Moms surprise birthday dinner

Busy busy Sunday! 

Woke up around 11-12pm and left for Amber avenues warehouse sale @ tai seng(so bloody far from my house!).
Reached around 2plus and had to queue for an hour! WTF. Determined that there will be good stuff. I queued..
Ended up not much. Disappointed. Not as happy as my previous trip to TCLs warehouse sale. Haha.
Anyway got a 2 dresses, 1 top.
Could fit in one! 
So I wana sell it here!
(Please pm me in my fb if you’re keen! Brand new with tag!)
Very good material. Smooth smooth one. Lol. Non sheer too! 
Price: $18
Model is a uk 6/8. Height 165cm.
(My da Sao) 
Anyway after the warehouse sale went over to moms place to prepare for the “mom and daughter date”. 
When my hair is still nice and puffy..and make up all have not smudge yet…..
Ps: I look like I have cataract-.- think its the light.
Had to find ideas to lure my mom to the restaurant without her being suspicious. Lol. Think I’m good at these things eh. 
Think of all sorts of bullshit reason to bring her there lol! 
Anyway here’s the results!
Super happy mommy and everyone’s happy!
The cake is superb I tell u! Omg!! Love it max! 
If u realise josaeus is not in any photo. 
Firstly because he’s sleeping earlier on and after he woke up all the way till we go home. He didn’t want to snap photos! Oh well.. 

After we got home, I pulled him in for a pic!
We both looked weird in our eye area. Zz 
Seriously @/&;!4?@:  my cramps! Z so dam pain.been 3 nights!!! Tonight’s the worst!! 

Snap photos with hubby! 

“I look so freakish round here!”
 Angle problem la!! 
Ok bye. 

Tuesdays Wednesday Thursday

Was busy the past few days thinking,planning,buying,making and baking a cake for my moms birthday! 
Planned to make a melody cake but I think making a rainbow swirls cake will look preettttyy and yummy! 
Went great world city with mom as I want to get stuff for baking. Too bad cold storage didn’t have what I wanted and those they have are too pricey.
Love their baby care room though.

Ps: I look weird that day plus bad hair day.. 

Got mom to fetch me to poon huat(it’s freaking cheap! Ok not exactly very cheap but. If u buy ALOT you can save afew bucks! How’s that?)
What’s more. U can find EVERYTHING u need for baking there. Everything. No joke. 
However, CONs. The shop locations are always very ulu ulu one. No car very inconvenient. (Nothing’s perfect hah)
Anyway, head over to moms and made my very first fondant(sugary dough?) and its successful! Thanks goodness. 
Head over to HDB to select MY house^_^.
Excited much. Need to save money excessively soon:( 
Do note: my double eyelids are natural. Lashes not. 
*also, I was squeezing my cheeks not to act cute or whatever but something seems to be stuck behind my wisdom tooth. Annoying. 
After things got settled at HDB hub, went over to changi airport to pass something’s and then head over to poon huat AGAIN. Didn’t buy enough icing sugar and marshmallows. 
Head over to moms again. Made trial cupcakes instead of cakes for moms birthday. The cake mix sucks, I rather use my own cupcake recipe-.- and I will for my actual. 
BUT! My buttercream turned out superb! I coloured it lilac summore! 
Sry forgot to take photos.. 
That’s all! 

Hair dyed & photo spam


Haven’t been blogging for a few days. 
Didn’t exactly know what to blog about. 
Josaeus have been very VERY clingy to me for the pass few days for no reason.
He just clings to my leg as though he’s afraid I go Jalan Jalan without him. Haha! 
Annoying but cute! 
*tried. But not to he’s liking eh? 
Alright so went Bugis with mom the other day and I’m so sad:( josaeus was extremely naughty that day hence I couldn’t shop propert:( went home empty handed! What a waste! Oh well..
Stayed home till 530pm and went ECP with my dearest hubby, ivy babe, Suetz, Charlie, wei Liang & wizza ! 
Was a happy night:) cycled from one end to the other while relaxing and playing around. Haha 
Ta da! All riders! 
Went vivocity first to get our rings after 2 long weeks (Yes, ring got defect so went to change!) 
Now I’m happy with my new ring! :) 
Oya, bought a bracelet from citigem too! Will take photos when I use them^_^ simple one la not those full of diamonds one. 
After that, went over to moms! 
Dyed my hair! Like finally after 2-2 1/2 years? Waiting for my hair colour to fade though:( dyed ash blonde + green! Yes green! But can’t tell-.- 
So here’s dearest & me ! He’s sort of forced by me to take pictures haha! But ok la that night he also willingly took one.
Now with josaeus! My vain son haha
We were taking photos and josaeus suddenly squeezed in on his own and started to pose for picture! 
Love them both to the max!
Good night! :)

Last week.

Was too tired to blog for the past few days as I slept earlier than usual. 

