Lasenza – ion -Sunday

Met up with Daphne @ centre point for lasenza sale. (Was suppose to meet Shelley too but dunno why can’t even contact her suddenly.. Oh well)

Anyway, the sale is located @ 2nd floor beside robinsons. 
Bras going @ 3 for $50
Bottoms @ 10 for $30
Many many many designs to choose from for bras. But panties not alot:( 
After getting our bras, off we went to Cine for sushi~
Forgot the name but used to be called suki sushi. Now it’s located at b1. Just beside the escalator. 
The food standard dropped ALOT. Don’t think I’ll go back for it anytime soon. 

My tired little Jo >_<.. He was busy grabbing sushis and sobas! Lol! 
He even imitate me when I dipped my sushi into the soy sauce pan. Lol! How cute!
After our early dinner, mom called! So I asked her to join us:)
Walked around ion. 
Guess what? My next perfume bottle will be Victoria Secrets bomb shell with passion fruit I think? Not sure but I love the smell! So mild and not overpowering! 
It’s a freaking $89.. So yes I’m not getting it soon:( maybe a year later? Don’t know. Shall see. 
Some random photos I posted on my Instagram as well! 
Do follow me @mummymaine :)

OOTD for Sunday~ 

Ps: I don’t really have many OOTD shots sorry!:( 
Top from: the tinsel rack. But I bought it from a dear friend:) 
Bottom: also from a blogshop but I got it from another private seller at a cheaper price:) 
Lastly, I’m so excited! A few more days till my Josaeus hits 18months! *wee~ 

“Pats myself” I’ve been thru so much! 
Though there are NEVER ENDING obstacles, it’s a learning and improving opportunity! 
I heard this from Nick on his channel 5 talk show yesterday. And it’s true;) 
Turning an obstacle into opportunity !
So to my dear mummy: 
You can do it! Keep going;) we’re always here for u! :) 
Alright blog again! 

Simple Saturday

Was suppose to join Da Sao for a blogger event:( but couldn’t join as its way too far and I couldn’t leave little Jo for too long:(.. Am so disappointed! 

Anyway, went lot1 for dinner and some jalan jalan. 
Had fried kway tiao from food junction! Nice nice:) Josaeus liked it too! 
Didn’t take any food photo la though. They don’t look very nice for photos lol.
After dinner, I went to the Library! Yes. Library. To borrow some baking books! 
I want to master some cupcakes & cakes for Josaeus’s 2 years old birthday next year! So yes! 

These are interesting! :) check them out if you like baking too! 


 2 Favourite products of the day!

Make mania eyeshadow stick! It’s available in watsons/guardians! 

Not sure about price as I took this from mom!(hehe, I love u mummy)

It’s very easy to use and settles nicely. Fuss free and clean:) 

But it’s not smudge proof nor waterproof I think? I have watery eyes but doesn’t affect:) plus point!


Clio VF21 volume brightener
(In other words, highlighter la)


I just got this today at watsons. Lol hubs reaction was like “Walao, watsons again.” LOL

Love this highlighter! It’s pricey though:( $22.90!!!

But works nicely! Really reflects the dark shadows under my eye. Especially when my dark circles are extreme due to inheritance..

I got the pinkish beige tone as my dark circles are caused by dark blue/purple veins that is very very obvious. If not u can choose the natural beige tone:)


I can’t deny that Nothing can cover my dark circles. Concealer, collagen mask, mask, highlighter etc. nothing can cover!
But they do help alittle to a certain extent.

That’s why I’m hoping my Drx Cryo Revital eye laser treatment works:( 
Cross my fingers & pray hard that it works! 

I need to go for at least 5 sessions to see results! So far only gone for 1. So can’t comment. 

Oyes! Look what mummy got me:)

Pretty shorts! Very slumber party feel uh! Love it much:) 

Blog again!

October favourites!

I’ve been crazily buying nail polishes or ANYTHING related to nail art recently.

And I don’t like to paint my finger nails.. 
Ans: my finger nails are extremely ugly! It’s so freaking short and fat:( 
This is what I meant..

Don’t judge! I can’t choose how my nails grow:(  aiya but it looks clean and neat ya! :) 
Anyway, look at my crazy buys (nail arts only) for just this month!

