Chicken rice by Mom

Camwhore of the day

Moms room lighting very good for camwhoring lol

I prefer my mouth closed-.- stupid teeth I got. Too big:(


Asked mom to cook chicken rice for me on 26th and had it today! Wee~ 

Though chicken rice was alittle salty today but still liked it alot! Thanks mom;)

Super love the cucumber today though! Very crunchy and fresh! >~< I finished all of it! Wahahaha.. 
Not a very nice photo me to post.. But. I did my best to do some editing of lighting and even added flowers! Lol!
(Blame that stupid extra strand of hair that falls right on my forehead) gosh.

And another one..

And not forgetting my little prince!

Vain little boy. Told him to smile for camera. He smiled and even posed for it. 

All grown up now:’)

Achievement today: josaeus knows how to open the door!! 
(Yes he is tall enough t reach the handles@16months) 
Will be going SUNTEC tmr for rise &shine baby fare! Mummies out there should really go!:) 
Blog again! 


As the title says. 


Derma-Rx is a premier line of skincare products sold at Derma-Rx affiliated clinics by medical doctors. Made for conditions from pigmentation disorders to acne, pores and scars to fine lines, wrinkling and other aging symptoms, Derma-Rx has, for years, been the choice of patients, young and old, from all over the world.


 Step-by-Step Skincare. Derma-Rx skincare programs are built upon a simple and practical 3-step system. In Step-1 (Prime), the skin is prepared for treatment or nourishment. Cleansing and toning remove surface lipid film so that the skin is most receptive to the corrective or restorative agents to be applied next. Depending on the condition and severity, one or more products would be administered in Step-2 (Remedy). The final Step-3 (Protect) is a most important practice in basic skincare. Protecting your skin is the most effective way to prevent the onset and recurrence of skin ailments.

So yup! I’m currently using Derma-Rx range of products! They are so dam good! You can actually feel the difference during your first application. Note is feel not see ah! If lucky can see la.

This is not a PAID post.

Now I’ll be sharing with you guys all the Derma Rx products!

 From my faves onwards!hehe..

I have a combination type of skin-dry face with oily T zone-after pregnancy and what’s worst? Pigmentation became darker after giving birth!! (Lucky no breakouts or what)

Thanks to my oily T zone. My super stubborn blackheads doesn’t come out even after scrubbing the nose EVERYDAY! I always squeeze and scratch in hope that my blackheads will be scratched out.

 60% of them will be out but will be back within 2hours! I don’t know why.. To one point I scratched so hard, my skin turned red and started to have tiny red dots of blood. Not oozing out but u can see it and knows it blood(tiny clots or something) sad fact for me.. 

I forgot to take a photo of my nose before I started using Derma-Rx product! And I’ve only been using it 3 times so far! 

Really didn’t expect Derma-Rx product to work so fast and stays..

My blackheads cleared up pretty quickly!!

This photo was taken even after a whole day of not Washing my face leh!

You see! It’s really quite clear but still has some big pores but no more heads! Omg@.@!! Miracle leh..

This is the 1st miracle product! 


Comedone formula is a natural formulation containing botanical extracts, which reduces the appearance of comedones(blackheads,whiteheads) and blemishes.

It definitely swears by its information stated!! Works like miracle for my face! 

It’s a liquid solution with a pump system. So please becareful when u use! Don’t want to waste such a precious and pricey product.(am a poor mummy here)

Seriously, if you are suffering from blackheads,clogged pores. This is for you! 

Now the 2nd miracle product! 
Derma-Rx range-Max C
Max C is a potent anti-oxidant that counteracts free radicals,encourages collagen and elastin product to control the adverse effects of photo damage,including wrinkles,sagging and other symptoms of premature skin aging.

It helps to brighten up your overall skin complexion too!(My face started peeling ALOT during first application but upon second application, the peeling significantly reduced!) I think it’s due to my skin renewing? Just like how we have peeling skins once in awhile. 

As for my wrinkles, I can’t see any difference just yet! Will be updating on this! 
 photo for tracking! Gosh.. Just look at my wrinkles.. 

Look at my face after applying all those goodness! Considered good Liao right! Sorry if its not too clear.. I’m using iPhones camera. (Dont have a proper good camera like other bloggers but I tried my best to get it as clear as possible!)

