Haven’t been blogging these few days:/ 

(My life is super boring now I guess. It’s all about staying home with Josaeus only:'(… )
Not to mention, tons & tons of thoughts rushing in. 
This current thought I’ve been thinking of for the past 2-3days.

I’m always the one blamed for not bonding.
And I’ve always thought/argued that its not my fault. But yesterday(during my unearthly hour night), this came right up to me.
Whenever I wish to bond, x aren’t interested or would always give me his usual attitude. 
This actually discouraged me to do more. And I realized, overtime. I just stop trying & mind my own business. 
Was it my fault? Till date. I still do try. But not much improvement I guess.
Maybe we just have different forms on bonding. Great.. My life sucks. 
It’s funny how I feel my role as a female is SO different from what I’m doing/am. Fml.
No one really ever appreciates/be thankful of  what I did. Instead I felt a few people whom took advantage. 
& I thought after marriage, at least ~ X Will appreciate but I’m wrong. It’s still the same. 
How pathetic can I be. &)/&(@)@(?
I’m thankful for my DAD seriously. He taught me alot of stuff. From sweeping the floor the best way to keep dust from flying, washing laundry, ironing( proper ironing not anyhow one Hor!), fixing doors,sink pipes, lights, fan, etc. i can do what most males do! and I realize I’m good at emergency troubleshooting too!.* not boasting but I think I did so a few times already!)
Enough of my crappyness 
Thank u dad, I love you! Bye

Tips you should know! / sat @ moms

Was browsing through google and found these! Really useful tips I believe we should know! 

Did any 1 of these helps you in anyway? I sure hope it did! 
Alright anyway, was at moms place yesterday. 
And moms neighbour got a new puppy!!

I’m so freaking excited! 
1st reason: the breed is the same as my past dogs! (Poodles)
2nd reason: it’s only 2 months plus old! Super small and soft omg><
3rd reason: it wagged it tail when I carried it! OMG!
Even little Jo was loving this puppy much!

It’s called BOBO/BUBU I’m not too sure lol. Super cute right!
Little Jo and I with bobo here! :)

Josaeus was so distracted by bobo and didn’t want to snap photos! Lol

Me with the super cute bobo & my super Aunty hairstyle-.- (the weather was burning hot!)

And some other photos:
On the bus!:)

Josaeus smiling to the camera as usual! Shy hubby didn’t want to:(

I’ve changed my style for eyebrows! Did u realize? Not much of difference though:/

Seriously can’t live without drawing my brows! 
I shaved my brows completely when I was 8? After watching shin chan! Omg@.@ that stupid show! Don’t let kids watch it! lol.. 
I remembered mom laughing at me and brought me to the barber to get bangs! -___- thankfully I was still a child! Hahahah.

Alright! Blog again! 

JEM with family

Been sometime since I went back to JEM for some shopping. 

Intention was to get some boxer shorts from Uniqlo but ended up getting these:
From Fairprice:
•Post cereal
Extremely nice and healthy! Recommended by my DAD:) yummy!
•Pocky milky for Josaeus
•DARLIE charcoal toothbrushes
It’s time to get my brushes changed, was looking for the cheapest brushes but ended up with these babies!
Their charcoal concept caught my eye yea. Very new and different. Made me want to try them out so yup!
•Theramed whitening
Been trying to whiten my stained teeth for sometime now.. Hope it works after countless of failures.. Fingers crossed.

Got these for Josaeus! 
•graphic shirts @ only $7.90?!?!!
•padded elbow sweater @ $9.90!!
What a deal! If you’ve got babies, check H&M out!:)

After all those window shopping, Josaeus boy walked his way here!

His current craze. Hash

Sat every single ride before I could “carry” him off and I ran as far as possible! Lol.. 

After which we trained back to BB.
And got 2 tops from those “street stall”.


Guess what. It’s only $2.90 per piece! Cheap or what! Super Aunty right me:/ even Josaeus’s clothes are pricier! 
Alright blog again!
Ps: some overdue photos of little Jo.