There’s still afew more but have not reached me yet:/ 
Saw the insta DRI by Sally Hansen?
It’s my current Favorite! Heh! Initially I thought is was reddish that’s why I bought it. Who knows when it reaches me, it looks more pinkish. But I love it!
Best of all it’s a super fast dry-ing nail polish ! A mama like me can’t wait too long for my nails to dry! I have a little monkey always running around! Heh! Also it’s only $5 inclusive of postage:) good deal right. 

I swear by this makeup remover!
I’ve used silky girl, biore, face shop etc. 
some too oily some too gentle some not effective for me & I have sensitive skin!
This here(Bifesta), is perfect! Water based but works well for my waterproof make ups and glue.

There are many types for different skins~ 
-Dry skin, aging skin, dull skin, oily skin
U name it they have it. And it’s not pricey even for me!:)
$19 for 300ml and can last quite some time. ( I got the age care one LOL and it’s slightly pricier at $19. The others I think only $17 )

Look! I’ve been using this since 3-4months ago(I think)! Last very long uh. Worth it! 

This is a non washing make up remover. (But please wash your face even after u remove your make up. It’s better la!)
You can get this at watsons:)
Really like their colours & it’s SO comfy even though I have dry eyes!
Got it on sale at 2 boxes for $31? Don’t really remember.

(Old photo)  I was wearing their brown series don’t remember which though:/ all nice la!

I don’t buy contact lenses from online sellers. 
Their not approved by Singapore dunno what.
I have sensitive eyes and am dam kiasu. 
I don’t want to go blind if anything happens!!! I still want to see my loved ones.
So ya.
Been using this Crabtree & Evelyn ‘s rose for years! Since I was 13-14. I first got it as a Christmas present from dads and its pretty much “love the smell” at first sight. 
This is my 4th bottle! 

One thing about me. 
I don’t really change my favorites. Ill just stick to them. Just like my shampoo been using the same brand and type for years till I moved to my in laws.. :( 
Ok back to topic:
This bottle cost approx: $85 if its still the same price as before(I heard the price increased. And packaging changed)
Étude house Show liners!
I use both gel & liquid! And I love them both! 

Got it from mom *evil grins* 
She always buys stuffs and end up didn’t use. so whenever I go to her place, I’ll dig for stuffs she don’t use lol! 
The gel liner is Extremely easy to draw! Doesn’t smudge! But to be safe, I will use the liquid liner to draw over the gel. 

Very fine tip for the liquid liner! And dries up fast. Love it~ not easy to rub off summore!

Retail price: IDK. 
Not to forget the most crucial part of my super nice skin!
Drx products!!
These 3 are my favorites of the favorites. (wth got such sentence.)

Please do read up on all my previous posts on Drx if u have not:)
Retail price for:
Max C  $169 with gst.
Comodone formula  $78 with gst.
Tinted sunscreen  $62 with gst. 
May sound pricey. But really lasts very long. And you don’t need to buy ANY other skin care products.  I say worth it!


I’ve been using twice daily for a month now. And there’s still MORE than 3/4 left! 

These could last at least 3-1/2 months if you use quite alot. 
Look at my cleanser!

I actually edited it to let u estimate how long can this cleanser last. At my rate of using.. Can last more than 6 months Lor! Wth. 
You only need a 10 cents amount each time you wash your face. Really! Will be more than enough to wash your neck too! 
Price for foaming cleanser:
$43 with gst.
Lastly, my new love!
River Island wallet:)

Simple yet nice & big enough to put my iPhone in! 

Got it on Zalora @ only $20 after using my 15% discount code:) cheap!
Previously was using this from my mom but got worn out pretty soon:/

Oh well.

Check it them out:) super fast delivery too!
Am thinking of a OOTDs of the month too! Who knows I might look as good!*crap. 
Blog again!

The best place to get your passport/resume photos!

Yes! I’ve found the best place to get my passport photos taken!! 

Not like the usual place where the shops assistant will get you to sit at a little corner and snap! No edits or whatever done. And just one or at most 3 shots taken for u to choose. 
Today. I’m really very glad that mom brought me to this shop! 

The shop has mirrors, combs & hair pins for you to prepare! And u can take all the time in the world till you’re satisfied LOL! 

