Macaloo tikki @ habourfront

I kinda like the macaloo tikki burger from macdonalds! It’s pretty “indian-ie” but it’s nice! Some how I like the onions with potatoes. Yum~ 

Was suppose to meet dad at vivo(5pm) for dinner. End up reached at 6pm. But my dads worst. He reached at 7. Lol!! Like father like daughter. Always late >< 
I was so dam hungry that hubby&I decided to head over to Mac for my macaloo tikki. Heh. Thankfully my josaeus was sleeping! So I can eat in peace. 
Soon after dad reached and we walked around before having dinner @ food republic(don’t ever patronize this place unless you’ve got no other choices!) 
The freaking mixed vege rice cost $10? Omg please. Fish,vege&chicken+rice=$10.
Please go rob the bank.  
I will NEVER eat there again if I have a choice! Gosh.
Ok enough. 
Went sasa for more lashes!! 
Recently I’m extremely craze over lashes. I don’t know why either. I don’t even wear them often(well I try to). But nice la! 
This is only $4.90 please. 8pairs!  Wanted another design but too pricey>< oh well.
 Poor people like me deserves cheap stuff. But cheap doesn’t mean no good!

Oyes, look at my josaeus. 

So happy in this “ride”. 
Hahaha he’s too cute! I added the bow! HHaha!!
Thanks for your time! Bye! 

Prawn noodles&mini gathering at uncle’s

Sorry haven’t been blogging for sometime! 

Didn’t really go anywhere & i wasn’t feeling so well thanks to some inconsiderate person.hence,didn’t snap any photos.

Can you believe it? You’re sick and full of germs. Yet u spit your infected phlegm in the kitchen sink where everyone washes their utensils. What’s worst, my josaeus’s plate was in it! How can there be such a person. Gosh. 
Ok enough. Anyway
(My posture is weird I don’t know why the hell I pose like that too. So ugly.)partly becos of the wind too I guess. Annoyed with my hair at the same time.oh well.

Went over to moms place for her speciality prawn noodles!

I’m serious. My mom can’t really cook fantastic meals. But her prawn noodles are superb! And she only cooks it if she have the “feel”. So I’m basically always happy to eat it haha! 
Here’s some sneakies to make you hungry. Well. Not very presentable but its very tasty. Looks are deceiving.

Final product:

While I was eating, my josaeus was busy with the kitchen binds behind me… Haha what a cute son I have.mummy love you!

& some of Josaeus
  After my so called prawn noodle dinner, went over to uncles place for a mini “gathering” I should call it. We went there to pray for my late grandma. But I’m Christian, so yes I just went there to do some catch up with my relatives. Missed them so much.
  The grandchildren s. Jayden, Justin, Josaeus & Brandon . All boys.Haha! Brandon is not in the picture though:/ he’s playing else where.
Back home we went.
-With some selfies of the day.
I don’t really like this original photo.. So I changed the background effects on the second photo.
Nicer right. Got “feel”. Hahaah.

Thanks for reading! Bye bye! 


Yup I went sephora Again

First I went to buy my Murad primer.
This time I bought a blusher x bronzer & a facial wash from soap&glory. Also received a welcome gift from sephora!
I wasn’t very into buying such pricey($17) facial wash.. But this really looks and smells promising! 
It has those grapefruit smell with micro beads that will scrub off any dirt on your face!
 Not to mention it contains vitamin C which is good for your skin! But do remember to apply eye creams and moisturizers as this will dry off your skin.
Also, it has brightening,radiance effect! And clears off blackheads pretty well!! Even better than their “scrub your nose” or something cleanser!!
This is a all in one daily cleanser!! Personally tried it on my super stubborn blackheads and they are gone after the first wash! My face feels super sh!ok after washing too.i didn’t even use my clarasonic brush! 
Sephora’s blush me duo series.

I spend like 20mins see see look look test test smell smell on the bronzers,blushers,foundations,compact powder etc today! Omg. 
Wash SO tempted to buy only the big palette bronzer but figured that I Should have a blusher as well. So why not just buy this? It’s $22. And.. I have a $10 sephora voucher! 
Yay! So it only cost $12! 

The orange tube at the bottom is my sephora welcome gift:) 

It’s a body wash I think? Will keep it till I need to use it.. (Probably when going chalets,swimming or whatever) 

Spent so much today:( $51.. 
$29 @ sephora
$22 on ez link card.. 