Just compare it with my before photo below!

Large pores, wrinkle lines,check!
Redness and pigmentation, check!
Very unglamourous but I’m happy that my face is recovering from all these!!^_^
3rd&4th fav!
The R & X cream. 
Very small bottles/tubs. But a little goes a long way! 
X cream are for my Dark Circles & piementation/freckles! It’s helps by lightening all those shadows and spots!
R cream, which is rejuvenating cream I think? Forgot>< 
It’s specially for my dark circles!!! Helps to firm up,stimulate collagen & brighten my horrifying black rings!
Gosh just look at me. ( I want to cry right now)those saggy bags and veins.. I’ve been suffering from for years.. 

Am so SO thankful that Drx is here to save me from all those YEARS of agony:’) thank you so SO much!

Now for the cleanser & toner!
Not a very big bottle, but again. A little 
goes a long way. This is dam true for these babies!

For cleanser, I only need HALF of a 5cent coins size to wash my entire face & neck! How amazing? 
You can feel its pretty gentle yet you feel light and throughly cleaned after! 
Somehow I like the smell ALOT! Don’t know how to describe but it’s very calming to me somehow><..
For toner, usually I will drip till the cotton pad is half wet. But this Derma Rx toner very different. I only needed to wet 2/3 of the cotton pad( like 2-3 drops?) and it’s enough for the whole face and neck.
(Sounds like I have a small face uh. I wish.)
So you see, such normal sized bottle which is easily finished up within a month only for regular cleanser and toner. But Derma-Rx one will last at least 4-1/2 months for Me! How great! 
*claps for Derma Rx products!!*
Sunscreen is Very important. The cause for all our skin problems is the UV ray.. 
Don’t say don’t need or don’t care ah! When you old already don’t come crying and say you should have listened! It will be too late ah! 
I regretted not listening to mom who asked me to apply sunscreen when I was secondary 3. I was basket ball-ing & cycling every other day! Imagine all that amount of UV ray..@_@

So anyway.

Derma-Rx range has 3 sunscreens! 
One clear, one white and one tinted pink!
I chose the tinted one! Why? 
So I don’t have to apply any foundation or bb creams when I get lazy! Just puff some loose powder, contour, eyebrows,lip balm and off I go! Hehehe.. Lazy me but practical right! 

What I really like about Drx is that their products are EXTREMELY Hygienic. 

Every SINGLE bottle has a safety sticker & also seal for protection!

This way, no contaminants will enter! Yay!! And will be fresh when opened. Wahahaha..

*kudos for you Drx!*

Feeling convinced already yet? Still have any doubts? 
Clear your doubts with Drx Clinic now! 

Very professional and Never pushy! They know what’s best for you, will recommend what’s good for you but if you don’t want, it’s fine. Why? It’s your skin also not theirs! Your lost leh. 
check them out! Time waits for no one.
The Drx Clinic
302 Orchard Road, 16th Floor
Tong Building (next to Paragon Shopping Centre)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH


Now you’re filled with all these details,check Drx out!^___^ you’ll be on your way to baby flawless skin like me!hehe

 Thanks for reading! Blog again! :)

First visit to Drx

25th Sept 2013. 

This is the day I’ve been longing for years. 
Since i entered secondary, I started to notice my skin. My dark circles & wrinkles have been there since forever! (Due to inheriting from my dad) & also freckles came not long after my cycling & basket ball craze. 

Thank god my freckles aren’t as bad YET.

Will you believe me if I said “every year, my birthday wish would be for my dark circles to disappear and for me to be pretty and slim like those popular celebrity ?”

It may sound like a total JOKE I know but I’m definitely not kidding.. 

Years passed and my faith for my wishes to come true almost gone.. Even after I tried buying any products that claims it would clear off dark circles,freckles,wrinkles. But NO. None worked out.. All that $$ wasted..
 Aiyo. I could buy tons and tons of food with that! Hahaha! 
Ok enough of my grandmother story that no one would be interested in. 
Here’s the real deal.
Is it reliable? Is it expensive? Are they certified? 
Tons and tons of questions I know. 