After I’m “satisfied” with my hair. The uncle took a few trails shots for me to adjust to my desired look. 
I spent about 20 mins on photo taking!!
But what’s best about this shop?
They will help u photoshop away your messy baby hair, pimples etc.. Very very nice! 
A dozen photos cost $11! With soft copy for Internet submission for passport & a hd version for printing at only +$3!
Look at mine! Wee~

Oyes! Not to forget. The shop owners are extremely friendly and patient!! Makes me feeling as thou I’ve known them for so long! :)
Blog again!

Ombré cake/josaeus/moms scarfs

I was feeling really bored at home these days@.@ 

Am planning to practice more on my bakes so I could bake my own cake,josaeus cake on respective birthdays.. 
Not much luck though. But improving:)

Mix mix mix!!

Done mixing

Add colours!



& Piped. Literally looks like shit.-_- reason being my buttercream is TOO soft and sweet! Plus I can’t freaking find my flower piping head!!!:( so I just anyhow pipe. Lol.

Ta dah! Lol I gave up on piping so just scrap off everything. 

Actually. I wanted to make 4 tiers. But one tier failed (uncooked, so I threw it away)

So yup. Will keep trying:/ having a hard time to find a good buttercream recipe that’s not too sweet and yet sturdy enough for layering and piping. :( 
Anyway some photos of josaeus today! He’s so tall now!

My little prince :) heh.

Lastly, my mom is so good at knitting omg.. Just look!

She actually finished knitting this scarf for her special someone! (And it’s her first time completing one-.- she tends to get lazy after some time and did not complete any of her past knits.)

I’m so jealous! @.@ but mom promised me she’ll knit one for me too! Hehe.. 
(Mummy, I want one in cream/milk colour thank u:) 

My mummy:)

Envy this special someone Lor! She took the effort to buy materials to knit and even bought a whole lot of items(box,paper bags,lunch boxes,utensils to match the theme) she even hand made a card and bought cuff links! So sweet Hor! 
Lucky man indeed. Hope he appreciates what my mom did! 
Blog again:) 

Choco Chip cookies

Felt like baking something. 

Called mom up to see if she’s available( as I don’t have an oven at my place)
Brought Josaeus boy downstairs to play before mom came over.
Just look how busy he gets!

The moment he saw the playground. He just grabbed my fingers and pulled me towards the playground-_-

& it’s very tiring to climb up and down with this little boy here.

Well at least now he knows how to hold on to poles automatically.

And when he feels he need help, he’ll get me. 

Small little angel ain’t he? ^_^ proud mom moment~

The wheels on the bus go round & round.
Round & round round & round~

He’s actually trying to wave hello to a cleaner busy washing the void deck. Lol.

Ok enough of Josaeus.

Mom came and off we went! 
Painted moms nails using toothpicks!!
( I need to buy nail art pens! )

Was alittle smudge thanks to mom-.- but still very pretty Hor! 
Thereafter, I started baking!

Looks are deceiving okay! It’s delicious!
Baking in progress~


Super yummy straight after baking while its piping hot. Woo hoo

Washed and cleaned up moms place before heading home! 
Josaeus wants to help!

How precise!* under the sofa*

Do it like mummy! :)

Sudden ending to this post. Sorry! Lost in thoughts. @.@ 
Blog again!


Oniomania. The term for Shopping addicts. 

Ever since I learnt how to may payments via Paypal , master card. I’ve been a very good online “deal” hunter. 
I really LOVE shopping on Qoo10 or what’s used to be known as gmarket. On average a can spend at least $200 on gmarket alone.. For the last few months..
Buying stuff like: 
•baby wipes(yes I buy baby wipes from gmarket & it’s so dam good and cheaper than pigeon-the brand  I used to use)
Small stuffs like 
• nail polishes,nail art decos &stuff(recent interest)
•shoes (ok only once. And it cost a freaking $43 with shipping!) 
• apparels
• baby stuff for Josaeus. 
Thankfully, I don’t really shop from blogshops as their prices are quite high. I only go for warehouse sales or online sales. (Cheapskate I know)
Other than online shopping. I do shop in malls.
 But surprisingly, I don’t really buy apparels(maybe cos I’m particularly picky if I get to try and feel the clothes).
Some other small stuffs like lashes,contact lense(hardly).. 
BUT.. Sadly.. I really spend alot of Food & transport( no I don’t take taxi. Only buses and trains but its so freaking expensive!) 
And they really cost alot! Lucky I don’t go out often.. @_@
One food I’m really crazy over is actually ice cream.. I can go head over heels for them!!-current fave Mac Donald’s matcha Mac flurry:)
At least now I know why I ain’t gaining weight. Lol! Thanks to josaeus(breastfeeding).
There’s always a price to pay for everything.
• don’t gain weight but breastfeeding is really exhausting.
•don’t need work and be SAHM, no income = no $ shop for things u really want 
•suffer young cos give birth young = relax when older.
Ok sorry I’m going out of topic. @_@
Back to it.
My resolution for end of this year and start of next year is here!  Well part of it.
• shop less online ( even though I don’t spend alot)
• open an account To save up for Josaeus studies!!(wanted to do long ago but keep forget)
•eat less at night-.- (seriously, I get really hungry straight after dinner EVERYDAY! Gosh..) eg: today, after dinner I immediately went to the fridge and open 2 Lindt choco, next eat bread(those filled with ham&cheese),den open fridge again take milk, watch tv den open fridge take choco again-.- wth.. 
•do more sports!! ( I’ve always wanted to go swimming, cycling-my pre marriage fav activity , badminton and all.. But my hubz really hates sports-____- will try to persuade him.. 
•go river safari! (Been dreading to go since months!! But again, hubz say exp.. And nth to see one..)
Yup so that’s about it. My partly planned resolution for year end and next year!
Thanks for reading!:) 