My dear  Josaeus dropped my card on the bus! The weird part is I walked thru and fro the bus twice! Even my bestie walked thru and fro.. But can’t find! 

Must be some idiot who picked it up the moment I dropped it without returning! 

Still got money inside one leh!
Oh well..  

That’s all bye!


Baby sit

Super tiring day.. 

Sometimes I just wonder.. Why why why..
Alright shall not post too personal contents here.. 
Anyway, was baby sitting this Cute 4month old American baby!! Omg! 
He is the cutest!!!!! Lovely grey eyes, cute smiles and extremely guai!! X3
I know I look aunty here but who cares! Haha the focus is the baby! 
His name is Grey! Just like his lovely eyes! 
Super friendly too! Didn’t cry so badly and when I carry him and pat him to sleep he just slept! Aww how nice.. 

Note: these are not my hands. Lol! My bestie went with me! And I’m super greatful for that! 

Amanda, I know you read my blog daily. And I want to say: thank you for everything! Not only today! Without you I’m gone!! I love you!! *muacks* 
Alright more aunty n baby shots
Josaeus was extremely naughty.. Oh well..

Oyes this last photo was taken yesterday! Forgot to upload. 
Nothing much for today! 


Ootd!( I wasn’t ready.. But my hubby so impatient.. Oh well..)

Headed to vivocity again.
My most visited shopping mall due to nursing room & lots to shop !

With mom,hubby & josaeus.

First and only shop we went today..
I left home at 6?!?!?? What the hell right.. I know I know..

After 30-45mins of See see, test test, smell smell…
I finally decided to buy this!’

Murads hybrids
Skin perfecting primer!

It’s $59 okay!! Heart pain.. 
Was contemplating over Stilas & scream works.. End up with murads. Lol.. 

Vainity don’t come cheap..

Oyes, I applied for my white card too! Wahaha.. But quite useless cos got not much benefits:( only 10% if I accumulate 250points. Which meant I can only save that 10% after I spend $250?!? Wtf.
Oh well.. Anyway, 
Went to accompany mom for dinner at toast box.
*cant eat much as I’m accompanying dad for dinner*
So.. I ordered toast set 1..
Pathetic piece of toast..

Pretty but cold egg..

& mom ordered curry chicken rice.
Here’s my vain mama with my cute josaeus

Lastly, some random photos of today:

Envying myself.. 
Haha ok la bye. 


Usual day today.

Went moms place, had home cooked lunch(Saba fish,lettuce,steam egg,soup)
My mom ah.. As usual blur like sotong. Busy using phone till forget about the fish. End up the sauce harden and not edible.*wasted
Overall lunch was nice:)
Slacked around at moms place till 8plus
Off we went to clementi mall for dinner! 
Didn’t know what to eat so end up at Mac.. 
My first try for rendang burger & it’s so nice! Yumm~ also the box is so lovely! In a shade of baby pink>_<
Back home we went.. Dunno why my tummy hurts like crazy now.. 
-right now hubby is applying oil for me and my cute josaeus is copying daddy and helping me too! How cute- 
Too bad cant take photos room too dark haha. 
Lastly, my adorable sis in law went shopping the other day & bought me these!! 
It’s so sweet of her to actually think of me while shopping~ 
I get really touched when people think of me for no reason. Thank you!

Like awhile ago 
my bestie & another primary school (pohling) texted me. Asking me out next week!
I’m super super happy:) as I’m always home during weekdays doing nothing and its pretty boring. 
Thanks girls!!! I love you!

Alright good bye! :) 

Marche @ JEM

Happy birthday Singapore! 

Spent the whole day at home packing and cleaning:) 
*feeling accomplished* haha 
Anyway decided to head over to JEM’s Marche for dinner. 
Ordered Salami Pizza
I don’t know why the hell is my face so round here.. But who cares la. Aiyo.. Why I didn’t wear contacts.. -am full of regret now..-

