chains, Domino’s has the fastest and guaranteed delivery islandwide!

Freshly baked and delivered to your door within 30mins guaranteed! If not, you’ll receive a coupon for a free pizza on your next order.

Not forgetting they provide FREE delivery. All prices are Nett.

Same goes for counter ordering, by 15mins and your order isn’t’ll receive a free pizza voucher for your next order:)


Here’s domino’s current promo:

 domino's deals

With just $22, you can enjoy 2 regular pizzas with free delivery to your door. Its only $1.80+ per piece of pizza! Enough to feed at least 3 guys?

regular pizza size

Or if you’re having a party/gathering, for $33 and $44 you can get 2 large pizza and 2 extra large pizza respectively! Super worth I’d say! *a big thumbs up* I’m gonna be a regular at domino’s for my parties.


*do note this offer applies for the all time favourites pizzas range only. For classic and first class range, surcharges apply.


Did I mention you get to customise your pizza? From the wide range of pizza crusts and sauces. Why not! This way, you’re sure to love the pizza you “made”.

I personally love Domino’s classic pepperoni pizza! Made with classic hand tossed crust with Domino’s tomato sauce. It’s oh so heavenly well.. my kinda pizza heaven.

classic pepperoni

To top it off, Domino’s came up with ‘double delights’ a wide range of scrumptious sides, delectable desserts and refreshing beverages that comes in pairs!

domino's double delight

I love love love their onion rings, it’s alittle too salty. Just shake off the garlic powder on top and it’ll be perfect.

onions rings

Also, chocolate lava cake! I even “tabaoed(packed)” one home!

domino's lava cake


Oyes, do make sure you try their lastest addition, napolitana baked meet balls. Expensive($10.80) I find but definitely worth at least a try.

meatballs domino's

Remember I said not to worry too much about being unhealthy.Everything in domino’s menu(except beverages duh) are BAKED!yes,including their onion rings,meat balls etc..Talk about healthier life style.

I’m not saying its a healthy choice uh! But it’s definitely a great choice to treat yourself once in awhile!


Happy Domino-ing!

for more promo information and deals check them out here.

Instagram: dominosSG

Ps: I’m not paid or asked to promote domino’s. I was merely treated with all sorts of pizzas and sides from domino’s and wanted to share my honest thoughts!

Cool De Sac – it’s more than just a indoor playground

              Brought Josaeus to try out the New Indoor Playground at Suntec City last week

Cool De Sac

Unlike Most IP(indoor playgrounds), Kids at Cool De Sac  doesn’t have much climbing to do. However, there are many different stations for different age groups and genders!

Lego Blocks Corner, Dress Up, DIYstation, Drawing Corners, Gaming Consoles Area,toddlers/kids section & even face painting done professionally by the staffs there!

One thing I really like about Cool De Sac is that every station has at least 1-2 staffs overlook the area. From entertaining kids to rearranging the messy corner every hour. This not only keeps the whole place well organised, it also keeps the children there safe from tripping on anything on the ground and all.

Cool De Sac

Oyes, there’s also a corner for parents to park their strollers and keep their footwear. Diaper changing area available too. Lockers are provided too at a price that is. I’m not sure of the price though, did not rent one during my visit. The only con here is that there isn’t any washroom in the premises.

Here’s a small outlook for the Lego, Dress up & face painting Corners.
Cool De Sac

Too bad I don’t have a daughter, else the Dress Up corner is going to be my favourite! There’s even a stage with spotlights just for that. I saw a little girl dressed like a princess and she had a extremely pretty hand drawn butterfly mask around her eyes! SO well drawn! Kuddos to the staffs there seriously.

This Corner here is 1 out of 2 ‘climbing grounds’ for kids at Cool De Sac. There’s a mini flying fox area there.
Cool De Sac

The Tots Area is rather small especially when parents have to be with their kids. The ball pit is pathetically SMALL, only able to house at most 2-4 toddlers. However, there are lots of toys available for kids who don’t really fancy balls to play with.

* look in the photo below, that corner where my Josaeus is sitting. That’s the ball pit area.. it’s like a mini triangle shaped pit.
Cool De Sac

you’ll probably want to go during off peak hours with your baby/toddler. If there are more than 5 babies in there, its going to be too crowded. (IMO)

Josaeus LOVES the lego section! he can’t build anything yet but he love grabbing lego pieces from different containers and putting them in a particular place.
Cool De Sac

I was trying to teach him to fix those pieces and he learn fairly quick.
Cool De Sac

there’s a whole stretch of sitting area for parents to sit and watch their elder kids. Josaeus here is such a monkey.
Cool De Sac

this is good for strengthening kids arm strength.(IMO) Surprisingly, Josaeus is able to hold himself for sometime. Oyes! there’s another mini ball pit under the huge slide, I found it while chasing Josaeus around the area.
Cool De Sac

Beside all that entertainment Cool De Sac has, they also has a Bistro! Kids/toddler menu available too! the Prices are slightly on the higher end. You can check out their menus here

Here’s what I ordered, beer battered fish and chips with fries.
Cool De Sac
The portion was huge!(the fries that is) the dory fish was nice but slightly on the oilier side. For $16 bucks, I feel it’s alright for the serving and quality. I also bought a scoop of ice cream for Josaeus. It was disappointing! melting already when we got it and the quality of the ice cream is really bad. I ordered the vanilla flavour, not sure about the other flavours. For $3 its definitely not worth it.

So that’s all for my thoughts on Cool De Sac. i’ll definitely visit them again! it’s a pretty affordable place for parents to reward their kids once in awhile (: location wise, it’s good that parents get to shop around Suntec City and Marina Square too! win win solution for the family.

More Details on Cool De Sac:

Cool De Sac

*disclaimer: I’m not paid or whatever to post this. I’m just purely sharing my thoughts and views on Cool De Sac as a mom.