 Awkward end LOL. Bye. 

DRx review + Cryo revital eyes treatment


Had an appointment with Dr Hui Yun today for review & also for Cryo Revital eyes treatment. 
I’m glad to say my skin condition is improving! 

Just look at my previous posts. :)
Anyway, I was running around the house this morning trying to feed, entertain Josaeus while I cook his porridge and prepare to leave the house @.@! Chaos I know!
Also had to make him sleep before I leave. Else he’ll be crying and screaming as if its the end of the world! Glad I manage to coax him to sleep before I leave:)
But god, I was so rush that I forgot to even Draw my brows :'( horrible looking! 
I almost boarded the wrong bus too!! @.@ 
Thankfully, i still reached DRx 30mins early:) 
great achievement as I am hardly ever on time ever since josaeus is around! Lol.

The clinic was SO crowded today! O_O.. 
(Must be all those popular bloggers who raved about DRx! Hehe! But DRx is true to what those amazing bloggers describe it to be!)
I patiently waited for my name to be called & was guided into the room seeing  my lovely Dr Hui Yun & Chester! ^_^
Dr Hui Yun & Chester explained in detailed about Cryo Revital Eyes treatment(which i was about to have)
To be honest: I was very happy but extremely nervous as its my first time Doing such procedure. 
Cryo Revital eyes is actually a laser treatment which helps stimulate your pigments under the skin. (Break down those pigments &Lightening your skin and increases the collagen in the area) hence improving your overall skin texture!
It’s extremely safe( NO cutting or what ever involved ) & treatment only lasts 5-10mins at most! 
Thank you Chester for helping me with these photos! So I could share with you how the procedure looks like roughly:)

More photos

Once you’re done, you’ll be moved to another room for part 2!:)

This machine uses iontophorosis to permeate all the vitamins and anti-oxidants into the skin. 

 the gel like liquid is actually vitamins and anti-oxidants!! ( I seriously thought it was just gel. Oops. )

I really love the second part! I felt like sleeping actually. Thank you Jacky! My therapist of the day:)
Once everything’s done. There’s no downtime for Cryo Revital eyes ! 
U can immediately put on make up after(which is what I did)
If you’re lucky, you won’t even have a slight tinge of redness. If not, you might have alittle redness on the eye area. But don’t worry, it’ll fade over 20-30mins:)
Done with treatment & make up!
DRx has a few area specially for us(customers) to make up! Woo hoo! So please bring your cosmetics along if you’re self conscious like me. Hahaha! U can also snap TONS and TONS of selfies! :)
Collected my newly added product:
R cream.( for my pigments and dark circles).
Please note: do not attempt to purchase any products without Doctor  prescribing it to u! It’s dangerous! As some products may not be suitable or are too strong for u and might cause peeling,discomfort or even scaring!!

If you’re really keen in trying DRx out. Please send me a e-mail @! 
I’ll could help u get your consultation fees waived! Saving you $50! Wee~ 
The DRx Clinic
302 Orchard Road, 16th floor
Tong building (next to paragon shopping center)
Singapore 238862
Monday-Friday: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-5pm
Oyes, my mom went with me today:) 
We had lunch @ lucky plaza 

Their wonton mee is nice but not fantastic any more:(
Walked around taka for awhile & mom went crazy over the melody luggage!
(Haha sorry mummy, I just had to post this! Hahaha)
She’s a my melody fan in case you’re still  lost.