I can assure you. yes YOU reading this post right now. It’s definitely reliable. Just google them for reviews and all! Google don’t lie! 
Is it expensive? It depends on what you compare with. U can’t go comparing watsons products with Drx’s please. Compare them with other derma aesthetic clinics! You’ll see that Drx is one of the Affordable one! Don’t believe? Go google la! Aiyo.
Are they certified? FYI this in Singapore. Any clinics will have to have a license/certificate to be able to operate! 
Here! I’m not lying.

So. When I first step in to the clinic, it looks like a Hospital don’t you think? 

All the staffs were wearing a nurse like uniform and the whole place is white based! Clean and sleek! 

Also, all the staff have flawless face I tell you! Omg! Skali they get treated for free one! Hahaha!
A tiny corner I took of the waiting area! 
(Drinks provided, megazines provided,comfy seats provided)
 & you’re good to go! Don’t even mind waiting for hours right! Haha kidding! 
Anyway it’s appointment base. So you won’t wait long one la! I only waited less than 5mins. Fast or what.

All the browsers of different treatments they have. 

What I did on the first visit:
-visit my doctor (Dr Hui Yun) she’s dam lively and friendly! But I was very very nervous and still in my dreamy thoughts that this is actually happening to me)
-my beautician (Christine) explained every single step for all the products given by Dr Hui Yun professionally.
-had my photos taken for tracking of progression
-walked around the clinic for better understanding
-take my given products
-home I went!
Here’s what I got. 

Will be using Derma-Rx products from then on! (A detailed post on what these are will be up next!) 
What does Derma-Rx mean? 
Well. Derma actually means Skin and Rx means Prescribe. 
So it comes to Skin Prescription.
I’m not in a medical line so I can’t really explain much. But you can always call Drx  and clear up all your enquiries! 
The Drx Clinic
302 Orchard Road, 16th floor
Tong building(next to paragon building)
Singapore 238862
Tel : (65) – 6733 1555
Fax (65) – 6733 2983
Mon to Fri : 10am to 8pm | Sat : 10am to 5pm
Closed on Sun & PH

First consultation fee $50
Subsequent visits $35!

Also there are quite a number on on going promo! Please visit the clinic for more info! Definitely worth every bit of your $$! 

Or your may email them your enquiries at their site. Google it! Drx clinic!

Be back soon with my detailed product post! And review of course. 
Here’s a little sneaky:
My stubborn blackheads is reduced and I’ve only used their product Twice so far. 
On my way to having flawless baby skin just like my Josaeus! Wee~

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Am utterly disappointed with how HDB explains things. 

Was told that everything would be done for my BTO when I chose to install timber doors,window grills,floorings & sanitary(when hubz and I went for flat selection few months back)
But today..  When we went to pay our downpayment for our flat,  I asked again if my yard area would have “window grill” and some other stuff. 
They said: all standard one. Cannot choose or what. Go do outside yourself. 
Seriously, I am PISSED. I know I’m young but WHY is it that these people attending to me is always giving me those “aiya young couple, don’t need explain so much. Just tell them pay money and done” attitude. 
HDB should improve on their customer service and standards. 

Had lunch & Mac again! As usual, samurai burger & matcha Mac flurry(I even top up for toppings & regretted. Too much matcha powder made the ice cream too bitter! I choked on it! omgosh.)

After all these ended at 5pm, hubz & I decided to go ECP for cycling! Okay, maybe I’m the one. Hubz never liked sports. Haha.

And off we went home! Simple yet fulfilling day:) though HDB really made me mad. 
Photos taken while on ecp going home! Super blurr due to movements ya! Cannot possibly stop on expressway right.

Alright blog again!


Felt like having some pancakes! Thankfully no oven is need! (My house is so gonna have oven! Well I have to wait..)
It’s pretty simple to do. 
-plain flour
-baking powder


Mooncake festival

Zhong qiu jie kuai le everyone! 

As usual spent my day at home with my josaeus boy. 
Took this lovely photo of our feet:)
(I wore josaeus’s socks and we both pose for it)

Lovely isn’t it.

Surprisingly I could fit into his socks though. Hahaha my son has a HUGE feet. I mean it. He’s wearing size 26-26.5 leh. Omg. Just Like his daddy.dua ka.
Anyway stayed home as usual till 745pm and left to mom’s place!
Josaeus knows how to smile when I asked him to smile to the camera! Cute boy!

Casual outfit for the night. 
Got it from wearerubbish flea @ $5! :) thank you jordus! 