Good night! Xoxo


Really? I think I’m suffering from insomnia & more. (I don’t know)

Whenever night falls and it’s time to sleep. My mind seems to start up on its on. Thinking thinking thinking..
Of what? 
Many things! Important or not. 
• finances 
• life
• future 
• little Jo’s future
• plan things to do tmr(most of which are always delayed thanks to me, procrastinating)
•recent craze over nail arts & [bakes again! FYI: I was once crazy over bakes afew years back and switched 360 degrees to cycling LOL]
Josaeus have been giving me loads of stress lately.(more than he usually does) and I broke down a couple of times for a min or two. 
Well I must really praise myself for this. I’m pretty strong mentally now compared to the past. And who knew I would have such high patience/ tolerance level  ! 
I’m proud to say I took care of my Josaeus boy on my own (on days I have wedding dinner/DRx appointments my MIL would help me! other than that it’s all me!) & breastfeed(latch on only) him from birth to date!! Who knew I could do so well eh! 
Sadly I had my bad times when I listened to the wrong advises from people about parenting( I was inexperienced! And regretted listening to some! >=( it caused me all my sleep for one! )
Josaeus still wakes up at least 4-5 times every night. And suckles ME to sleep. 
Can you imagine? Lying there side ways for the whole night? Not able to move about freely? Once u move, your baby cries? That’s my night practically DAILY!
My back hurts, my leg hurts due to bad circulation and all.. All for my son. I know it’s worth it. I know.. 
Also, I’m still crazy over nail polishes & nail arts! 
Just ordered a starters kit for acrylic nail arts! Wee~ but still not here yet :'(
(Blame it on EMS for being too costly for me.)
And I got another hair curler! Disappointment is what I can say. The quality sucks just looking at it. I’ve not tried though. It cost me $32! *money fly*
Another funny thing, I’m always interested in baking and now my baking craze is back. It an expensive craze compared to nail polishes! Butter, milk, cream, powder are SO expensive! Omg! 
Thinking of the cake I made recently cost $20+ T_T.. No choice! I have to practice and make one for josaeus 2nd birthday this coming MAY:)! Maine Jiayou!
I kinda missed my old life:( cycling long distances, baking without Jo crying every min or two for me.. , packing the room peacefully, just sitting down and relaxing etc.. :/ 
Right now I’ve just got to change my perspective! 
Josaeus is my life now. 
• need to start saving -which I did already for months :)
• save up for my flat! 
• a proper savings plan for family & Josaeus studies!
(he’s a very very clever boy.) 
Learns things super fast and very mischievous! Lol~ no ones perfect. So yes, I compromised that he’s smart yet playful. Well it’s ok for me. As long as he has a bright future. 
Alright! I’m done! It’s 5am now. And I’m still super awake. Insomnia kicks in really badly these days. Wasn’t as bad last month.. 

Tom&stephanie sale

Tom & Stephanie @ westmall ! 

They’re having a 15% off storewide sale(everyone) and 20% off storewide for memebers!
Here’s a great deal for nursing moms/moms to be: 
Impressions nursing bra @ 2 for $18! 
It’s dam cheap la! Usual price $22.90 leh.. And I bought 2 for $22.90 each Afew months back:'(..
The sales lady said once sold out will not be restocking. Not sure if it’s true:/ 

Anyway, I got 2 other stuff for Josaeus!

#1: mosquito repellent spray! 
Am planning to bring him to the park near our home sometime soon! This is a must! 

#2: kids planet shirt
Saw quite Afew nice tops! But quite pricey leh:/ so end up bought 1 only.
$19.90 after 20% off:) 
Very cute piece right! Red and blue polka dots shirt! Heh. Saw a lot of nice baby girls apparels! Thankfully Jo is a male. else dearest and I will be broke!

Oyes! This is little Jo’s current signature pose LOL

He’s an expert in using iPhones now-.- 
Playing my pocket trains app like a pro.

And some overdue photos of little Jo.
Somehow he thinks he’s a cat? Squeezing himself into this pathetic little box. Admit it, he’s cute yah!

Picking tiny paper clips and throwin em’ into the box he’s in. 

I told him to “smile” and this is what I got. 

Also, he loves sitting on the “swing”. Kept bugging my FIL to shake him. Hahah

This is what I call pure happiness.

It has been at least 2months since I gave up all my skin care products for DRx’s. Am glad I did:) 
Look at my current skin condition!
No sunlight
With sunlight.

This pic of my dark circle isn’t as obvious but indeed my dark circles look darker in real:(

Absolutely naked skin! Now I hardly even put bb creams or foundations. 
Just my DRx sunscreen + loose powder. Didn’t even bother with concealers. 
Seriously, would you rather buy cheap products and use them for months and see NO results? 

