eyebrow waxing for you?

Do you know?
Sephora gives surprises on  their card members birthday month!

I redeemed a free mini lip gloss set from Sephora and a benefit brow design and waxing treatment for free!! 
(no purchase required)

*free gifts varies monthly.

called and booked an appointment for my brow waxing at vivocity’s sephora branch the other day and went today.

It’s my first experience and it hurts! But bearable and totally worth it!

Eyebrows frames the whole face so it’s important not to pluck your brows on your own if you’re not experienced. You might affect the brow growth and shape.

I might be considering to switch over to benefits brow waxing for good. (ps; i was with isidoc’s normal plucking for years and its $10.70 which lasted 2-3weeks at most before I need to trim them again)

On the other hand, brow waxing lasts at least 4weeks!

Prices at benefits brow bar:
.eyebrow design and waxing $24
.lip waxing $17

Pretty worth it I’d say if it lasts longer(maybe 5-6weeks?) and slows down your hair growth over time. Whats more, the amount of products used for ONE waxing session is so much that made that waxing session SO worth it LOL.

Just look at the amount of sticks used.

Shirley (vivocity’s branch brow designer) did a perfect job for my brows! I’m so loving them badly!!

Thank you Shirley!

I couldn’t take photos of the process as I’ve to close my eyes and Paulette(my mummy bff) isn’t there yet. But i managed to snap a picture or 2 of Paulette when she’s getting hers done!

her brows were in a mess till Shirley made it all so perfect!


done! super pretty i’d say!

*couldn’t snap more as I’ve to carry Cateline(Paulette’s daughter) as she cries for mama. Opps!

Anyhow, you should really try brow waxing! It was a fantastic experience for me!

For the month of May,  benefit is giving away free gifts with every brow waxing sessions.*while stock lasts

Also, there’s a benefit brow waxing week from 9-15 May 2014. Prices are at 50% off! (which is $12 only!!) provided if you bring along a friend to do the waxing with you. Super worth right? I’ve already made my appointment for that week 😛

Do call up vivocity’s branch to look for Shirley at benefits brow bar for your appointment :) she’s fantastic!


disclaimer: this is not a paid or sponsored post. Every word in this post expresses my true and sincere thoughts about my personal experience that you may or may not agree to.

boob implants or fillers?

Last assignment of the month!

“which would I choose if I have the finance to do either one of it.”

I’ve never thought of going under the knife about my body except to remove my inherited eye bags.

Anyway, after breast feeding my son, Josaeus for 2 years now and still am. The firm volume in my boobs drastically dropped and made my boobs look really aged and sagged.

My bust had a sudden huge increase in cup size a day or 2 before Josaeus was born, seriously a D in 2days? Oh my how I wish it stayed that size hahaha! But to be honest, its too heavy for my petite frame.

Months passed and the “D” soon bacame a “C” with loose bust skin due to the sudden stretch in 2 days! :'(

Alright, enough of my bust story.

If I really had the finance to do either breast implants or fillers. I’ll definitely choose fillers. No problem with going back for top ups since i have the money. Also its non invasive and no downtime!  How convenient.

The thought of leaking saline or silicone gels from implants in my breast freaks me out. Who knows if there will be any serious complications when that happens!  So definitely fillers for me!

But right now,  I just wished my boobs were back to when they were perky and firm:'(


Do check out www.aestheticshub.com for whatever aesthetics treatment you’re keen in doing!

Have a great weekend ahead;)!

10 things to do/get before I hit 35

Well I’m only 21 so there’s still some time for me:)


I flung my O levels badly due to some medical issues and stopped my diploma half way due to financial difficulties but I’m definitely getting a diploma at least as soon as possible.
I need to work and save up whenever i can in the mean time.


I’m better with western-ised meals but my husband prefers Chinese meals. Am gotta learn from my mother in law when Jo starts play group hopefully soon.


I’ve always wanted to learn how to play a guitar since secondary. Didn’t have the opportunity up till now. But will probably try to as long as my financial status allows me to.


Don’t be fooled, its not as simple as you think it is. There’s always a reason to everything. Till date,I can remember all those memories I had with my father when I was young. why?  he always made exciting and adventurous plans for our weekends instead of just staying home or go shopping like most parents do. Also, my father taught me many things in life be it practically or emotionally. I want to be like him to Josaeus.


I love baking and eating but the cost is so high! Plus I don’t have a supportive husband. he never supports any of my interests:'( really heart broken but I’ll still do what I love. The day I’ll bake for Josaeus to bring to school on his birthday.
ah.. So heartwarming just thinking about it.


I read somewhere that kids who play instruments are smart and quicker to react. Also, it’s very therapeutic to the mind and soul. So why not? * I personally prefer guys who can play the guitar or piano!


Why Australia?  Well, it has many geographic locations I wish to visit! Also there isn’t a language barrier which makes life alot easier when travelling.
Africa,America,Japan too. But doubt le husband will want to go:'(


With the current COE going sky high its impossible for us poor peeps! Please go lower in years to come!!


Currently we’re only getting a 3room due to financial restrictions. I really do hope to get a 4 room flat and probably in the east in future. Been a west side-r all my life.


Le husband and I always had a thought of owning our own business. No further thoughts till we get our own finance stable.

So yup, these are my 2 cents worth of things I wanna do before I hit 35. Hopefully I’ll fulfill them before I die.

* do note,  all these are not in sequence!

Ah, these thoughts really got me thinking again.. All of it needs quite some money.. Makes me feel so sadden.

Whats your top 10?

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My life as a blogger

To be honest, I dont think I have the rights to call myself a blogger.

I even goggled “definition of a blogger” and I got ” someone who keeps and updates a blog regularly”.

I felt disheartened by the answer I got.. Why? I don’t update my blog as often as I wish I could!! My boy doesnt let me have enough personal time to draft a post out! :( plus I do not have a proper laptop to get the job done! ( I’m currently using my monthly allowance from the husband to pay for my driving and it’s not even enough :( I have to top up with my own savings.. There goes my savings for a laptop,enrichment class fee for Jo,bread maker,oven etc) I’m sad.. Really.

Alright anyway I was tasked to blog about “my life as a blogger” so here’s my POV.

Being a blogger is not just about writing. To me , it’s more on sharing your opinions be it a product, a place or even life experiences allowing others to have a sneak peek into the little life you’re living.

I started blogging around mid July last year with plans to blog about my personal life with josaeus. Somehow I never seem to have time to blog properly especially Jo is running about now:'( but i’ll still try!

I do blog about product reviews too but i’m more on lifestyle blogging and am trying to venture into parenting/lifestyle/beauty blogging. Will definitely blog more often when I can! Currently I’ve 2 posts coming up but yet to draft them out:/

Anyway speaking of the perks of being a blogger.

Often we do get sponsored/paid to review and advertise. Which I really enjoy as I can try out new products before buying it if I liked it. Who doesn’t?

Also, we get to blog on ” own time own target ” basis as long as we get them done by dateline. I often draft them on my Xperia Z ‘s notepad and then mail to my outbox – copy and paste. As I do not have the time to use the desktop to draft taking my own sweet time to think. (life of a mom who takes care of her son singlehandedly)

Still,I’m really happy and thankful to be a guest blogger with MFP for giving me such opportunities to learn and meet new people!

Currently there’s a blogger search going on in MFP.

Do you think you have what it takes to be the next MFP blogger? :)

For more information, please check them out here:

Loads of love!

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