Results: the pizza was fantastic! Love the crust so so much! Crispy outside yet chewy inside. Omg.
Hubby usually don’t eat mushrooms, tomatoes.. But today, he said the mushroom is nice!!!! And also ate the tomatoes. This is how good the pizza is ok!  
Lucky hubby & I only ordered this. We Wanted to order a pizza & pasta. But the waitress told us the pizza is big enough for 2. Thankfully we didn’t order the pasta@_@’.. True enough, it’s big enough for 2.. Or 2 1/2. Affordable too! @ $22.90
After dinner, went over to H&M again. I know I know… I always go H&M-.- dunno why also. Anyway every time I go there’s new sales. Zz 
Tried 3 apparels but ugly. One made me look like some “carlsberg” waitress. One made me look super “skinny”. One made me look “fat”. Ahh crap… 
Here’s my OOTN.casual.
Top dunno from where forgot.
Shorts: pull&bear
Sandals: charles&keith
Bag: suntec city. Forgot name..
Can you believe it..
I could actually spend 30-45mins in Watson.. 
Was looking for new eyebrow pencils but can’t find a good one:/
 also looking at creams/serums that can help me with my under eye veins/dark circles/dark shadow/dull skin/pigmentation/black heads/ never ending one la!! 
So Dam expensive leh those creams I saw.. From $39.90-$100+. 
$39.90 for 5ml hor.. Omg. 
Nevermind!! I’m waiting for mid sept!! 
(Will blog about this secret of mid sept when it’s time!) 
can’t wait can’t wait!!
Alight,some random photos.

And josaeus past few days of photos. 

Idk why. My son is just so vain in photo taking. He always post for me. Lol like his “wai po”-grandma.

Thank god for blessing me with so many things in life that many cant have. 
God is great in every way! 
Have a great weekend & god bless u all! 

            Loots from daiso today! 

Each @ only $2 if you haven’t heard of Daiso ( which is not possible ) 
Lashes, face mask,brush/cosmetic detergent, eye shadow & lastly milk tea/ cocoa!! 
To be honest,Quality of eye shadows aren’t very good. But isn’t harmful to sensitive skin. So no worries if u have a budget and want a nice eyeshadow. 
Daiso has quite a range of shades/tones.

As for the detergent & mask , it’s my first time! 
Tried the mask earlier on.. 
Content alittle too little if you get what I mean. But for merely $2 I can’t ask for more. 
Texture wise,it’s ok. Not too thick or thin
Quite hard to peel off thou. Maybe I applied too little on. 
Peels off quite a fair bit of whiteheads&dead cells.
Overall rating: 7/10. 
Not my first time buying! And I love them. 
Good quality and sturdy. Not many natural designs thou. 
And worst, not many dolly ends which is my fav so far..
ALSO, suddenly felt like blogging about make up & skin care routine 
Lets all share and learn new tips!

I always wash my face with “clarasonic” type of brush using deep pore cleansing solution! 

>Eye mask/mask. Vaseline if needed for cracked lips which I always have.

bb cream> concealer>loose/compact powder>contour>blush(barely did that).

Here’s what I use! 

For eyes: 
My ALL time fav eyeshadow brand, Majorlica Majorca.
Humming book collections
Pastel for book 1 & glamorous for book 2!
These books comes with eyeshadow bases & lip glosses as well!
Eyeliners,mascaras,eyebrow pencil. 
Haven’t found my fav eyeliners just wont state any. 
As for mascara: my mom’s friend gave me a fibre mascara & I love it to bits! 
Brands name: “beautify”? Not too sure.
Currently using revlon colorstay eyebrow liner. Been using it for years. But am finding a lighter shade to suit my hair color now.
Random photo of my Eco brushes!
(I know I’m supporting “saving Gaia” hahaha!)

Ending off with my hello kitty container

(I use it to store lashes but don’t u think it looks more like a candy container:/ oh we’ll who cares!)


Typical day filled with josaeus’s activity as usual. 

He sleeps like an angel

Didn’t know why josaeus wanted to put the Tupperware container on his head! 

Cute as usual. 
He even parade around to show everyone:)
Hubby was bored, went to arrange josaeus’s stuffed toys for me to snap pictures! 
Alright. Nothing much to blog about. 
Can’t wait for tomorrow! Gonna go IMM with best-ie. 

House chores.

Sundays are meant for house chores I suppose. And I like it that way:) 

Changed bed sheets, pack room a little, wash josaeus’s toys, sweep/mop floor,wash the laundry!
After all these, went out for dinner with hubby @ 209.
The fu rong dan was half gone when I took this photo:x too hungry. 
Pretty reasonably priced Zhi char stall. What’s best is the food is really yummy! 
Block207,Bukit batok central I think? It’s opposite a swimming complex. 
A proper photo of my new screen protector! Pretty sweet uh! >_<
Josaeus’s pee leaked on my bed!! Omg.. Have to change! @_@ 
Alright. Busy again! Bye.