Or would you rather

Pay slightly more and SEE results in a month? 

DRx is not as pricey as those SK2, Lamer, Kose etc.. It’s actually quite ok if you use them WISELY. Don’t anyhow spam the products la! 
A little goes a long way! 
I can’t wait for my 3rd Cryo treatment:( please dark circles BE GONE! 
I’d be perfect if you’re gone:( -well at least to me..- 
Alight blog again! 

Sneakies for my upcoming flea!

Hello ladies! 

Here’s a little sneaky for you ! 
I have LOADS of shorts to sell! Omg..
Most of which are too big for me when I bought them without trying.. 

Little Jo inspecting the goods. Hehe.. 

Price range will be $5-15 for shorts! 
•Ok la only 1 will be priced at $15 cos it’s nice la and brand new leh:(.. 
• the rest will be $5-8 only :)
Next: tops/dresses/rompers prints will be a cue for you here! Curious to know what will be sold? 
•pastel colored tops!





•cut outs
Some jeans, shoes, slippers , bags too!

There’s quite a lot of blogshop brands I’m selling!
•amber avenue

And some brands like

Price ranging from:
Camisoles/inner: TBC. 
Tops: $5-$15
Dresses: $10-$15
Bottoms: $5-$15
Footwear: $5-$15!
Bags: $8-$20! 
(I’m still thinking which bag & footwear to sell. Hence no photos )
Most items either brand new or worn max 5 times! 

Hope to see you there! :)
[ Venue: Jstage @ Jcube level5 ]
  Date: 7 December 2013
  Day: Saturday
  Time: 11am-7pm
  My booth no.: 50
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Sunday daddy

Sundays are spent with my dad now! 

I love weekends! 

Where Saturdays are with mom & Sundays are with dad! :)
Met up with Dad at IMM late evening on Sunday. 
We had Mac for dindin as I wanted to try the new Ebi burger & Banana pie.

To be honest: it isn’t fantastic:/ it’s obvious that they used frozen prawns and they chewy texture isn’t there. Yes there may be many prawns in the burger but not amazing. 
I still prefer my double cheese burger:)
On the other hand, the banana pie isn’t so bad! Tasted like goreng Pisang. Haha.  
Josaeus here flirting with this girl, lol. Offering her fries and all. What a gentlemen ain’t he?

Walked around daiso & giant before dad sends us back. 
Dad and I was so cute. We played with the self check out counter! It’s not as easy as the one in ntuc though. I don’t know why:/ maybe it’s just me. 
Lastly, Josaeus is 18months old !! Weee~ Happy mummy happy baby!


Desmond&Eve’s wedding!

Congratulations to you both! 

Wishing you both a blissful and everlasting marriage! Stay loving and true to each other:) lastly, have a baby soon! Hehe.. So my Josaeus will have a friend! 
Everything happened as usual during the day. And I got myself ready around 4pm and waited for hubs till 5pm. Trained over to Tiong Barhu. 
(Wedding dinner was held @ Miramar Hotel.)
Hubs cabbed over while I walked over to AM salon to get my hair fixed. :) 
It’s just a neighborhood salon but I kinda like how the hairstylist dyed my hair a few  months back and I’m back for a simple wash and blow:) 

There’s a new stylist: CK 
He came all the way from GuangZhou last month. 
Very precise and will get your needs fixed perfectly! Just one slight problem. He talks abut too much for me >.< 
I was in a rush for the wedding and he kept telling me about how a young mom I am and my Josaeus is so cute( he saw my wallpaper ). other than that, he’s great!
Paid a total of $18 for a wash(+$3 for loreal shampoo) and blow with curling and styling. Affordable yes? ^_^
[Daphne! If you’re reading this: I’m so sorry to make you wait for me that day! >_<]

Off I went to the hotel with Daphne! I was running in heels/dress like a crazy women. LOL! 
Arrived at the hotels restaurant:

And bamb! I’m spamming photos! 
Lovely flower decos on every table!

Photo albums!! My favorite part!

How lovely at this couple get? Dated for 10years and finally they wed! I’m so happy for them!:’)

They personalized an album from their dating years till date! So loving!
One of my favorite pages! (Actually I love them all the same haha)

Housed up to 40 tables that night if I’m not wrong. 

Felt so happy that we’re seated in the front! Near the stage and all! :) good for me to snap photos and videos. Hehe..