Bus-Ed home

 & back to Josaeus:)

Additional info: Cryo Revital eye treatment cost roughly around 2.2k. 
(A course of 10 treatments!)
Blog again!:)

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Drx Product Review / Suntec citylink


How have your week been? 
Mine was usual(home with josaeus). But met up with old friends for lunch on friday 
:) & to suntec link with hubs after.
I must say, I was extremely happy meeting up with them and doing some catch ups! 
Also, I haven’t been to suntec citylink for sometime. I must say there’s quite alot to walk.. New shops and all. Nice place:)

Now, please go back to my first 2 post on Drx before reading this:) you’ll be alot more convinced.
I did not photoshop or edit my photos.
( I merely merged my first and current photo together so you can see the difference yourself CLEARLY.)
To be honest, I was shocked myself too. As I couldn’t really tell the difference. Well at least not so much of a difference. But I definitely do feel the difference:)

First up: my pigmentation/redness. 

I still do have pigments but not obvious anymore! Omg. Compared to my first photo.. I feel so flawless already!
All thanks for Drx’s product !( X cream & Max C)
If you’ve read my previous posts on Drx products. You should know:) 
Else.. Please go read!! 
Second up: black heads/large pores.

See! Not much blackheads anymore! Wee~ also if u notice, at the tip of my nose, there’s a pigment-.- and it’s alot lighter now!:)
Product use: Drx comodone formula! 
(My Favourite product, handsdown.)
Lastly: dark circles. 

I really hate posting this one.. But look. It’s improving right? I didn’t really notice thru the mirror but when I took this photo. I was shocked to see a HUGE difference! And am SO GLAD!

Product used: X cream, Max C & R cream. 
Its definitely worth a lot more than those u buy in stores. I’ve used many products in attempt to fix my dark circles. NONE WORKED(fml.. I can’t count how much i’ve wasted..) 

murad,benefit,nip&fab,skinclinic,it skin,faceshop,laneige etc..) 

You name it, I’ve tried it. But no avail~ 
(These are my honest opinions)
Conviced that Drx products work yet?:)
Please call  Drx to fix an appointment with a doctor instead of directly purchasing what I’m using as my products used are customized for my skin. 

My doctor: Dr HuiYun:) 

She’s extremely friendly and one word professional. Also, she doesn’t even have a freckle on her,what’s more an acne. And so does all the staffs at Drx!

From what I know.
There’s always on going promotions at Drx . Please call them to check!

302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


Thanks for reading! Blog again!:)

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Picnic @ east coast park

Mom suggested picnic @ east coast park sometime back.

So.. We packed sandwiches,ham,hotdog buns,bananas, drinks & picnic mats! 
Josaeus kept pestering my bro to carry him to the beach( he likes the sound of the waves, I guess all babies does? It’s like their back in the womb or something)

My bro trying to say” u very happy Hor, I so tired leh. Carry u here and there while u point point point. Hahaha!”

More photos!
2 vainpot together

With the great grandma

My Family!:)

If you realized, u can almost see my mom in every photo-_- that’s how vain she is. Lol. 


I was WAY to hungry @.@ so hubs and I went over to Burger King & dabao-Ed more!
Hehe(satisfied me)

Really love the wedges & whopper junior. 

After, hubs and I went scouting for a cheaper & better bicycle to rent.! 
Wanted to rent one 3 seater(2 adults & 1 baby seat) for $12 per hour. With promo at 2hr get 1hr free. But we left our ic at the picnic spot. Hence lazy walk back -.- 
Ended up rented one single rider($7) & 2seater(1 adult & 1 baby seat) $12 from another shop nearer to our picnic spot. 
Also this shop has no promo:( oh well..

It’s josaeus’s first time sitting on a baby seat while cycling! He’s so excited and doesn’t want to come out of it! Hah! While hubs and I went cycling. Little Jo would turn to me and wave with his bring smile! 😉 am glad he’s happy! 
Next was bro and dasao’s turn to cycle!
Jo bugged bro to bring him along! Lol

See!! Lol.

Alright That’s all. Blog again!