My current favourites [Cosmetics] + Tea & sweets

#1 darkness eyelash glue
eyelash glue

Am on my second tube already! Very convenient brush applicator and what’s best it’s not completely waterproof or the extremely sticky kind. I’ve tried afew brands but this is still my choice! It sticks very well yet doesn’t hurt your lashes. You know when you pull off your falsies and some of your real lashes got stuck in the falsies? I have no such issues with this one! Also one glue lasts at least 6-9months? Just make sure you don’t keep pumping or leaving it open.

Retailing in SaSa:$8.80

#2 alima pure luminous shimmer eye shadow (butteecream)
alima pure eyeshadow

Bought this from Luxola while its on sale and totally love it! Their product ingredients are all natural pure minerals from nature and most importantly cruelty free. Whats safer than applying their products on our faces right?

Retailing at $22

#3 Marks&Spencer detox infusion tea
marks and spencers detox tea

If you’re having irregular bowel movements or am feeling very bloated. This tea works for you! Not to mention their packaging is very environmental friendly! You’ll understand when you open the box up:)

Retailing at Marks and Spencer :$6.90 for 2 boxes of 20bags each. *not sure if its still on promo though.

current favourites

#4 Vaseline

This is definitely a must have! Be it cuts or dry skin. Vaseline protects i sound like their spokesman now lol.

My small tub lasts supee long. Probably a year with me already and its still half full.

Got mine at kkh : $2.30? Very affordable.

#5 nature republic eyebrow pencil

Very disappointed. Nature republic isn’t available in Singapore anymore so I’ll always buy mine from JB.

Retailing at Citysquare JB : $14.95 riggit

#6 3ce full cover concealer

My daddy bought them for me when he’s in Korea! Thankfully 3ce hits singapore this June, there a outlet orchard central right now.

#7 Mentholatem lip Ice

Love it with sheer colour that looks very natural yet still keeps my lips moisturised.

Retailing in Watsons : $6.90? I Forgot.

#8 DRx tinted sunscreen

Slightly oily but lasts up to 7hours! Spf30 and no foundation needed

Retailing at DRx Clinic: $54? I forgot.

So yup, these are my current must have favourites what’s yours? I’m currently still searching for the perfect concealer. Email me if you’ve any to recommend!

Blog again~

Simple breadpizza [Recipe]

Hello! Was craving for pizza for sometime yet don’t want to gain too much weight.

So i made my OWN pizza:)

Ingredients : Bread buns Tomato sauce Grated Mozzarella/cheddar cheese Garlic powder Crab sticks Sausages/hot dogs Mushrooms Pineapple cubes (mini)

homemade breadpizza

Method :

Preheat oven 150’C.

(1)Cut sausages, crab sticks,mushrooms, pineapple. Set aside

(2)Cut buns into halfs, spread tomato sauce over each piece of bun.
homemade breadpizza

(3)Place ingredients in (1) on (2).
homemade breadpizza

(4)Generously sprinkle cheese over(3).
homemade breadpizza

Bake for 10mins.


Ps: temperature and baking time depends on your oven/toaster. Mine took 10mins at 150’C.