Lovely simple designs 

My favorite peanuts! I ate at least 4 plates of it before the dinner! LOL!


Waited extremely long for the dinner to start.. So I got bored and continued to snap away~

I extremely adore wedding dinner gifts! It’s so nice and sweet!
Looks what the awesome couple got us!

Cute little cup

And a passport holder!

Love them max! Thank you !
With the favorite girls! 

I had such a great time catching up with these people! Laughed non stop and we’re the noisiest table lor! Hahahaha

Really misses those rounding days. But ok la!  I still prefer my Josaeus hahaha!
Tired but it know he’s worth it! <3



I’m so blissed with such entertaining friends! Hahahaha! Especially the part when we all laughed at the “no emotion” face. Hahaah 
Lastly the host couple of the night! 
Desmond & Eve!

830pm! Dinner started!!! Finally! I was starving like crazy. 
*note: if you’re hungry, please close this page. 

Super yummy starters! My favorite dish of the night.
Super cute ivy babe here! Hehe

Next up: Sharks fin!
It’s very fresh and yummy!! You can tell it’s not those cheapo type.
Thumbs up!

Close up:)

Suetz here happy with her filled tummy! Hahaha another cutie!

I really like the broccoli in this! Fresh, crunchy and naturally sweet!

 But this Duck here. Wasn’t very good:( 

Love the mushrooms and veeges! The fish Maw is good just that I don’t eat them :)

Second favorite! Fishie!


It’s SO dam nice! Finished within seconds! Yumm.. 
By the time these noodles came, I was so full! 

But I kept a little space in my tummy for the dessert!
Very yummy! Yam* paste:) not too sweet nor stiff. 

Overall rating was 9/10! What’s most important is the wedded couple whom we went for! And also the catch up times!  
One of my happiest nights since Josaeus’s birth! 

Thank you Desmond & Eve for inviting hubs and I to witness your wedding night! Congratulations! 
Lastly some shots with my dearest man
He’s so tired. 

My ootn:)

Blog again!

DRx / date out with shereen&josaeus


I woke up slightly late on Tuesday(1030am?)
& my appointment with Dr HuiYun was at 1pm!! 
I had to BF Josaeus, cook his porridge, change diapers, snacks etc, prepare myself, eat & the most energy draining activity(is to entertain him).
Thankfully I managed to get myself ready by 1210pm and my bus didn’t take long to wait! Yay! 
BUT. There were SO many people on the bus! And the bus had to stop at every single bustops! Worst: I was so rush that I forgot to bring the whole big bag of stuff for baby Reuben :'( 
Arrived at DRx approx 1210pm! Thankfully I wasn’t too late.
The clinic was Flooded with people! Omg. Must be those famous bloggers magic. Hahaah!

Barely any seats left! 
And yes, it was my first time meeting Joycelyn! (The new Chester,LOL)
Initially when I first took a glance at her, I was quite scared lor! She looks kinda fierce when she don’t smile. But once she smiled at me. That “fear” is gone and we started chatting non stop. ^_^

Not a very good angle for us. But I tried! (Blame on the short arms!)
Next, meeting my dearest Dr HuiYun! 

As usual. Super welcoming:) I feel so relaxed with her as usual. 
Both Joycelyn & Dr HuiYun’s face is flawless one lor.(envy)
Recently I realized there were 3 new black spots on my cheeks and jaw area(1on the left & 2 on the right) I thought they were pigmentation or something. 
So worried, I asked Dr HuiYun why I will form new pigmentation:'(?
She’s so cute lor!
Said:” those are moles la! Not pigmentation! “
Hahahaha I’m so embarrassed-.-
Anyways, she helped me laser them off after my Cryo revital eye treatment:)
Was very painful for me as it’s my first time getting lasers off moles?(feels very different from the Cryo I did) 
It’s like someone waited so long to give you a slap! The Cryo wasn’t as pain lor @_@ stupid mole! Grow for what! 
Look at the moles.
All red and swollen after the laser!