If u noticed, I always blog around 1-2am. Lol. That’s because it’s the only time I’m free to think and type what had happened for the past few days. 
Yup as promised. Here’s a few photos of Josaeus swimming in Safra telok blangah last weekend.
The children’s pool is pretty shallow. Hence josaeus walked on his own(he hates the float). 
Love these lashes mummy bought for me from anchor point:) too bad I don’t wear contacts so often. Only once in a while, else I’d definitely wear these lashies often! Sort of hate mascaras thou:/ 
Anyway, my boy is pretty grown up right now ya! Just look at his photos!! 

Busy chewing his rattle my mom bought for him from Australia! Haha! So blessed uh. Josaeus is currently 14months 8days!! Time flies.. Soon he’ll be 2 years! 

Can’t wait for him to grow up and talk to me! >< 
Josaeus enjoys his fries from grandma! Kisses*
Thou the grandma very act cute but this sight is so LOVELY! Hehe.. 
#late ootd photo~ casual:)
Alright good bye! 



 How did your weekend ended?
Mine was fantastic:) as usual. Haha! 
Woke up early(630AM) and went TPY HDB to look at show flats for our up coming BTO at skypeak:) 
I’m super duper excited! Hehe.. 
After which went town (Somerset) walked around~ bought a top from h&m at only $7.90! Will post a photo of it when I wear it next time. We(hubby&me) walked all the way to PS! *im quite addicted to walking now. 
*Great form of excercise.
Lastly dinner at soup restaurant with dad at vivocity. Seriously, not worth the price paid. @.@ doubt ill ever eat there if I’m paying. Unless its my loved one who wants to. 
Guess what. I went to vivo’s h&m too. Lol. But i realise different outlets have different batch of clothings. Not all outlets are the same thou. So not too bad:) 
Aunty bought me a simple dress from there! (Happy much) I tried LOADS of dresses that day @ h&m. All so lovely.
Dad bought me a dress from kissjane! 
You’ll never guessed I would actually wear it. It’s quite a unique printed piece.
He said I need to stop wearing shorts shorts shorts :/ he wanted to buy me tons of apparels from kissjane @.@ made me try on so many dresses and playsuits.. I wanted to buy all! Everything man! But their prices are quite pricey:( 
Went SAFRA @ telok blangah with dad again for swimming! Josaeus loves playing in pools. He can actually walked around the pool non stop and splashing water around! 
Too bad the pool is pretty cold today due to rain. Haven’t had a proper swim in ages! Today I actually swam(is there such a word?) properly. Love the feeling of floating in the water the most!! 
After swimming, went to moms place for dinner! She cooked roasted pork,some tou fu &soup! Simple but sweet:) 
Alright that’s all for today ! 
Ps: I did not take any photos these few days>< will promise to take photos soon! 
Have a great week ahead! 
Reminder for me not to eat too much m&m :( 

Summary of this week & today!

Had a busy week this week! 

Went out with mom to JEM on Monday, Amanda’s house on Tuesday. Out to look for phone with hubby on Wednesday night. Went out for lunch with amanda on Thursday. And finally today! Out with baby only! :) 
Been quite addicted to pushing josaeus to the mrt station instead of taking the bus lately:) saved on bus fares and keeping fit. One stone kill 2 bird ain’t it? Haha. 
The really sleepy but don’t want to sleep josaeus! Think he’s annoyed when I keep calling him to look at me haha! 
Anyway, am so dam proud of myself today:) 
Left home at 2plus, walked to bb mrt. Trained to JP. And help hubby do some phone stuff. Walked around and went fair price to find my beloved.. 
Wahaha ha.. Finally singapore has it! 
*faster take 2 packs and out in trolley. Wanted to buy more but too ex:( can’t spend too much. 
Walked over to sushi section and got makis for myself :) yumm~ 
Walked around.. And josaeus kept pointing at balloons to me whenever I walked pass stores with balloons.
(He’s like “mama! U want that!”)
When I ignored him. 
(He will give me the “please?” Face.. 
Aww so cute. But NO! 
I can’t buy him anymore balloons! 
At home got ALOT alrdy-.- 
He tend to like balloons,balls,caps ALOT.

Are u talking about me mummy? Let me see let me see!!

Hmm so small I can’t see properly leh.

Hahaha enough of comics:) and conti.
Walked around and trained back to BB mrt. Omg so dam crowded at JE mrt. Lucky I managed to get in the train. 
One thing I am super annoyed at. 
Seriously fuck those people. Another mummy and I wanted to use the lift at the train station but when the lift door opened… All those fuckers just pushed their way thru and pretended like we’re invincible! Pissed. Why Singaporeans so ungracious one. >=( 
Anyway, reached BB mrt. Went to tom&step to exchange bottles colour. And walked home again^_^ ! 
What a fruitful day I had today! 
My plan/s for next week:
Find one day push josaeus go market there eat mac and push go BB nature park to enjoy~ 
Josaeus gets fascinated by birds! Hah super cute. He will just point and make those baby voice as in asking “what’s that? Or mama see got birds!”
Adorable so :) hehe. 
Just look at his naughty face. LOL! 
Alright! That’s all for today:) 
Will try to take some photos to blog about !
Sweetest dreams~