Mooncakes hubby got for mummy

Steamboat for the night! With homemade sio ba(roasted pork) & ba kut teh!

This is dam good. 

Here’s my moms ba kut teh! My mother in law cooked it too! But didn’t snap a photo of hers>< 

Not to forget, MOONCAKES!

& these wonderful people who completed this lovely night!
My mom and her friends from shanghai! They came over for holiday and will be going back on Monday:( 

They were holding this “chestnut tasting” thing. My mom said its only available during mooncake fest.

I tried but. It’s so darn hard to eat. Bad experience. Oh well. I suck at these anyway. 

My da Sao, mom’s friend & josaeus’s girlfriend-qi yao(hahahah)

Qi Yao is so dam cute! She made me change my mind of having only josaeus. Hahahah. Might plan for a daughter 3-4years down the road:)

Jiejie Regina, Aunty crystal & qi Yao

Oyes, did I mention Qiyao is only 2 weeks younger than josaeus! Hah and she can say alot of words! Oh my.. 
With grandma & mom! Bad angle. My face & arms looks bloated.. Zz 

Lastly, my family! Look how big josaeus have grown! 0.0

Didn’t take any photos with my bro:( he’s one of the important person of the night too!
Some photos of josaeus with his girl!
Busy with lanterns from Jiejie Regina. Thank u!

Ever imagined how my family photo will look like with a daughter? 
Ta dah!

Nice right! Too bad qi Yao was crying for mama. Hahahah 

Alight good night!

Jumbo seafood restaurant

All photo credits to my dearest mummy! 

(She always takes photos of food before eating them, hence I’ve got lesser job to do^_^)
Joined mom & her friends to JUMBO seafood restaurant @ east coast park. 
I’ve got to say, their service isn’t very good & it’s pretty obvious between ang mos and us. 
Well anyway here’s what we had.
Sambal Kang Kong,my fav vege but I heard its not a very healthy vege?
It’s not spicy enough though and quite oily.not enough flavor.
Herbal Drunken Prawn. love the soup!

Taste just right. But not hot enough. It was serve pretty quickly but I realized the soup isn’t as hot. It felt like it was cooked for someone else who cancelled the order..

Phoenix chicken skin with sotong paste? Don’t know the real name. But it’s Dam nice.

Extremely crispy skin! Not too salty or sweet, perfect even without dipping sauce.
weird presentation though. Strawberry? 

Fried yam paste with scallop!!!!!!!! *__* it’s soo light and crispy outside omg.. Even my josaeus ate 2 of them. 
Love how fine the crips outside was. It literally melts in your mouth. Scallop very fresh, not too chewy, hard or soft. No fishy smell. Don’t need dipping too!

Prawn paste you tiao. Not too sure.
Nice and hot. Crispy outside and just right inside. Not too salty nor bland. 

Butter crab
Fail. No taste nor flavor. Not worth. It’s very bland when I ate it. Texture of sauce really Failed, Too watery.Quite disappointed. So not much comments.

Chilli crab
Not too bad. Spicy enough, crab texture is good. Not too old nor young, tender to eat. 
Oyes mom forgot to snap the mini buns for dipping the crab sauce. 
Love those buns!!!! Not oily and crispy outside soft inside!!! 
Just look at my josaeus boy. Busy with his buns. Haha
And also josaeus “first” girlfriend.

A very charming and adorable girl!

Her name,shi yao I think. She’s 2 weeks younger than josaeus. 

Aww just by watching her , makes me want to have another child, a daughter! 

Josaeus with Jiejie Regina:) 

Jiejie Regina,josaeus & shiyao crying for mama. Haha cute girl!

That’s all for today!

Overall rating: 3.5/5. 
Food: 3/5
Waiting time:4/5
One note,if you’d like to try Jumbo.
 do call for reservation on weekends! It’s quite pack on weekdays already. 
Blog again! 

Marche @vivocity!

Am extremely tired during the day.. I had to go over to segar to collect my new “seebaby” qq3 stroller. 