Sadly, 1 treatment will not remove the mole:( I have to do Afew!) T_T… 

Still I’m super in love with the 2nd part of Cryo Revital Eye Treatment though. Always my favorite. Hehe. 
The moment my therapist applied those vitamins on my skin and start to massage them in~It’s oh so heavenly~ 
After my 5 star treatments. 
Joycelyn accompanied me to collect my newly added product: 
-strong lighter for my pigments.
It’s creamy but not thick or sticky! Very good for me as I don’t sleep in air conditioned room. So I won’t feel all hot and sticky!:)

I don’t know why does my hand look so “motherly” here.. (Old and wrinkled)

And off we went to Ngee Ann City together as I’ve to go home & fetch my Josaeus! Gonna meet shereen dear!:)
Took Loads of selfies while on the bus! Here’s one for u!:)

And another! (You’d probably saw this one already in my Instagram @mummymaine)

Can’t wait for my next appointment with DRx Dr HuiYun & Joycelyn!

Oyes, I’ll do another face review soon! I’m so close to a “josaeus” skin! Weee~

The DRx Clinic

It’s a one stop beauty station for everyone! 

Any enquiries on Drx? 
You may:
•call DRx up!
•email me!(I’ll help to my best knowledge)
•email DRx(if you’re shy to ask thru the phone)
Also, let me know if you’re keen to try DRx out. I could help you get your first consultation fees waived!:)
It’s $50 for first consultation & $35 for subsequent.
Ask for Dr HuiYun! She’s super nice! And the best Doc in the house(cos she’s my Doc) haha!

Favorite Ladies~
Warning: there’s going to be a lot of Josaeus you’re going to see. 

Reached home and met up with shereen babe @ 430pm(the latest meeting I’ve ever had lol)
The waiting time for trains are really short now! I saw 5 trains in 10mins. It’s like one after another so quickly. 
Anyway, trained to queenstown and bus-ed to IKEA!
•got my wardrobe organizer & baby spoons! :) 
•had ice cream, my favorite hotdog buns & lemon tea!<3
And Josaeus made a new friend! 

This boy here was so adorable and friendly! Josaeus kept hugging him non stop. 

We(the boys mom, shereen and myself) was stuck there for some time as both the boys didn’t want to leave! How nice. 

Josaeus keep carrying stuffed toys and walking around! Super cute! Especially when the toys are larger than he is.

We found a nice corner for Josaeus to play with these. Took mini stools to sit as though its ours lol.

Josaeus looking very “big boy” already!

We walked over to Anchor Point for Dinner & some window shopping:) 
While Josaeus went over for “kiddy ride jumping” LOL!
Just count how many he tried on.

He was so engrossed that he ignored me for photos! @.@ (he’d usually pose for photos)

I asked him: “where is doggy?”

He sayanged the “dog”. :)

Now he’s aiming the other rides he just found! 

Lots and lots of shots with this mickey(josaeus seems to like this mouse)

And finally poses!

Super unglamorous me. I was super tired lor! But happy to spend time like these with my little jo and shereen babe:)

Went billabong and played with hats!
Josaeus’s favorite!

I was so tempted to buy lor! So nice!

now that I’m looking at these photos, I really regret thy I didn’t buy!:'( fml.. 

I look so lady like wearing it ( well I usually look either very aunty or very boyish ) 

Ahh never mind:(

I love this pose :)
My lovely Josaeus.

He’s so tired already but still don’t want to sleep! Always like that when we go out. Tsk tsk.

[Shereen babe! So sorry to make you wait for another bus thanks to my hubs:( I’ll draw you a pretty pretty acrylic nail set ok ! Love you! :) ]
Saw this new tea from the mama shop! It’s nice! Not too sweet but like not enough strawberry taste for me.’
Do wait for my skin review post soon! 
Blog again! 


Hello guys! 

I booked a flea booth organized by Gushcloud !
It’s the largest flea with celebrity influenced in singapore! 
With popular bloggers like Tammy Tay, Mae, Eunice Annabel and Eric(if I didn’t remember wrongly) 
Also, media corp artites Joanne Peh is selling her stuffs for charity too!
Bring your unwanted clothes for donation! Every apparel revived = $1 donated to Charity!
I’m sharing a booth with my mom and dasao! So be excited!

When the dates are nearer, I’ll do a sneak preview blogspot on roughly what I’m going to sell! 
My price range :nothing over $15!  
Will be selling some apparels, shoes, bags,etc. 
Flea details:

Swap and shop flea!

Venue: jcube stage (level 5)
Day: Saturday
Time: 11am-7pm
My booth: 50! 

Do ask me for a photo so I could blog about you wonderful ladies! :)
So please mark your calendars! And make yourself free!

Blog again! 
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