Many girls out there can relate to my title uh.
Recently, I’ve been very faithful to my face regime. Cleanse,toner,eye cream,collagen gel,moisturiser. 
(Ok maybe not recently but ever since last year?) it all started from me being scared of having stretch marks during pregnancy. 
I became SO faithful to bio oil during pregnancy. Results? It works so well. Keeping my skin toned & moist. :)
Sadly after giving birth, my face became terribly dry! That’s why I’m so obedient to  actually use toner,collagen gel,moisturiser every night after bath. 
*boink boink* 
I’ve been using this series from faceshop:)
(The rice ceramide) it’s pretty affordable! 
Now. Cosmetics!! 
Yes! Cosmetics. Never imagined myself to be soooo into cosmetics last time. But now, yes. I am. 
Any one wants to be my model for cosmetics? Let me know k? Thanks:) 
Am so in love with majorlica Majorca lately. And my all time favourite natural:) 
Yes yes not forgetting my MOST important eyebrow pencil from revlon! Love it max!! Have been my permanent eyebrow pencil brand. (Not kidding. It doesn’t smudge and it’s super long lasting. $15.99? Ok la worth it. Can last 2 -3 months for me ( whenever I go out )
My current problem: my dark circles or should u say under eye veins.
I’m born with them. So it’s impossible to cover with cosmetics. And mummy promised to bring me to the docs to get it fixed!! Yay! Can’t wait><.. 
Ok la too worldly. I add some of josaeus photo. 
I loveeeee European & Korean fashion! Super super love. Just that European fashion are more for country with seasons. So ya:/ trench coats/ leather jackets etc. u get what I mean. 
Recently saw lots of geeks/nerds T and then suddenly stripes and polka dots@_@ wonder what’s next.. Hmm.. 
Florals? Denim? 
Aiya I’m so sleepy now.. Going brain dead. 


Josaeus 1-2.5 weeks old:)

Warning: this is a photo spam post of josaeus. 

Yes. He smiles super early. Since 4-6days old. Lol

He’s so dark due to jaundice.

Still remember this is taken when his 11days old. Eye infection. But still so happy lol..

So cute right! Smiling so sweetly. While lying on daddy. Haha! Love this scene.

Alright shall end this post here. :) 

Choosing of wedding photos~

Stayed at home till 4pm today when hubs and I are suppose to go for our choosing of photos appointment at 4pm.. Power right. 

Cannot blame also. We only had lunch at 3 and finished at 330pm. Prepare and accompany josaeus awhile before we go. So 30mins to prepare is considered fast already. :) 
The moment we reach the bridal shop there’s this lady who attended to us. Omg. DON’T ever patronise this boutique I tell u! NEVER. The service was horrible after we paid. Omg.. 
Remember NOT to go to this boutique along the famous tanjong pagar lane filled with bridal shops. (French bridal boutique) remember. Sucks like hell. -.- 
The lady sounded so sarcastic and very pushy even after we rejected her offer. 
(She dare say $688 for a wall portrait cheap.) Oh please.. If u say cheap buy for me la? 
Worst still.. The photos they didn’t edit away my ” blue black”on my arm:( so ugly lor!   
Spent 2.5hours choosing the photos,album,skins,frames.. -tedious work for the eyes-
But quite a happy process. Hah! Will post those album photos when the albums are ready! 
Anyway, here’s a few I secretly snapped while choosing. Not as nice as the ones selected in albums of course! :) 
Yes. I actually wore slippers. Heels makes my feet hurt.
Ok done. 
Thereafter, we went to Clementi mall for KFC’s Italian crunch! Omg I love it. 
Just look at those.. Haha what a time to post pictures of food.. I’m hungry now.. 
Off to bed! Tata~ 

How do you spend your weekends?


How do you spend your weekends? 
I usually spend my weekends either with my mom or dad:) going off to mom’s house to chill while Josaeus gets to run around the house and playing with his uncle. Haha! How nice right. 

Either that or, I’ll be off to mostly vivo(yes it’s my favourite shopping mall of all time now as there’s lots of my usual walks shops
 -eg: F21,h&m,pull&bear,uniqlo,giant,sasa, mothercare ,cottonon etc..!)
Most importantly, I love their nursing rooms! Never have to wait! And it’s well sanitised with hot water,sink,waiting area etc.. Hehe. Moms will love Vivo. 
Josaeus sure loves shopping! He always takes his shoes and ask me to wear them for him. Cos he knows wearing shoes means going out!! Cute boy^_^

Recently, went to wild wild wet with my lovely friend ivy &charlie. It’s my first time there, so is Josaeus! I got so excited till I forgot to snap pictures!! :( oh well. I know I had a fun day! So is Josaeus! He loves the slides. Thanks babe! I love you:) 

Ok I went off topic. Sorry! 
Come let’s share how u spend your weekend?