But thanks to the seller who informed me last min that I have to go over to his place to collect instead of the train station.. Which he said is only 8mins walk. To my horror, I took a bloody 20-25mins plus in the sun! No shelter as the area is 70% on construction, I had to find my way there! Oh my god, bad experience. 
Also , went lot 1 to help MIL get a mattress cover for BIL but end up they don’t want so wasted a trip there. Seriously, transport fares are killers.. So expensive! 
Rushed home after, and went out to VIVO Marche to meet hubz friends! Yay!

really like going out with them! They’re so nice to talk to and hang around with! Too bad all stay so far away plus working. 
             Four men of the night! :)
And this! Josaeus really likes him! 

So called best buddy Liao Lor. 

Distracted boy. Tsk tsk

And this! Single daddy on the go! Hahaha! 

Oya, guess who I saw at vivo?
Xiaxue! She’s very petite and pretty cute while pushing her stroller. I saw her stroller before I noticed her. Lol. And dash is really dam cute! He’s like prince like that so many people(xiaxues friends and family) taking turns to carry him. 
Lastly,Had Matcha Mac flurry aftermath! MY LOVE. Couldn’t stop telling them how nice it was. Sorry! I know I’m annoying. But it’s really dam nice. 
No photos of me. Too Aunty . Ps ah thanks. 
Thanks for the night guys! Hope to meet up soon again. 

Go home or go broke flea

I was SO excited to go for the go home or go broke flea the day before as soon as I realize I won 3 VIP tickets! 

Really thankful to;
Stacey from Marcharies 
Thank you! “Hugs”
Gave 1 to Venice & 1 for sister in law:)
Slept at 230 am and woke up at 7am. This is how excited I was.
2 Main reasons:
#1: first ever flea that’s so dam near my place. 
(I walked over from my place. 10mins)
#2:10 over blogshops in one flea! How nice is that! 
also, I get to see Rachel hahahah!! Okay now I sound so crazy over her. -but she’s really dam hot. Fair,slim,pretty. Anything u can think of. Perfect. 

          Even this candid was so nice. 

Wish she wasn’t late for 90mins though..
Ok enough of fan girl talk. 
I got 4 items for $35^_^ approx 1 for $9. 
-white rosé romper from LBR $10
-midi dress from wearerubbish! $5!
-1 cute peplum cut top & 1 cut out dress from Rachel. $10 each.
 (Scary experience for me) 
Will up load each of them when I wear them!:) 
Venice was mad over bralets, hahaha! 
We both got a same midi from wearerubbish at different colours! I got navy and she got emerald? :) hope u enjoy today Venice!
Felt kinda bad that SIL didn’t buy anything but only some pasta from melody. Sorry to let u wait for us!
Aftermath, went back home to sleep! I’m so extremely exhausted from the flea seriously. Hubs, Josaeus & I fell asleep ALL the way till 6! 0.0

Was lazy to go anywhere far. Hence decided to walk over to the nearest macdonald for dinner.

Do you know the samurai burger is back?!? 
My favorite all time special burger apart from the usual double cheeseburger.
-yes if u realize I LOVE BEEF.
And my love for seaweed shaker fries! 

Typing these makes me hungry at this unearthly hour.. 
Oyes, I tried the Matcha Mac flurry. 
One word: PERFECTION. 
Wish it was on sale in tubs.. Finish the whole Mac flurry straight after my meal and I felt like buying another… Gosh. 
Those kilograms are catching up on me!!
Blog again! Bye! 
Ps: I didn’t take much photos today.. Was kinda shag and restless. Just look at this below._.

Simple day out with family

Camwhoring with my prince while on the bus to jurong point!
Wasn’t having a very good hair day:( and I realize I’m BALDING! Omg! Any recommendations for cheap&good hair growth product? Please let me know. 
Have been dropping loads of hair since having Josaeus.. 
Anyway, nothing much to do, walked around and left off to Clementi mall to meet hubby’s ex army mate for dinner. 
Coincidentally met another army mate while I was shopping for a new pair of heels.
So all 4+1 of us went to.
Thai Express

Everything we ordered was soso only and the quantity is extremely small.

This. Is perfect.


I’m very particular about chendol. I don’t like it too sweet or bland or too hard or soft. Haha but this is perfect for today. Delicious! 
That’s all!! I need to do some stuff now, blog again! 
Oyes , I went to katelove to try some dresses. I’m finding one for my friends wedding this November! Pretty excited!

This looks nice. But too big for me:( and it’s free sized.. Oh well..

Do check them out! Their service is superb:) not pushy or whatever. Even gives suggestions! >.0
Blog again!